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  1. How many more handballs before the ref actually calls one?
  2. Yeah, we definitely can win this. At this rate, they're likely to join us at ten men.
  3. 62% as of a few minutes ago. So many blown calls
  4. I turned it on at minute three, he got a red card???
  5. I believe Blackhawk said a while back that the deal was we'd keep him until we qualified to the group stage, then sell him to them.
  6. Lineup just announced, exact same as before (with Koulouris).
  7. Hey! We have a new conditioning coach!
  8. One of the funniest shows on TV, Key & Peele, is ending after this season. So why not share some of the love? An excellent send-up of ESPN and their like. Not as good as their NFL videos, but entertaining nonetheless. http://www.cc.com/video-clips/aimepr/key-and-peele-teachingcenter
  9. Laola's stream are definitely good. Very happy to hear they'll be carrying the game. Hopefully we don't revert back to Salpi. If he doesn't rate Koulouris, then Mistakidis has shown his worth in both games. We've already shown that we don't need a true CF in order to win, after all.
  10. Ahh, a bankruptcy. A great opportunity to skim their best. Judging by your last post on him, blackhawk, it seems you rate the guy?
  11. More rumors that we're going for Samaras...I hope they don't turn out true. We shouldn't be hiring members of the NT - we should be creating them.
  12. Novasport implies no streams, right? Any chance a Slovakian station will broadcast?
  13. So what, exactly, is the deal with him and his club? I did read he was back in Spain to await being released?
  14. Pretty excited about this (re)signing myself. He's looked very good so far. Hopefully he keeps it up.
  15. Isn't he linked with AEK? I would hate to see him go there. And you're right about Galitsios. That would make his hiring even more inexplicable (unless we're cutting Skondras - bad move! - and/or Konstantinidis - also a bad move!). Hopefully Tzavellas does indeed leave, which would leave a hole at LB - we just have Korovesis left. This gap could be covered if we keep using wingers as wingbacks in a 3-5-2, but still leaves us very thin.
  16. We're apparently also looking at Galitsios as a Rat replacement.
  17. Seems like Rodrigues is a fringe player for fringe teams. I guess we'll see.
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