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  1. Oliveira had picked up a mild knock in our last game but was cleared today. Whew. We do NOT need to lose another.
  2. It's even worse - Herrera's contract is up this summer, and he has refused to extend it. So Portia is going to be pissed they're not getting any return on him, after nearly 6 years with the player. Unless they turn up a better option than Oliveira, it looks like we've seen the last of him.
  3. I was under the impression that we would *ask* to buy half his rights. I don't think his loan deal gave that kind of leeway, itself.
  4. I LOVE the rumors to be honest. Gives me something to pay attention to during the offseason. I should respond to that last one tomorrow and ask what happened to the announcement haha
  5. Some rumors that Savvidis has gotten very excited over the past week and is planning on spending serious cash. One of the instagram accounts is claiming it'll be a move to make Oliveira permanent (which would be just fine by me!)
  6. The Superman bit hahahahahah oh man we're so gonna get sued
  7. Officially in love with the lady giving out the medals
  8. Lyratzis first of the team to come out, followed by Balogiannis. Hell yeah brah
  9. Varela's profanity is to die for, PAY THE MAN!!!!!
  10. :: deletes drafted post saying this was a bit over the top ::
  11. I guess they're doing the setup now anyway (and few people are going to think to go to paoktv's website?). This is basically a highlights real right now but should be what we're looking for
  12. There is a stadium being wheeled out, it's to the right of the goal -edit- Stand, not stadium. D'oh
  13. Hahaha is that what they're calling it these days? Here comes Jaba
  14. I was two months old when they last won. I could wait a little longer 🙂
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