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  1. If he went to a team like Ajax, 4-5mm + a small resale would provide a possibility of better returns over the long run as well. I really don't know where he'd fit in our lineup if we have both Swidersky and Akpom next summer. In my opinion, we'd be better off having a younger player (prospect) like Markovsky as our third option, at least for a season. Cheaper contract, will be less sullen if he doesn't get playing time, etc etc.
  2. Some say Panathinaikos is still that team today.
  3. Yeah. Perhaps if it was ruled offside, we would have tried harder the rest of the game.
  4. Swidersky finally on, for Vieirinha (who got his fingers wrapped up earlier)
  5. Canas going off (possibly for the last time?), Shakhov coming on.
  6. Was it raining earlier in Thessaloniki or something? Wild how much our players are slipping around.
  7. Their goalie is already on a yellow...what's he doing??
  8. Lots of poor passing. Overshooting balls left and right. Asteras isn't much of a threat, though, so we haven't paid for it. -edit- oh and Ingason looks VERY rusty
  9. Lovin' the lineup. What position does Papadopoulos play?
  10. Anderlecht, Ajax both interested in Koulouris. If either offers the full 7 million (his buyout), I say sell sell sell!
  11. Hmmm.... https://inpaok.com/550945/i-skepsis-loutseskou-gia-astera/ I wouldn't be opposed to this. Rotation is not a bad thing.
  12. :: scrolls up :: I don't see anyone saying he would be?
  13. Can't imagine that Canas will start this one...right? Probably a Misic-Shakhov midfield?
  14. What I didn't write, was perhaps Branco just didn't like him. So, I could believe it. Differences of opinion is usually PR-speak for, "pissed off the wrong person or was incompetent."
  15. No idea. Perhaps he wanted to go a few steps farther than the club did? Or perhaps he just really didn't like living in Greece. Had his time been a huge success, I think we would have seen them talking about his results more over the past few years. But who knows; this is youth development we're talking about.
  16. That second goal was classic Prijovic. No way that should have gone in. Mister magic toes, to the rescue
  17. I didn't dig that pit in my basement for nothing.
  18. My lineup: --Pashalakis-- --Matos--Varela--Ingason--Vieirinha-- --Shakhov--Oliveira-- --Limnios--Biseswar--Henrique-- --Akpom-- While I like Crespo, starting next season he should be used for depth. I want to see what an Ingason/Varela duo looks like, frankly.
  19. Shakhov really stepped up his game recently. Good to see
  20. Daniel Alsina, the youth development guy we hired away from Barcelona, is leaving. Hasta luego 🤷‍♂️
  21. Akpom noooo No wonder Lucescu wants this goalie
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