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  1. Pelkas also has been battling the flu for a while. He needs to sit out both so he can think on his poor play, and so he can get some damn rest for once.
  2. So basically, a draw or a win and we are through.
  3. pash

    Current PAOK Roster - Latest Signings

    Sounds like Akpom might get a call up to Nigeria at some point. That would be pretty cool, though I wonder if there's any pressure to bide his time in case his profile rises in the next few years. He's still very young after all.
  4. BTW I'm quite happy with Akpom these days. Love the movement. Good with the ball at his feet, great balance. Needs to start playing more.
  5. I was going to say the same thing. My lineup: --Pashalakis-- --Kitsiou--Varela--Crespo--Tosca-- --Wernbloom--Mauricio-- --Warda-- --Biseswar-- --Akpom--Prijovic--
  6. pash

    Former PAOK Players/Coaches

    Thought it would be appropriate to add this thread. I'll start things off by noting that Vieirinha played all 90 minutes in Wolfsburg's 1-3 victory of BVB in the German Cup final, as a fullback. Hugely deserving of the win, it was a good game.
  7. 2-2 in Budapest. Chelsea will win this.
  8. Gooooal Great play by Jaba
  9. Akpom coming on. Should have started this match.
  10. He does. Congrats Lucescu, you got what you wanted. Only two competitions to worry about.
  11. what the holy F*** am i watching here
  12. Vieirinha absolutely terrible today. Aimed for the neighbor's roofs three times, screwed up on first goal, ignored their winger on that last run.
  13. Toumba sounds loud, woot woot
  14. A three way race/ For sh1tty place Don't you fear / For PAOK is here
  15. Our players: Ρέι , Πασχαλάκη , Μάτος , Τόσκα ,Βιεϊρίνια , Κρέσπο , Βαρέλα , Σάκχοφ , Μαουρίσιο , Βέρνμπλουμ , Κάνιας ,Μπίσεσβαρ , Πέλκα , Ζαμπά , Ουάρντα , Λημνιό , Πρίγιοβιτς , Άκπομ
  16. pash

    PAE PAOK General News

    I actually really like this post by George
  17. I do. I get that conspiracy theories are the bread and butter of all red-blooded Greeks, but I've seen too much of our fans acting like animals to want to give them an easy out. Same goes for other team's fans, for those lurking.
  18. pash

    PAOK Fans Gyradiko

    The only satisfaction I get from watching PAO play is when I'm watching some janky stream and an NSFW pop-up overlays the screen.
  19. It'll backfire. I do not trust our fans to act like humans.
  20. Levadiakos is not much of a threat, but Lucescu is going to have to balance how much he is willing to risk that game...Matos in particular looks very tired.
  21. Let's crush these guys. My lineup: --Pashalakis-- --Kitsiou--Varela--Crespo--Tosca-- --Canas--Mauricio-- --Jaba--Pelkas--Warda-- --Prijovic-- Rests a few dudes, and gives some much-needed time for Jaba. Pelkas is back to training normally so I expect Lucescu to push to start him.