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  1. PAOK in Europe 2017-2018

    deleted. im stoupid. wheres the janitor to clean this up?
  2. 2017-2018 Pre Season Training News

    about that...if the season starts late, will the teams we play without fans change? or is it guaranteed to be kerkyra(round 2-whenever that is), (r4) panaitolokos, (r5) giannina.... also i thought paok was starting the season off with negative points again because of the cup final. according to novasports only panathinakos is starting the year with less than zero points
  3. Help to Find A PAOK Fan

    paokarag4 is right, paok is going to start in the E.L. qualifiers this year. however, if i were you, id still go to thessaloniki since its better than athens. if you have a picture/map coordinates of it id probably be able to get you in contact with him since i have family there.
  4. we're talking about greece here. when do they do something right????
  5. the stream is still up and the stadium is empty. they're done for at least today. lets see what happens next. id put money that they do something stupid like finish this match the next time we play pana.
  6. warda with a second yellow
  7. hey pash im watching on lshunter.tv . its a crappy stream but better than nothing.
  8. somebody should tell glykos he CAN use his hands : / although that was kitsiou man
  9. I just realized that we only had one Greek (glykos) on the field up until kitsiou came in at the 90th min : (
  10. Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    and irakli has taken the lead!
  11. SL - R29: Platanias - PAOK (23 Apr 17, 19:00 EEST )

    ughh. put a little oomph into those attempts on goal
  12. SL - R29: Platanias - PAOK (23 Apr 17, 19:00 EEST )

    ibra in klaus out
  13. SL - R29: Platanias - PAOK (23 Apr 17, 19:00 EEST )

    that was a great try by chaniana's captain. glykos with the block.
  14. SL - R29: Platanias - PAOK (23 Apr 17, 19:00 EEST )

    yeah i can hear someone yelling at kitsiou