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  1. If you're looking for something with a political bent, Politico pretty decent. A bit left of center but not to a crazy degree. The "television news" sources should all have their news sites unburdened by a paywall - CNN, NBC, ABC. I have NYT/WSJ and Financial Times subscriptions through my school so I didn't realize they hadn't lowered their paywalls around covid stuff. Lame. One of my favs is Ars Technica - they generally talk about tech and related policy but have a strong science lean (including covid-related). They have a constantly-updated guide there with a TOOOON of information. Very good reporting.
  2. For me, that timing makes his statements sound suspicious. To quit TWO DAYS before training is pretty wild. So either he decided ages ago and decided to screw us (remember: he probably had some input into a few of those new signings), or something precipitated this change of heart at the last second.
  3. On the plus side, since when does anyone in Greece make cutting-edge, timely decisions? We'll learn the results of all this some time in May (of 2021).
  4. Great list Blackhawk. There's lots of room to cut/sell players here. Here's who I'd try to get rid of in the summer window. Most of the youngings, I would keep. There is not much money tied up in them anyway. I don't think you screw with our defenders either, though if a good offer comes in for Ingason, that might be worth it. I feel that Mihaj is gone simply because the coach doesn't like him, but I'm not counting him out yet. If we get a decent offer for Pelkas, consider it...I still think he's probably our best player though (come at me bro) GOALTENDERS 31 - Alexandros PASCHALAKIS (1989) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 450,000 (Buyout option: € 8,000,000) Rodrigo REY (1991) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 400,000 - (On loan: Godoy Cruz) RIGHT BACK 3 -Leo MATOS (1986) – 30-Jun-2021) - € 610,000 2 - Rodrigo SOARES (1992) – 30-Jun-2022- € 600,000 Eleftherios LYRATZIS (2000) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 100,000 - (On loan: NFC Volos) CENTER BACK Marko MIHOJEVIC (1996) – 31-Dec-2020 - € 120,000 – (On loan: Erzgerbirge Aue) (Buyout option: € 800,000) DEFENSIVE MIDFIELD 19 - Pontus WERNBLOOM (1986) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 1,100,000 [nobody's paying this much, but perhaps a loan with us paying partial salary?] 8 - Jose MAURICIO (1988) – 30-Jun-2020- € 1,100,000 [don't renew] Thibauld MOULIN (1990) – 31-Dec-2020 – € 550,000 (PAOK pays 75%) (On loan: AO Xanthi) Ergys KACE (1993) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 250,000 (Buyout option: € 5,000,000) (On loan: AE Larisa) CENTRAL MIDFIELD 33 - Douglas AUGUSTO (1997) – 30-Jun-2023- € 250,000 7 - Omar EL KADDOURI (1990) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 800,000 RIGHT FORWARD 18 - Dimitrios LIMNIOS - (1988) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 130,000 (€ 10,000,000 buyout option) 98 - Leonardo JABA ( 1998) – 30-Jun-2023 - € 600,000 [sell if possible - his salary also increases yearly] Amr WARDA (1993) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 250,000 (PAOK pays 75%)(€ 3,000,000 buyout option) (On loan: AE Larisa) CENTER FORWARD 47 - Chuba AKPOM (1995) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 800,000 - (€ 15,000,000 buyout option, Arsenal owes 25%) LEFT FORWARD 99 - Miroslav STOCH (1988) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 1,000,000 [not because i don't think he's still got it - more because the coach doesn't know how to use him]
  5. I've been working from home since the 13th, with my lockdown starting the next day (Saturday). This has been so boring. I have nothing to do apart from eating the many delicious snacks I have. I'm also in grad school, and after they extended spring break by a week (due to their not being prepared for this obvious viral emergency), we are just now returning to school. However, the entire rest of the semester will be strictly online, which I loathe. I was going to take an intensive, one-week-long class in early May but I thought to myself, "do I really want to be stuck in a room for 40 hours with these disgusting freaks?" So I guess that won't be happening.
  6. Word has it Vieirinha is going to be re-signed, which is no surprise to me. Of course, this is just "buzz" on the social media and so means little. I think it's a no-brainer, honestly. Even if he does lose a step. I would be surprised if the terms of Matos's contract are not affected by what happens with the league. Right now I wouldn't be surprised if it is entirely suspended, but if that happens what are the chances that the terms of said contract are not iron-clad? Some sort of...disaster verbiage, for example.
  7. I agree. I also think Limnios is not going to be around much longer. I'd love to keep him but he's going to have some suitors this summer. Wernbloom's not going to get any offers, but if someone agrees to take him on loan for his last year and we agree to pay half (or even three quarters) of his salary, then I'd say it's win-win for us. Isn't El Kaddouri a free agent this summer? The big one that you're missing is Jaba. I don't think he'd get us much considering he missed the season and is still fighting a bacterial infection. But some team will likely see a bargain in him.
  8. NICE! Wonder if that will work overseas
  9. Nah fam this isn't official in any way; it's just some ass hat on instagram. But it's in line with a few things I've read here and on other sites so I figured I'd post it.
  10. Not that this is official or anything, but it seems this person is of like mind with several people here:
  11. And the teams who are winning in SL2 don't deserve to be promoted? Giannina is pretty far ahead and is a shoo-in for promotion. Why should they get passed over in favor of a Panionios that they are better than?
  12. Practically speaking, the playoffs would have to pick up, what, two months late? They'd end as the team was expecting to show up for preseason training.
  13. This is going to cost him the election. Some on his side are still claiming this is a plot or scam by the Democrats. Like, guys, I don't particularly care for the Democrats either but you'd have to be blind, deaf, and dumb to not see what's going on. It is very, very sad that Biden's address on this matter the other night was 50x more presidential than what the actual president managed.
  14. Scary that we still aren't really testing. I watched both of Trump's addresses on the matter and frankly it seems like we're not really paying attention to this still. The second one in particular - how ballsy was it of the administration to claim that Google was creating a website that was going to be used nationwide, when that wasn't the intention at all? Jeez. Here are some links to tracking sites, in case anyone wants them. The first two seem to be run by regular joes who are aggregating information. The third is by Johns Hopkins University and it is much glitzier (and has very good US-specific data, broken down by state). The JHU one also gives a more granular breakdown for individual countries but the site sometimes runs pretty slow (I'm guessing it's getting many, many more visits than the first two): https://multimedia.scmp.com/widgets/china/wuhanvirus/# https://coronavirus.thebaselab.com/ https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
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