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  1. Deligiannidis has been transferred to OFI - free transfer with a 30% resale rate. Good luck to him, hopefully he will make us lots of money in the future 😉 -edit- when all is said and done I would love to see what the total numbers will be on number of players gone, salaries saved, etc etc
  2. So this was a pretty easy win but that just makes me more worried. Particularly, I am concerned that as soon as we hit some real competition, we will realize just how incapable we are of playing with this 4-4-2. At least we haven't heard any rumblings of Stanojevic-style mutiny...
  3. Is Mihaj on a smaller contract with him, as well?
  4. This kid's a goddamn sexual tyrannosaur
  5. Goal Gaitanidis! Off of a deflection from a solid Stoch shot
  6. On the bright side, if we beat Ajax then there's nobody left that can seriously stop us from getting into the CL!
  7. How did these chumps just score on us
  8. Can't be hurt; El Kaddouri's injury is scheduled for the first game!
  9. Jesus that back pass by Pelkas just now... 😍
  10. Gooooal Beautifully set up by Jaba
  11. Makes sense I like the disbelief in the commentator's voice just now that Giannoulis both nearly scored and then teleported back in time to defend against the counterattack
  12. I legit don't understand how that arrangement can work. What does it tell your other players when your coach puts himself in??
  13. Pashalakis was sightseeing there. Very lucky not to have a 1-1
  14. He is very good at hitting hard. Saw this each time he played last season, as little as that was.
  15. Has Misic gotten better or are these guys just that bad
  16. Their goalkeeper looks like Liam McPoyle:
  17. Misic nearly scoring the opening goal there. These guys are making some dumb mistakes.
  18. This is too bad, would have liked to see a real test
  19. That's the kind of lineup I'd expect to see against some low-level Greek competition. Or perhaps in a game where we need a goal or three and the opponent is sitting deep.
  20. I agree that Biseswar is more useful in the center. In fact I wouldn't mind seeing them flip positions in the above lineup. Pelkas does not have as much of a drop off when playing on the wing. He's definitely better at driving in as a striker than Biseswar, though. Why not use them both in a 4-4-2 diamond, I say! --Esiti-- --Jaba-- --Stoch-- --Biseswar-- --Pelkas--Akpom-- Unf that's a lot of firepower
  21. inPAOK predicting he'll be heading to Turkey as early as tomorrow for medicals + signatures -edit- Saw one page on instagram claiming that we'll also have a small resale rate in addition to the 500k. This keeps getting better and better.
  22. Kacheridi is outta here! https://inpaok.com/581437/telos-ke-episima-o-chatseridis/
  23. A claim that Rizespor is offering 500k for Chatziisaias (I doubt it, but who knows). I would take the money and just keep Mihaj, personally. https://inpaok.com/581434/protasi-gia-chatziisaia/
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