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  1. pash

    PAE PAOK General News

    I actually really like this post by George
  2. I do. I get that conspiracy theories are the bread and butter of all red-blooded Greeks, but I've seen too much of our fans acting like animals to want to give them an easy out. Same goes for other team's fans, for those lurking.
  3. pash

    PAOK Fans Gyradiko

    The only satisfaction I get from watching PAO play is when I'm watching some janky stream and an NSFW pop-up overlays the screen.
  4. It'll backfire. I do not trust our fans to act like humans.
  5. Levadiakos is not much of a threat, but Lucescu is going to have to balance how much he is willing to risk that game...Matos in particular looks very tired.
  6. Let's crush these guys. My lineup: --Pashalakis-- --Kitsiou--Varela--Crespo--Tosca-- --Canas--Mauricio-- --Jaba--Pelkas--Warda-- --Prijovic-- Rests a few dudes, and gives some much-needed time for Jaba. Pelkas is back to training normally so I expect Lucescu to push to start him.
  7. pash

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    I completely missed that Deligiannidis scored the first one, and Korovesis scored the third. Lulz @ greenies -edit- Koulouris also scored twice vs Aris, btw. He's already at 11 goals in the league. The guy is unstoppable...
  8. We all already know this, but I like seeing it: PAOK - 35 Atromitos - 28 Olympiakos - 27 AEK - 23 Panathinaikos - 19 (tied with Aris and Xanthi for 5th)
  9. That's it for the game. Easy win, though I feel we kept this at maybe 75% of the pace we could have. Warda looked very good today. Shakhov very positive as well IMO. Starting to really like watching Akpom play.
  10. Limnios off for Jaba, I have a feeling that third goal is coming
  11. And what a beautiful pass by Shakhov to set that up
  12. WOW what a goal by Akpom
  13. 4-4-2 incoming: Shakhov in for Wernbloom, Akpom for El Kaddouri
  14. Decent first half for me. I don't think we really are in need of any changes; I can't see Larissa coming back from this even with a parked bus. For me, any subs should be for whoever needs rest the most...I'd say Kitsiou for Matos, Akpom for Prijovic, and maybe Tosca for Vieirinha.
  15. And a red card for Karanikas hahaha