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  1. 2 hours ago, AchillesHeel said:

    Tactically I think Schippy wanted some brawns and grit in the 10 spot and Bakasetas delivered. I think Bakasetas works his a$$ off in practice, has a positive attitude and gains the trust of the coaches in that way (they can't all be crazy or paid off)....probably Staf as well...I can't see any other reason and it would have been easy to drop both these players a while back when things looked grim, right now both have played an important part in the turn around of the NT. A successful team is greater than the sum of all its parts....if you win with Bakasetas as a 10 or a 9 and Staf as CB, you would be inclined to continue using them at these positions if they are effective although I think JVS has an evolving attitude towards the players. A win justifies the decisions a coach makes and a loss brings criticism....it's as simple as that. Also Bakasetas has had a very good year in Turkey and has been playing very well lately regardless of his shortcomings. I think the Schipster is trying to balance things out so the team can function as an ensemble and not as a group of individuals who are chosen only on the basis of their talent/skill.

    Thanks for your reply. It makes sense the way you put it. I trust JVS. I think he sees the bigger picture and knows what he has to do. We have seen a massive improvement with the teams performances and that’s without our “big stars”, which says a lot. I’m very eager to see what he has planned later this month. 

  2. @AchillesHeel

    What do you think the reason is for JVS having played Bakasetas at CAM and Mantalos on the left? Even though Bakasetas has done slightly better under JVS I still think Mantalos or even Fetfa should’ve been the 10. I personally would’ve played Mantalos at CAM and someone else on the left. Maybe Fetfa or Masouras. 

    From what I saw in the last 4 games Bakasetas is strong physically and doesn’t get pushed off the ball easily unlike Fortounis. Bakasetas has a great shot and is capable of playing a simple game. He also works hard off the ball.

    The things that I don’t like about him is that he loses the ball most of the time either misplacing a pass or losing the ball when it’s at his feet. He is also a slow player physically and also mentally. I find it a bit hard to justify the reason for him being in the 10 spot for the last 4 games even though we’ve been playing better. 

  3. 5 hours ago, AchillesHeel said:

    Personally, I like both Manolas and Sokratis, though they both displayed a crappy attitude with Anastasiades. The problem is that we can't build any play up the middle due to the fact that our DMs are hardworking, ditch digging types who have very little ability in terms of building up the game, so JVS put Hatzidiakos and Staf (who are pretty good at moving the ball) in the back and that proved to make a huge difference. Sok and Man don't provide that aspect of the game and if you have players like Zeca, Kourbelis, Galanopoulos etc. as a shield in front of the CBs the defensive capabilities of Sok and Man are not as valuable as being able to move the ball and transition the play.

    This is spot on. This is why I have praised Hatzidiakos. He’s able to build play from the back. Stafylidis is good at this aswell. Manolas and Sokratis seemed inadequate in this aspect of the game. Defensively they are untouchable. But as time goes on it makes more sense playing Manolas next to Hatzidiakos in the future. There are a lot of question marks regarding Manolas and Sokratis attitude towards the national team. 

    I was hoping back then that Tachtsidis would be the type of DM who can build play from the middle but he is way too inconsistent and very limited in most aspects his game. Anyways I believe JVS knows what he has to do as he has plans in place.

  4. 12 hours ago, Jimmyp said:

    I agree with these points. The one thing I’d like to point out is that Stafylidis may not be great at the cb position, the team has been playing much better with him as the leader. That to me says a lot. Maybe he’s a passionate locker room guy that the guys listen to. Who knows? We’re not in the locker room. But I’m pretty sure he has been chosen because he’s got leadership abilities. Which in my opinion is a great thing to have. 

    I agree with what your saying. He hasn’t been playing bad either. He does seem like a good leader. The team needs good leaders and he could be one of them. I just don’t know if he should be taking someone else’s spot just because he is a good leader. Clearly JVS knows what he’s doing and I trust his judgement.


  5. On 3/2/2020 at 12:23 AM, Rockafeller Skank said:

    None of these players have the calibre of our usual Defenders.

