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  1. Y/N? https://inpaok.com/629190/kitai-paschalaki-i-besiktas/
  2. Sounds like Crespo ist nursing another small injury. Vieirinha it is, then
  3. He was legit puffing after 15 minutes. Concerning!
  4. Yeah that wouldn't surprise me either. Hopefully Vieirinha looks better though. I wonder if he'll have the legs for two games in such a short period of time, considering how he's been looking.
  5. Giannoulis will miss this game, but not sure how long that kind of injury takes to heal. It doesn't seem too bad at least. Wouldn't be surprised at more of a rotation this game, being so close to the Lamia match. Though we all know it doesn't matter because we purchased Volos right -edit- forgot about the cards situation as well. Matos and Akpom will probably sit it out, right? --Zivkovic-- --Soares--Ingason--Varela--Crespo-- --Misic--Esiti-- --Limnios-- --Biseswar-- --Pelkas--Swiderski-- Lamprou, Vieirinha, Douglas as subs?
  6. I legit cannot keep up with all this stupid drama. So the team owners met in the UK for...what? And who's being reported to FIFA and why?? And Savvidis is sad because Marinakis said something?! There's like 300 articles a day and I just get so damn bored when I start reading them that I can't even finish one!!
  7. Yeah, don't like that time wasting as well. That's game, at least.
  8. Oh for sure. If his forward passing and long-range shooting improve, he'll be a GREAT player methinks. Has had some good interventions today.
  9. I literally laugh out loud every time Anderson Esiti shoots
  10. Absolutely. I, for one, choose to believe that Olympiakos turned it off remotely just to set this up for invalidation
  11. I don't hate it! Glad to see Esiti get the start at least. Hope Akpom scores a few goals today.
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