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  1. Campos and Crespo will not be included in the squat (injuries). Same with Leveque, which goes without saying. I don't think the full list of players has otherwise been announced, but I'm going to guess we'll see something like this, with a possibility of Pelkas or Cimirot starting over Shakhov: --Rey-- --Matos--Zambrano--Varela--Deligiannidis-- --Mauricio--Shakhov-- --Limnios--El Khaddouri--Mak-- --Prijovic--
  2. Prijovic called up again for his NT, unsurprisingly. Shakhov won't be called up due to not getting game time, though I'm sure that'll change by the next game's callups. Lucescu seemed very keen on him at his last press conference.
  3. PAE PAOK General News & Discussion

    Yeah, best to nip it at the bud. It's always the November-Feb timeframe where these problems, if not handled, come back to bite us. Leveque, BTW, is going to be out for a few more weeks at least. What a waste.
  4. He wasn't bad in the first half, but he completely disappeared in the second.
  5. And that's game. We were wasteful, but I thought it was still entertaining. Great to see Limnios and Deligiannidis get 90 minutes.
  6. Agreed, he's been kind of missing from this game. Limnios (who I think is our MotM today) draws a yellow from a Levadiakos player
  7. Apparently he went on for Limnios in the 67th so you would have looked super alert had you posted that -edit- Okay definitely not Limnios, I clearly can't read or see.
  8. Whoa when did El Kaddouri come on?
  9. 100% CLASSIC Shakhov goal!
  10. That's the change I would make
  11. Shakhov and Vieirinha clearly about to come on
  12. I look away for one second and suddenly it's a tie game
  13. Another breakaway, good passing between Pelkas and Limnios, who should have/could have scored.
  14. This had the makings of another Klaus emotional breakdown. Hopefully it was nipped at the bud. -edit- once again great movement by Limnios to get the ball to him