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  1. Yes that makes sense. He can still be useful as he is a very aggressive defender and seems to care about Greece. I like him as a player but I think it’s time to move on for the better of the team and it’s future. I’m just trying to think ahead in terms of the younger players and give them a good amount of experience by the time World Cup comes around. Manolas can still be an option as he is 28 and probably has similar experience to Sokratis playing in a higher level like champions league. If Sokratis was to stay on than Siovas would have to be dropped. No point having 2 players over 30 in the team. I personally don’t mind Siovas I think he brings composure and great positioning. Also Hatzidiakos has played well recently and deserves a spot in the team. Also Retsos and Mavropanos are young and have good potential. Hopefully they stay injury free and get into good form as they are the future of the team.
  2. We all know we have a lot of options at the back but at the moment this is how I see it. Mavropanos and Retsos haven’t been playing for a while and Mavropanos is injury prone. Kyriakos Papadopoulos is a solid option but is very injury prone and isn’t playing right now. Players like Lampropoulos, Kolovetsios and Triantafylopoulos are not really good enough compare to Manolas and Sokratis. Now I’m all for having Manolas and Sokratis sit out, as the team seems to have a good rhythm going and I don’t any disturbance. The CBs that are the most reliable now are Hatzidiakos, Siovas, Risvanis(who is underrated and should be given a chance) and Kourbelis who can also play there. You have them and Sokratis and Manolas to choose from. The rest need to prove themselves more or play at a higher level. If you have Manolas and Sokratis in the team then common sense tells you to start them. If you don’t have them then you have to rely on players I mentioned and the one that are not playing at a higher level. JVS continuously says he wants to try new players that are young and players that haven’t been given a shot. He’s also said playing in the Greek league doesn’t make a difference in terms of selection. He’s also said Greece are capable of playing aggressive and attacking style of football. Which is true. He is not freezing out anyone and welcoming all options. This is a smart decision. I would rather have Manolas or Sokratis instead of Lampropoulos or Triantafylopoulos. But if Mavropanos and Retsos start playing and are in form then they should be considered the next that take over from Manolas and Sokratis. If we want to prepare for the World Cup in 2022 than we shouldn’t be playing players that are 30 and over. That’s the way I think it should be. Sokratis will be 34 and Manolas will be 32 by then. Sokratis has stated that if we don’t make the Euros then he will retire, as he wants the new generation to prove themselves. These were his words. JVS wants to give players like Pelkas, Bouchalakis, Masouras and Mantalos the leading roles as they are in there mid 20s and by the time the World Cup comes around they will be in their primes. He also wants the youth to be in the team like Limnios, Hatzidiakos and Pavlidis in the mix. A rebuild is about playing the youth and building the team from there. Not playing 30 year olds and over which is made me think why Zeca and Siovas were picked. They are still decent options to have. As far as strikers go Pavlidis should be the starter with Koulouris and Donis behind him. I would prefer Donis out wide where his pace would be more useful as he wouldn’t have a CB marking him so tightly and would have more space on the wing where he can do damage. As we have seen JVS is capable of making some of our average players like Bakasetas play there best game. He has made every single play at their best which is incredible. I hope this momentum continues and wins in our next matches.
  3. Stafylidis and Bakakis were at fault for the 2nd goal against Bosnia. Bakakis didn’t do enough to close the cross down and Stafylidis was caught out of position because his pressed and ran to forward to close down earlier. They need to do better there. I will give Bakakis credit for his energy and forward runs but that is where it stops. In the ball he is a liability. Gets nervous most of the time when he has the ball and he usually fumbles it either passing it to an opposing player or can’t control the ball and loses possession. Down the road Masouras should be considered. Also we have Natsos who has been in good form.
  4. Great post. Schip has also said the more possession we have the more chances we will create. This is true and this is what he wants to team to play, possession. Against quality sides there is going to be more emphasis on defence ofcourse. He believes this team can play a aggressive and attacking style. I like the way he thinks too because he has said we can’t just play defensively we got to get the ball and move it forward. He doesn’t like playing it safe against equal to less teams. He thinks we are capable of playing good football and I agree. I don’t think Manolas and Sokratis will be needed if we continue in the right path. Better off playing players who are going to be the future now so they can get used to international football and get valuable experience early. Hatzidiakos did very well these past 2 games. He should start again. Same goes for Limnios. Schip wants to give other players chances which is good as he isn’t limiting the selections. I am a fan of Stafylidis like most and I would like to see him have a spot somewhere but Tsimikas and Koutris are better in defence. They have more pace and make dangerous forward runs to. Stafylidis has pros and cons. We need to use him correctly. I don’t think he should be the number 1 LB. maybe off the bench he could be used as an impact and if we revert to a 3-5-2 formation he either play as the 3rd cb or LWB where he can just focus on putting crosses or getting into dangerous positions. Also we should use his biggest strength in my opinion which is his shooting.
