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  1. https://inpaok.com/620084/ebristiki-epithesi-stin-eteria-tou-panopoulou/
  2. https://inpaok.com/619933/i-xanthi-aniki-se-panopoulo-sygkelidi/ Well he WOULD say that, considering we own his team too 😉
  3. Yeah, he's gotten virtually no playing time. And if players like Lamprou and (inevitably) Gaitanidis don't get a look, then neither with GM27. I'm sure we'll buy two or three more Brazilians this winter instead. Burning a lot of bridges around these parts these days!
  4. I agree with Yiannaki. For me, inadvertent stuff like that shouldn't be called. You can't say that the ref didn't give that one a good look, as well.
  5. And that's game. Very unlucky not to score many, many more.
  6. Great comment by the play by play guy haha Let's wait to see, for sure hahaha
  7. FINALLY a goal. Biseswar, assisted by El Kaddouri
  8. Akpom in for Pelkas, Biseswar for Vieirinha. A real 4-4-2?
  9. There was some news the other day about a cut in the tax rate that would relate to what we're paying out for our player contracts. I don't know enough about how that works in Greece to comment, but here's some additional info: https://inpaok.com/618734/kerdos-gia-paok-eos-ke-9-ek-evro/
  10. The call ups: Πασχαλάκης , Ζίβκοβιτς , Βαρέλα , Μάτος , Ροντρίγκο , Κρέσπο , Ίνγκασον , Γιαννούλης , Βιεϊρίνια , Μαουρίσιο , Ελ Καντουρί , Μίσιτς , Εσίτι , Πέλκας , Μπίσεσβαρ , Λημνιός , Λάμπρου , Άκπομ , Σφιντέρσκι Perhaps the last time Lamprou will be included?
  11. So we'll get OFI, right?
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