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  1. Marinakis took so long to get off the field that we developed a covid vaccine in the meantime
  2. beautiful goal from a free kick by mauricio just now -edit- HOLD UP that was Michailidis hahahahahha
  3. Down 2-1 now. Ferreira's gonna get the boot
  4. What is this VAR check for? He already called the foul...
  5. Here's a vid posted by one of our own wayward forum members:
  6. Well, he'd probably be cheap. But why would we ever spend money on this guy, when we have Varela, Ingason, Crespo, Mihaj, Mihojevic, and Michailidis next year? -edit- Also meant to post that it seems Warda wants another shot? He seems to have a very positive take on our extending his contract, which I think is an overly enthusiastic one.
  7. I wonder if we should be worried about their injuries. This is a long time to be out for something allegedly minor.
  8. I'm expecting that the moment my hand touches a weight, that my body will literally explode with muscle. I've lost two kilos during this lockdown, but my waistline is NOTICEABLY bigger. Which tells me that my body traded up to a fat-based composition. Only concern is, will there be limits to who can go in?! I mean if I have to lift at 5am or 10pm, I'll do it...but I have a feeling it'll be hard to do so. I am looking at reopening guidelines for gyms now and it says "40% capacity" but also "8 people per 1000 sq ft" and "machines must be 14 feet away from each other" (which is definitely not going to happen in any gym). Yeesh!
  9. I like the part where the guy says you have to be sympathetic to the people doing the governing. Get real. This was predictable, avoidable, and now inexorable. My state is opening gyms up for the first time since March 15th, on Monday. We had our first day of zero coronavirus-related deaths a day or two ago, too. Just remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is no way that our general precautions are going to be eased up on any time soon; hopefully that forestalls a second wave up here in the Northeast.
  10. Weak-ass penalty. Looks like our limits are two good games in a row. Now we have to hope AEK drops points vs Aris.
  11. Not a good game. Looks like we're playing 3 CBs, Soares and Giannoulis as wingbacks? Guess that's a 3-4-3 -edit- ahaha PaokCT coming in hot
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