  5. Tough call for sure. I don’t think Fortounis goes straight in the starting 11. He’s just had a big injury. I just think Mantalos after the Bosnia game made me a believer. He has quality about him and has great chemistry with anyone as I said before. That’s why the past coaches have always played him. Fortounis is excellent on his day, again it’s a tough call but Mantalos is more of a good example. Humble, works hard and great on the ball. Fortounis is the same but I see more leadership qualities in Mantalos. Who would’ve thought the same way he did when he assisted Pavlidis? Very smart move he made there. Also Bakasetas did well to let it go. Stafylidis isn’t the best footballer and that’s why he shouldn’t be captain, but still very useful to have. Maybe not in a defensive way but more attacking and his long shots are dangerously good. I just think we have better LBs and CBs. I was all for Stafylidis to play but I’ve realised defensively he isn’t solid enough. When he attacks different story. Thunderbolt of a shot that hit the post against Bosnia. Masouras the right back is talented enough to start. Also Natsos should get a look in.
  6. I would do the same but I wouldn’t put Bakasetas on the wing because of his pace. He is more suited in the middle, specifically CAM. I agree we can’t have all those players in team. I would definitely keep Mantalos and Donis. Limnios is the future and I lean towards more to playing future prospects as they are goodnand have something to prove for example Galanopoulos. We should at least have 3 wingers in the team. Masouras, Donis and Limnios. Fetfatzidis can be CAM and wing. No more than 2 strikers as Donis makes up for striker and wing. 2 CAMs such as Mantalos and Fortounis. Although I would definitely try Mantalos as a CM which would then free up the CAM spot for either Bakasetas or Vrousai. But Fetfatzidis is a good cover for CAM so Bakasetas and Vrousai wouldn’t be needed that much. My squad would like this.. Vlachodimos G.Masouras Hatzidiakos Manolas Koutris Kourbelis Vasiliadis/Androutsos Fetfa Mantalos Limnios Pavlidis Androutsos, Masouras are my personal choices as I believe that have talent and when given the opportunity they will deliver. Realistically Galanopoulos would start as he has game time and also a decent player. Maybe Fetfatzidis should come off the bench as he can be impactful. Donis and Masouras are decent back ups. Manolas should be there as he is still sort of young and in his prime. Also playing Champions League. His speed is a big factor. Down the road I would like to see what Lamprou and Chatzigiovannis can offer. Also would’ve liked to see Manthatis but his career has been going down unfortunately especially after leaving Olympiakos. Like Douvikas and Manos but that’s too far fetched at the moment calling these players as one is young and isn’t playing but has potential and the other is a bit inconsistent. Just thinking out load but Pavlidis is our best at the moment and Mantalos should be the captain and CAM.
  7. Vasiliadis could take Bouchalakis spot. If given the chance he could impress and Bouchalakis would be put on the bench permanently. I like Vrousai, I think he has something to offer. His speed is something to think about. I believe with Bakasetas he only performs at CAM. He is of no use anywhere else. Vrousai is more of a winger i think. Bouzoukis will get his chances soon. Reminded me a bit of Ninis. He has that special something. Bouzoukis is more aggressive though. Has great vision and ball control. He is actually more or less like Mantalos but with more potential. Hopefully he stays injury free. Speaking of utility players, Androutsos is one to keep an eye on. Can play anywhere in the midfield. More suited as a box to box. Hopefully he can get a good run of form. I believe Mantalos gives us this sort of spark. When he plays centrally he can be even more dangerous. Surprisingly Bakasetas did well especially against Bosnia. I don’t think he is a definite starter. Especially when Fortounis comes back. Mantalos i believe is a better captain than Kourbelis. Both can be leaders. Kourbelis can be vice captain and Mantalos captain. I just think Mantalos is a better example and more of a team player. Has great chemistry with everyone in the team.
  8. I think we have better options at LB such as Koutris and Tsimikas. I do like Stafylidis but he isn’t very reliable defensively. I don’t know where to put him because I like him as a player. He should have a spot somewhere but it seems that the bench is where he needs to be for now unfortunately. If Stafylidis was more solid defensively I would start him without a doubt and maybe even put him captain. But he isn’t. His shooting and speed is very good so again I don’t know exactly where he should play. Technically he is ok nothing special. Passing is decent aswell. We’ve got better CBs and better wingers to play. Could he play CDM? I don’t think so because Kourbelis and Galanopoulos had great showings. Zeca and Bouchalakis should be the back ups. Vasiliadis is a CM/CDM. Haven’t seen him play but apparently he is good. Want to see him play. It does seem we are already stacked for wide options and CAM. I just think Pelkas if used correctly can be advantageous to us. Technically good, fast great energy on his day he can destroy teams, as seen in the past against Panathinaikos and Benfica. All of sudden these last few years he has more grit about his game and aggressiveness. CAM seems the best position for him but Fortounis is more talented and Bouzoukis seems to have more potential. Mantalos shouldn’t be ignored in my opinion. A great player that is slightly underrated. If he was faster physically he would be playing in England or something. He has all the attributes to succeed. Unfortunately injuries have stunted his development. Same can be said about Pelkas. Sokratis and Manolas can stay aside for now. I don’t want to stop any momentum going forward. JVS has said that they won’t be called up until next year. So the remaining 2 games we will see more new call ups apparently. We will be getting headaches, but for the right reasons as we will have a plethora of options.