    I don't know why he is trying alchemy in the only line that we have obvious talent.

    Make big talks with Sokratis Manolas Siovas for their return. Like real big talk. 

    Integrate Retsos, Hatzidiakos, Mavropanos (Dude is like the fly in the milk pou leme kiolas in 2. Bundesliga).

    Leftback with Stafylidis (also can be used as CB also I'd rather not) Tsimikas and Giannoulis/Koutris we are fine.

    Right back is a question with Retsos being the #1 option in my opinion. Bakakis because we literally have noone else.

    Midfielders like Kourbelis , Siopis should be obvious starters with their appearances. Sebastian Vasiliadis is a question but according to Germans he was one of the main reasons Paderborn promoted to 1. Bundesliga. Might be nice to see if he ends up somewhere better this summer when they demote.  Slowly reestablish Zeka who doesn't have much time left with this NT. I am okay with Galanopoulos but I really think Siopis plays in a quite harder league and doing amazing appearances, so I'd rather have him despite him not being much of a help in transition. Rotation with Bouchalakis seems necessary.

    Fortounis our only trully decent 10. Wingers like Limnios , Donis, Masouras, Chatzigiovanis, Lamprou are alright. Bakasetas is a waste at the wings. Either play him CF (where he is also a waste) or Second Striker/AttackingMidf. 

    Pavlidis has shown the best results in the striker position but trully we are way too poor in that position. I can't be 100% hopefull for this lad yet. Another player who seems to be scoring me to tsouvali is exAEK player Taxiarchis Fountas. Koulouris should also be included because I haven't lost hope to that guy yet.


    Vlachodimos, Dioudis, and some other goalie.

    There we are. The only players who have trully shown something over the years.


    I agree with what your saying. Hatzidiakos to me has earned a spot in this team. I see too many positives with this guy and will get even better. 

    I can’t see how Stafylidis fits in this team. We are stacked at LB with Tsimikas and Giannoulis having great seasons respectively. Koutris is another solid option but unfortunately is injured for 6 months... I’d go with either Tsimikas or Giannoulis. At CB we have too much talent there as we have mentioned.

    The only option available for Stafylidis in my opinion is if we play him at CDM. Has got a great shot, decent passer and can be aggressive when needed. I don’t think he will play there though. It confuses me how he has been chosen as captain as we have plenty of other players who are better than him. I don’t mind him as a player I think he can offer some good things like I mentioned, but I don’t think he should take someone’s spot, especially at CB and LB. 

    Siopis has something to offer in midfield. But with Galanopoulos and Vasiliadis at our disposal I don’t think it’s a good idea to have 3 CMs who are 5ft7. I don’t know I have this thing where you need at least someone who is tall enough to win headers in midfield and someone who can wi those battles and not leave it all to the CBs. All 3 are not that much different. I want to see more of Vasiliadis play. At the same time I don’t think Bouchalakis and Kourbelis are the answer. 

    Donis is great on the wing and at striker. I believe we are lucky to have a player like him. By far our fastest player. We’ve got heaps of wide options but we fail to use them. Limnios has been fantastic for us. I know Mantalos is important to have and he is but can’t we try him in his natural position at CAM... Bakasetas has done better in his last few games, but that’s because you can’t put him anywhere else. Fortounis needs to continue where he left off. 

    Then we have players like Fetfatzidis and Lamprou who offer plenty of speed and skill with the ball. More so than who we’ve been playing in my opinion. They are lacking in defending which is the reason why I think they haven’t been fully trusted. I say give these 2 proper chances for Greece and you won’t be disappointed. 

    Other players like Pelkas, Samaris, Mitroglou and Tachtsidis need to do better with there clubs before they can be reconsidered in the team. 

    Also Pavlidis is a great player. Give him time and you’ll see what he’s about. Koulouris is alright. Not the biggest fan but I will give him more time. Fountas is on fire lately he should be called up. 

