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  1. Transfer News and Rumors - Winter 2017

    Moledo deal has fallen through. Good. Now we're looking at Michaj, from Panaitolikos. Poor Poungouras...I can only hope this is coincidental, and not our replacement for Moledo https://www.transfermarkt.com/enea-mihaj/profil/spieler/448920
  2. Kostas Stafylidis - FC Augsburg

    Good move IMO, assuming he gets time. Stoke is terrible, if Stafylidis has his head on straight then he should be able to get some much-needed time.
  3. Transfer News and Rumors - Winter 2017

    GX is just waiting for his chance to take over on an interim basis again. Just you wait!
  4. Transfer News and Rumors - Winter 2017

    Pretty sure AEK is being burned by Vranjes as we speak, at least
  5. Transfer News and Rumors - Winter 2017

    Agreed. Read today that the Mistakidis loan would be unrelated to Moledo. I just hate the idea of him being tainted by that team. Though at least he wouldn't be playing for a team that can actually compete against us this year.
  6. Transfer News and Rumors - Winter 2017

    I believe a player under contract is not allowed to negotiate. I'm also sure that every player negotiates, on a hypothetical basis. If he did do something, I'm sure nothing will come of it.
  7. Transfer News and Rumors - Winter 2017

    So PAO now wants THREE players, none of whom they will pay for, PLUS 400k out of this deal? Jesus. As for Rennes. I'm doubtful that they "agreed terms" already. And if they did, tough s%$#! - he signed the extension, he can suck on it.
  8. Transfer News and Rumors - Winter 2017

    Agreed. Looks like Campos is getting interest from Turkey. No clue on the possible price.
  9. 2017-2018 Greek Cup

    Looks like atromitos just confirmed that they won't be playing our loanees vs us.
  10. 2017-2018 Greek Cup

    I like how I missed them entirely in my list... The official rule is that they can play our guys vs us. Since there is a gentlemen's agreement in the league, it might hold here as well. I know, not much of an answer...
  11. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    At the moment no, just because Mistakidis has only played like 40 minutes since coming back from his injury. In time, I'll probably prefer him again. I should note that he's looked GREAT during those few minutes.
  12. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    He's better up the middle. And better as a left winger than on the right. I wrote more about him a few pages back.
  13. Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    Currently 2-1 AEK. Hopefully we'll be gifted again. More surprisingly, Levadiakos is crushing PAO 3-0 with 20 minutes to go.
  14. Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    Atromitos just lost 0-1 vs Panaitolikos. Looks like warda missed a penalty, too
  15. SL–R17: Kerkyra - PAOK (14 Jan 18, 15:00 EET)

    As far as I know, just rumors from Turkey. I'm sure he's pushing for us to release him so that his wage demands can be more easily met by a buyer.