  9. I don’t know if we should include Manolas and Sokratis again. So far the replacements are proving themselves and we look decent. I know they play at bigger clubs but I would rather younger more hungry players who can develop. Hatzidiakos is an example. We need to find a replacement for Bakakis at RB. Retsos should be a candidate. But I would like someone who is more athletic with pace and good with the ball. Giannis Masouras fits the description. Kitsiou should be looked at. Lyratzis from Volos is another (I haven’t seen him play). I don’t think Stafylidis should be captain down the line. I don’t mind him but we need someone more stable and more consistent as a captain. Maybe Mantalos or Kourbelis should be the captain. Fortounis is great but don’t know if he is a real captain. Limnios and Donis are similar player. Loads of pace and great dribblers. Maybe we should have 1 start and either Fetfatzidis or Masouras on the other side. Wouldn’t mind having Galanopoulos and Kourbelis again. Hopefully something builds even more between the 2. Pavlidis, Limnios, Hatzidiakos and Galanopoulos impressed so they must be in considered for starting spots. Also we have Pelkas. Hopefully JVS can get something out of him. Pelkas has pace, energy, technique and the ability to score amazing goals. His pressing is one of the best for all Greeks. He just needs someone to instruct him and to express his strengths. We have 4 decent options at CAM. We have 4 decent options on the wing. We need more depth at RB and CM. Also Vasiliadis from Paderborn is being considered for a call up.
  10. Yes I agree. He can cover. Did you see the goal line clearance he made when Paschalakis was out of position? I don’t want to get ahead of myself but I don’t believe he is the future... I believe he is the now!
  11. I don’t think Mitroglou or Fortounis can handle this new system in my opinion. They would be great options off the bench. Pavlidis works more because he has the fitness. Mantalos and Bakasetas work harder than Fortounis. Fortounis though has quality about him. Wouldn’t be smart to leave him out completely. Will probably used the way Tsiartas was used. Come on the field to make a difference if needed. Pavlidis and Koulouris are the future so having Mitroglou wouldn’t make no sense. We should be building towards the future as much as possible. I think with Bakasetas determination he will be included again. I believe the Bosnia game was Bakasetas best game he has ever played for the NT.
  12. I definitely think Van’t Schip should stay on for at least 2 years. He needs to restructure this team. I am much happier with Greece’s performance. We were so organised defensively and stood to the plan. Limnios was great today. Donis and Limnios are great to have in this side. I just want Donis to be a bit less selfish. Donis speed and Limnios speed is definitely needed in this team. Bakasetas doesn’t deserve to play ever again. He showed determination but didn’t execute and most time killed our momentum going forward. He is not good enough for this level.
  13. I agree with you. But how can you play Bakasetas? When you have Fetfatzidis, Donis and Mantalos on the bench.
  15. We definitely deserved something out of this game. All that hard work went to waste with the penalty.
  16. Vant Schip wants to make people keep on guessing. All these reports are changing by the day. Perhaps he is playing mind games... The keeper position is the least of our problems. Our problems are at fullback and midfield.
  17. Fountas should be given a chance. I was actually a fan of his when he was at AEK. He was their best performer for them back in the day. Now he is scoring nearly every week. Would’ve taken him or Bouzoukis over Bakasetas.
  18. Hasn’t played as much as Tsimikas and Giannoulis but I believe he is better than both.
  19. I predict the squad will come out either tomorrow or the next day. In regards to Manolas, he should still be involved because of his pace. But I still rather give youth a chance. In my opinion Risvanis or Nikolaou would be a good replacement for Manolas. Hatzidiakos and Mavropanos can battle it out for Sokratis position. I would rather use Retsos elsewhere either as a RB or CDM. He would be wasted as a CB. We have many options there. Also I hope Vasiliadis has a Greek passport because all I hear is how good he is. We need better CMs and he might be it. Pavlidis and Koulouris are our future and are both in great form. Would like to see Lamprou and Donis on the wings with Fetfatzidis as the 10. That would be interesting.
  20. I kind of wish those players would be dropped permanently. We have to bring in the new generation. We have nothing to lose now we should use these next 4 matches to see which players are good enough for the team. No point in having Manolas, Sokratis and the others anymore. We need start giving these younger guys experience from now up all the way through nations league and the next qualifying campaign. A good amount of games where Galanopoulos and Limnios could potentially reach 10–15 caps by the next qualifying campaign. They should’ve had 10 by now.
  21. You can add Zeca and Mitroglou to that list aswell.
  22. It seems you want to put Mantalos in a more deeper CAM role instead of an advanced one. I don’t mind that but I think Mantalos should be the 8 alongside Zeca who can be the 6. I would have either Bouzoukis or Albanis for the advanced 10 role. Fetfatzidis can play there also. We have trouble bringing the ball forward from deep and I think Mantalos can help with that and offer extra support in attack. He would also have to focus on defence and protect it as much as he can, which means he has a big task. I just think our build up play is not good enough and I think having either Pelkas or Mantalos in the 8 position in this case Mantalos would be the best solution.
  23. I agree. I forgot to add Bouzoukis because I read somewhere he could be involved in the upcoming matches. Quality player.
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