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  1. This ref is killin' us tho
  2. No surprises here!
  3. pash

    Former PAOK Players/Coaches

    Can't be more official than this - Leveque has found himself a new team back in Grant. Thank goodness! Too bad it took this long to give him the boot. Let's see if he is ever injured again, shall we?
  4. pash

    PAOK Players on Loan

    Lamprou scored twice today. Nice goals too. Hadn't heard anything about him in a while so this was nice
  5. pash

    Former PAOK Players/Coaches

    Huge 3 points for Giannina. Good on Klaus.
  6. Please god let there not be a riot: https://inpaok.com/533721/i-touba-tha-ine-frourio/
  7. pash

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    LOL @ OFI
  8. pash

    PAE PAOK General News

    It's never been our standard formation. At least, not in the past ten years or so. Igor Tudor used a 3-4-2-1 during Mak's wonder year, however. I don't hate the 3-5-2, but our strength lies in our wingers + fullbacks...this formation does not take advantage of this depth/strength. Also - no way Henrique plays better as a wingback than Limnios would, IMO.
  9. The kiss must be first. Thanks for asking, I nearly accidentally caused you to do something embarrassing!
  10. Where's VAR when you need it? LAOLA is down for me now, both on my work PC and via cellular data. Gahhhh
  11. The Lamia-Olympiakos match ended 3-3 btw
  12. Another great Oliveira pass. Very impressed by the accuracy over distance
  13. Uneventful first half. Very happy with Swiderski, Henrique, Oliveira (what a pass!), and ESPECIALLY Ingason.
  14. For a half. This is gonna be the whole game! Great tackle by Ingason on a breakaway
  15. Haven't seen a pitch this heavy in ages. Terrible
  16. Close one for Limnios, great pass by Oliveira
  17. Just remember the cardinal rule of travel: if someone makes eye contact with you, you MUST either kiss them on the mouth or slap them. If you do both, you get extra points.