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  1. Why would we agree to this? https://inpaok.com/553301/theli-koulouri-o-ivits/
  2. The team just took a while to get in its groove. Pelkas was out of step, yes, but Lamia also wasn't much of a threat. Shakhov was very good IMO. Oliveira had an off day. Our strikers (#47 and #9) were both kind of missing as well. I thought Henrique was pretty good, as was Crespo. I'm starting to like how Misic plays by the way. He's *very* aggressive.
  3. (sorry for all the posts, I'm out of the window to edit) Akpom fractured his hand, 4-6 weeks recovery time. BUT, will still be able to play.
  4. Akpom might have hurt his wrist in this match...going to get it examined. Hopefully nothing serious. Would suck to lose him with 4-5 matches left.
  5. Oh I agree. Hopefully he also goes to a good team and we make a lot of money off of him.
  6. Wow what a terrible mistake by #31. Thank goodness Misic took that guy out so quick
  7. Haha Akpom come on dude. Shakhov should have gotten that in -edit- eh they're all offside anyway El Kaddouri will be first sub, for Pelkas it seems. Will play LW
  8. Haha really? So pointless, even allowing for Lucescu's hard-on for the guy. Must mean either Rey is gone, or #31 has some serious summertime interest.
  9. Gonna get more violent from here on out. But yes Matos did not have to get rid of the ball. I won't complain but hopefully they settle down.
  10. Lamia's players upset that Matos didn't play the ball out.
  11. Yeah but you ALWAYS think that, Blackhawk!
  12. I come quickly when wood is referenced, giggidy
  13. So it'll go down to the wire, you're saying!
  14. pash

    PAOK Youth Teams

    Our U15 are now champions. 3-1 win over Aris. Great job!
  15. Long as they have the cash money! Branco would probably toss in a handy if they hit that 20m price.
  16. I don't think I ever shared this here before, but a member of my vast twitter family (lulz) sent me this months ago - VERY interesting stuff: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/soccer-predictions/super-league-greece/ As for the specific teams - OFI is a goner. Their remaining schedule is brutal. First vs Giannina (their best chance at a win and the only way they can even start to close the gap)...then vs PAO, Asteras, and Atromitos. If they got a win and a draw out of those last four games, it would be a minor miracle. On the plus side, perhaps our loanees will get a few more games in. Giannina, meanwhile, plays Asteras, Panionios, and PAOK. Equally unlikely to win any games...but even if they lose to OFI, they'll still end up a point ahead of them and into the play off. For my money, the Aris vs Atromitos battle is the one to watch. I do think Atromitos is the better team, and I'm still half expecting Aris to announce bankruptcy anyway. I can't see Levadiakos overtaking Giannina (or even OFI). They have Asteras, Panionios, PAOK, AEK. Woof.
  17. Little Savvidis posted on instagram earlier today that they should just hold it in Crete with only children
  18. Aris vs Panathinaikos this weekend. Should be an interesting one - Aris is in 4th place, which would be big for their EL participation (or at least, chances of qualification). Atromitos, who is in 5th, plays them next weekend (while having an easier game on Monday). Otherwise, Xanthi-AEK and Panaitolikos-Olympiakos are going down on Sunday. Not much danger of the standings changing, though I guess if AEK loses their next two games they could end up worried. Very unlikely.
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