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  1. $20 says the "new" "dutch" guy is one of our old friends...
  2. wow, if i was on the field i would of taken out someones eyes.
  3. its dumb and i dont like it.
  4. some kid like 20 years ago couldnt say my name so he called me bajewy instead. ever since then its been a username.
  5. hmm not sure if this helps but i have a nike hoodie from paok and a few macron jerseys. the macon jerseys seem to run a little small/tight. i got a large [im 6'1/180] and probably should have gone for a XL. my nike hoodie is a large, and large enough to wear as a "jacket." i originally got a medium and it was too small so i gave it to my bro-in-law as a gift ....because of that jacket he is now a paok fan as well 😁. tl;dr: a large will probably be good for you
  6. As of right now we're seven points up on oly (I'm counting that Pana game as over.) οι γαυροι get 3 points reinstated from the ofi match and paok lose four and a half points after the season is over due to fan violence @ the cup final. Bam. Oly Champs again.
  7. Barring any point deductions, that should do it.
  8. Um why is there 13 min stoppage?
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