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  1. As of right now we're seven points up on oly (I'm counting that Pana game as over.) οι γαυροι get 3 points reinstated from the ofi match and paok lose four and a half points after the season is over due to fan violence @ the cup final. Bam. Oly Champs again.
  2. Barring any point deductions, that should do it.
  3. Um why is there 13 min stoppage?
  4. How's paok doing. I see possession was 39-61% at halftime. Do they seem like they'll get a goal or two?
  5. Bajewy

    Toumba Stadium

    Luuuuccccyyyy, you have some explaining to do....😁
  6. >rza is the name of the line-referee for the game. >one of the guys from wu-tang is also named rza. >i was saying that the same guy from wu-tang will be a ref in this match. ref: "hey rza, was akpom offsides on that play?" rza: "huh, im not high."
  7. sounds like marinaki is moving some product for the Azeris. also glad to see RZA is still around. havent heard anything by him since wu-tang
  8. https://www.laola1.tv/en-int/livestream/2019-02-27-paok-thessaloniki-fc-panionios-fc-len
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