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  1. The Superman bit hahahahahah oh man we're so gonna get sued
  2. Officially in love with the lady giving out the medals
  3. Lyratzis first of the team to come out, followed by Balogiannis. Hell yeah brah
  4. Varela's profanity is to die for, PAY THE MAN!!!!!
  5. Love that the youth squads are involved in this tho
  6. :: deletes drafted post saying this was a bit over the top ::
  7. I guess they're doing the setup now anyway (and few people are going to think to go to paoktv's website?). This is basically a highlights real right now but should be what we're looking for
  8. PAOKTV just ended coverage WHAT THE SH1T IS THIS
  9. There is a stadium being wheeled out, it's to the right of the goal -edit- Stand, not stadium. D'oh
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