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  1. I agree, this would be a stupid move. He's no world-beater, and we don't have room for him. Esiti will already require one of our Brazilians to leave (what do you want to bet Henrique is not injured?). Maybe - MAYBE - if we have a sale pending for Jaba, will we also get this guy. Keep in mind we were "strongly linked" with a guy from Germany last week as well. That dropped out of the news cycle pretty fast. I think Akpom and Swiderski are absolutely good enough for the Champions League. It's our midfield that needs strengthening, not our CFs.
  2. Esiti trying to make me eat my words there 😉
  3. Just came back in the 61st, fingers crossed
  4. We had a drop in intensity for the last 15 or so minutes of the first half but we were still in control even then. Pelkas was absolutely on fire, with Giannoulis and Akpom looking fantastic as well. Jaba and Biseswar good as well. Heavy pitch which is leading to some mistimed passes though Pashalakis really screwed up with that pass of his but it's kind of meaningless anyway. Really liking what I see out of Esiti. He obviously needs time to get used to playing with these guys but he does not seem to offer much in offensive capability (so far). He seems VERY hard to get off the ball however, and seems pretty composed. El Kaddouri is a good partner for him. I honestly forgot Matos was playing a few times. A side effect of the new system?
  5. Goal Akpom. This lineup looks so good Pelkas making them look like amateurs on the left side there
  6. Unfortunately it's the more important game. Also unsurprisingly. I actually like Eleni Bountou quite a bit though. Or maybe it's just that voice! I keep expecting Kolkas to say something racist. Listening closely to the pregame coverage to see if he gets it out of his system early.
  7. Goal Ingason, thank God Lamprou came in for Stoch earlier
  8. Team looks pretty terrible out there. Losing 0-1, Swiderski nearly tied it right before half time.
  9. This could well be true. Ferreira likes the 3-4-3 in attack, which so far (and from what I saw in vids of his previous seasons) has been accomplished by dropping one fullback back while the other runs forward. If Esiti can handle that third defender job, then it stands to reason Matos and Giannoulis will both be farther up. This would leave us short a man in the middle, however - against a team like Ajax I would question the logic of this. Augusto has a nice distance shot in him, but El Kaddouri will almost certainly need to play with Esiti for this to be effective. I haven't seen much creativity from Augusto yet, while El Kaddouri is best when trying to be creative. Add to that Pelkas dropping back a little bit (who knows, maybe interchanging with Omar?) and you could have the creativity you need there in the middle. Would still be better if we had Oliveira next to him though. Oliveira would be much better defensively than El Kaddouri, I feel.
  10. It is definitely the white sleeves. Makes the proportions not look right. It didn't help that in the video, all of the jerseys looked terribly fitted too
  11. Something about the striped one doesn't feel right to me
  12. Yiannaki mou, you've been very quiet. Has Florida sunk yet? Tell me what you think of Esiti; I miss you dearly!
  13. Atromitos now winning 1:2, at half time
  14. So right now, we have a few games of interest going on for EL qualifiers: O ARIS vs AEL Limassol - Cyprus is a threat to our coefficient, game is currently 0-0 Dunajska Streda (Slovakia) vs Atromitos - Atromitos just scored, 0-1 Both games are at 33' right now. Charisis is starting for Atromitos (who also apparently has Vellios??). Both teams SHOULD be able to go through...
  15. I think that's a very good choice!
  16. I would not be too surprised if Kace stays until winter, depending on Wernbloom's recovery. Mostly because Ferreira wants two people to compete for each position. Unclear if Wernbloom will be able to do that 😞 I still don't know why we took Misic. I think he's just fine as a player but he was never going to make a push for a starter role...
  17. Got high hopes for this guy. I hope he makes a lot of opponents very miserable.
  18. Don't laugh too hard, he might come crawling back to us now. I worry that these guys are going to still take him at this point.
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