  6. 6 hours ago, Ellada2004 said:

    Been awhile since I posted but I think Manolas is still useful for the NT as his speed and challenges makes him difficult to play against. As for Sokratis his last game ironically vs Olympiakos was the best I have seen him play in quite sometime. He was asked by Greek reporters after the match if he would want back in to the NT. He didn’t rule out a return and said the NT needs calm now and acknowledge JVS has done a great job since he has taken over. 

    I love what Sokratis has given to the NT over the years from watching him frustrate Messi in the 2010 World Cup and then fast forward to the 2014 World Cup when he scored the dramatic equalizer vs CR. I just have a hard time getting over how he went after the last coach and how his actions basically costed Greece a vital three points vs Armenia and thus ruined our euro qualification.

    I think everything happens for a reason. Most likely for a good reason. Sokratis has given Greece a lot over the years. I still think he has something to offer after watching him lately. Manolas should be a lock in this team even though we shouldn’t be saying that. Everyone has to earn their spot. 

    I wouldn’t mind having them back.

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  7. 12 hours ago, Argy said:

    Sokratis is still playing at a very high level in England. He is still in the starting XI for me for the next campaign. 

    As for Manolas, it would be travesty to lose a player like that in his prime because of conflict with management. 

    I think both have problems with upper management. It would be a travesty if both don’t return. Sokratis has lots of experience and still playing at a high level and Manolas is in the prime of his career in a decent league with Napoli. Manolas speed alone is essential for the team. 

    I hope they return but if they don’t I have faith in Hatzidiakos and Retsos. Mavropanos has a lot to do to convince me that he can be our top defender but he is getting there and if it wasn’t for injuries he would be still at Arsenal and might’ve been an important player for them in my opinion. Hopefully all 3 stay injury free for the majority of their careers as they have great potential.

    Its unfortunate what has happened lately with K.Papadopoulos. 

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  8. 7 hours ago, Argy said:

    I hope that Manolas and Sokratis are back. 

    If they care about their country and heritage they should want to come back. They can’t do anything about changing the EPO. It is what it is, hopefully there is a change of management soon. Manolas would definitely be key to our success going forward. Sokratis, I don’t know. It seems like he isn’t where we need him to be anymore and Hatzidiakos or Mavropanos are good enough replacements in my opinion.

  9. On 2/7/2020 at 12:10 AM, paokarag4 said:

    According to this article JVS is considering calling up 7 "new" player for the friendlies in March. Pouggouras, Mavropanos, Kyriakopoulos and Lampropoulos (not exactly new) These 4 he's considering as Center backs, even though we know Kyriakopoulos as a left back it seems JVS really wants a left footed CB and thinks he can shift him into the center of defense similar to how he's done with Stafylidis. 

    He's also considering Marinakis (OFI) as cover for right back, as well as Tsilianidis and Xatzigiovanis to play on the wings. 


    I’m surprised Nikolaou is not on JVS list. He is left footed and a CB. Maybe he is needed for the u21s.

    Kyriakopoulos could do well there. He’s got the height for it aswell, unlike Stafylidis.

  10. On 2/7/2020 at 8:20 AM, Alphonse said:

    I have been very impressed with Chatzigiovanis, I think with him and Limnios on either wing we could be even more dangerous than in the last four games but let's see.

    I'm not sold on Pouggouras and we are stacked at LB but dont mind seen someone else at CB rather than Stafylidis who is a bench player in Germany.

    Marinakis could be ok at RB, worth a shot

    Well, if we are going to be more dangerous with Chatzigiovannis on the left, does that mean Mantalos should go in the middle at CAM? I wouldn’t mind that.

    Im surprised Kitsiou hasn’t been talked about as he has been playing well lately.

  11. 4 hours ago, Rockafeller Skank said:

    2 matches won against Finland and Bosnia and you people are already saying Hatzidiakos is better than Sokratis?


    Ease up guys you re gonna get disappointed.

    Sokratis literally saved the team with his speech and you guys are hating him for it.

    Did you watch the games??

