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  1. Yeah, link had an error pop up for about 20 seconds that said "This violates the terms of service," then it was taken down completely. Still, I got to watch Mak screw up, so that was cool.
  2. Hahaha Kolkas calling that card "yellow going towards orange." The guy's a real wordsmith.
  3. Christ it sounds like we've had attempt after attempt WHY IS THERE NO STREAM
  4. ^ Ronaldo is a great example. Messi may have more talent, but Ronaldo's physically on another planet. It's very obvious that he works at this (as if the many stories and reports didn't make that clear). But Sammy has nice hair tho
  5. Sabo looked better vs Qabala than he did in the other games, from what I've seen. But, still, there's no comparison between him and Kace. I'd much rather see Charisis start in that position. The only thing Sabo has going for him is that he's played a number of minutes with the rest of the starters. Rodrigues, I'm also iffy on. On the one hand he's fast and can dribble. On the other, he just seems so average some times. Would rather see Mak on that side.
  6. Xanthi currently level with Olympiakos 1-1 at home. Could they snag some points from yet another of the big 4 this season? -edit- thank goodness I wrote that, now Olympiakos woke up and is currently 3-1. You're welcome, Oly.
  7. I thought someone had said before it was a 2mm deal, but I'm not sure if that's across the length of the deal (2 years I think?).
  8. Good, they'll be hungry. No toys? No problem. They'll play footy in the streets for the next decade.
  9. This kid is definitely meant to take over the running of the club at some point.
  10. I like the striped one the most, although I kind of like thinner more. I do like that it's asymmetrical though. Agreed on the white, last year's white kit was better. Camouflage is atrocious, but at least it prepares our guys for their future job as leaders of a resistance once Russia annexes Thessaloniki.
  11. My lineup for this one: --Olsen-- --Vitor--Costa--Tzavellas-- --Kitsiou--Tziolis--Kace--Mak-- --Mistakidis-- --Berbatov--Klaus-- Mistakidis has been overshadowed by Pelkas, for good reason. But, I think he's got what it takes to take that position, and this would also serve as a message to Pelkas to keep his head on. Olsen has gotten a bit better, which is good. I can only hope that he's settled down. Mak's been playing as a striker, but I'm itching to see Klaus and Berbatov playing together. Surely by now at least one of them can make it the 90 minutes? Subs for me would be Jairo (the guy was pretty fiery during our atrocious draw vs Gabala), Rodrigues (for one of the strikers if need be, with Mak moving up front), and either Savvidis (once Tziolis decides he's done running) or Pelkas (for Mistakidis).
  12. I would imagine this is why they used laola1.tv for that EL qualifier. If nobody has bought the rights to play their home matches, I'd imagine PAOK can do whatever the hell they want.
  13. My sincere hope is that this is to provide proper coverage for Kace/Cimirot, and possible replacement for Tziolis. We'll be swimming in DMs soon.
  14. People were expecting blow-outs all through the offseason, which we haven't seen happen yet. They look a tad shakier than I'd like, but the wins have both still been pretty comfortable (even with the clusterF*** that was the last 15 minutes). Looking forward to some Brady rage in the coming weeks.
  15. I could get behind that choice. But as we all know, it's not the cash that's the issue...
  16. Oddly long and involved hug given by Tuchel to Sokratis at the end, as well. Unf.
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