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  1. pash

    SL–R7: Aris - PAOK (21-Oct-18, 19:00 EEST)

    Looks like Varela and Hatseridi both trained normally today. Good news for them. Looks like El Kaddouri will start training normally from Tuesday onwards.
  2. pash

    PAE PAOK General News

    I would not be surprised if Shakhov starts. He's in better shape and fits the role of a #8. We haven't played multiple DMs in some time...
  3. The player agents made the guy hit him?
  4. Pelkas got a hell of a cut there, currently on the sideline getting cleaned up
  5. pash

    PAOK Disciplinary News

    So were our fans, like..........rude?
  6. pash

    PAE PAOK General News

    Bad news, Mauricio is out for about four weeks. Expect us to go heavy on the DMs, unless El Kaddouri gets drafted as a central midfielder (or Shakhov makes a case for himself).
  7. pash

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    I noticed that too; perhaps they managed to find someone with a super-8 camera in their mother's attic so they were finally able to televise a game. But it had to happen now because their mother only let them have it for a day?
  8. pash

    Former PAOK Players/Coaches

    Ivan Leko (who was assistant to Tudor a few years back) was detained by authorities in relation to a fraud/money laundering/tax avoidance charge. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/european/club-brugge-anderlecht-ivan-leko-mogi-bayat-belgian-jupiler-league-corruption-probe-a8576921.html
  9. Good news about Varela, the injury will only keep him out of action for about 10 days. He'll be questionable for our match on the 21st, vs Aris.
  10. pash

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

  11. Varela is getting the MRI tomorrow, but I read that our medical team doesn't think it's very serious. It looks like he won't be joining with his NT in the meantime, however.
  12. pash

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    Seems there was some trouble with the fans during that match. AEK might be playing in an empty stadium for a few games.
  13. pash

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    Aklautoi doesn't seem to be working for me, alas. I bet someone in the other forums would have a link posted though
  14. Our goalie is high fiving every child in the stadium right now