    Hatzidiakos is way more composed with and without the ball and better at positioning than Sokratis. His passes out from the back were very effective and even put us into dangerous attacks. Defensively Hatzidiakos can read the game very well and is aggressive when he has to be. 

    Sokratis is not the same player he used to be. He was never comfortable on the ball. He also doesn’t make smart decisions with it, unlike Hatzidiakos for his age plays very maturely and has an idea about the game. At 22 I would play him for the next 10 years when fit. 

    Also with Mavropanos and Retsos slowly coming back we won’t need to have Sokratis. As he is on the decline due to his age. 

    I do agree that Sokratis saved the team with his speech and I thank him for that.

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  12. I believe Hatzidiakos is the perfect replacement for Sokratis. Hatzidiakos has proven to be better. Manolas can take Stafylidis place. Manolas adds pace and chasers back and actually puts a saving tackle or wins the ball. He can be very vital to the team. That’s if he has the right attitude. 

    I am proud of the career Sokratis has had for Greece. I don’t think we should completely drop him because I still think he has something to offer. We could use him off the bench. 

  13. I’m against bringing back Sokratis and Manolas. I believe we need to start building for the next tournament and beyond. I appreciate and thank Sokratis, Manolas, Torosidis and co for all they’ve done for us. It’s time to move on...

    The youngsters have proven to be reliable and we should build on that. We should looking to improve the CB, RB and CAM position in my opinion. Stafylidis shouldn’t play at CB against heavyweights. Bakasetas isn’t going to be as effective against heavyweights in my opinion. Mavropanos and Retsos seem to be injury prone and until they perform and play week in and week out then I don’t see them being in contention even though I would like them to be. 

    Siovas is getting old and will be 33 next year. Lampropoulos is only there because Risvanis, Goutas and Oikonomou are playing in the GSL. That’s my opinion. Risvanis would and could be a good addition at CB. If Stafy gets dropped then he can’t play LB. Giannoulis has been in terrific form there. Koutris and Tsimikas have done well there for Greece too.

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  14. Not bad line up. We actually have a good amount of speed. Giannoulis, Limnios and Donis are the fastest. Even Galanopoulos and Kourbelis have got some speed. I’d like to see Mantalos in a 4-2-3-1 as the CAM. I don’t think we have ever seen Mantalos as a 10 for Greece. We always see him out wide. 

    I was thinking what’s going to happen with Vasiliadis because he hasn’t been capped yet and Germany can cap him at anytime and be part of their team. I guess it’s up to the individual and I think Vasiliadis is committed to Greece. 

    It’s kind of a let down that we won’t see the team play until March or probably next September as I want to see the team in action all the time. It will be interesting what JVS sets up in March and who he plays. I have a list of players that he could look at:

    RB/LB: Natsos, Masouras, Lykogiannis, Kyriakopoulos

    CB: Nikolaou, Risvanis, Retsos

    CDM/CM/CAM: Androutsos, Charisis, Vasiliadis...

    RW/LW: Lamrpou, Chatzigiovannis, Gianniotas..

    ST: Kampetsis, Manos, Emmanoulidis

  15. 24 minutes ago, AchillesHeel said:

    You actually have to hustle to play in this system so no....if he starts playing and scoring for his club he could be a bench player at best. I'm pretty sure the Schipster saw how limited the DMs were and that if he wanted to improve the transition up the middle it would have to be from the CBs....and neither Manolas or Sokratis have the ability to do that so he dumped them and paired a fast, versatile CB in Hatzidiakos with Staf, a fast, decent ball handler to lead the transition. So I doubt he will switch unless Staf becomes too much of a liability (which is a possibilty) in which case he will look for someone with similar qualities to replace him (not Manolas or Sokratis)

    I was actually thinking that my be the reason for Stafyldis being at CB. To play it out effectively from the back and in turn improve the transition from the middle. 

    Defensively I don’t trust him. He is error prone and if he was to be replaced by Siovas or Lampropoulos then it will be fine. As JVS likes how they play.

    Both Hatzidiakos and Stafylidis are good passers of the ball. I don’t think Manolas or Sokratis are as good in this department.

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