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  1. Does anyone know how he is doing? What a player he used to be. So creative with excellent passing.
  2. FIFA World Ranking

    Agree with everything you said Ausgreek.
  3. FIFA World Ranking

    I've heard in a video somewhere that he would play Zeca as the number 6 and Fortounis and Mantalos just in front of him. That's what I heard in a video. Not a bad idea.
  4. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    I don't know if Anestis is ready for the EPL. He would probably suit the championship more. Anyway I watched a game where Kourbelis played against Bilbao. The things I took away from it is: -he can close down - cover space -Positioning is very good - energetic But he is not a difference maker. He is also not that good in the air but he can work on that. He is just a player than can close down and mark. He can put in a good tackle as well. We need difference makers in the national team as well as runners. Players that come to mind are Ninis, Tachtsidis, Donis, Fetfatzidis and Fortounis. Then you have runners like Zeca, Kourbelis and Maniatis. Kourbelis is heaps better than Tziolis.
  5. FIFA World Ranking

    He says slot of stuff we are saying. Surely Skibbe knows this...
  6. FIFA World Ranking

    9 months? That's is very far away, but I think the USA will be hosting a tournament at the end of this season.
  7. FIFA World Ranking

    We need creative midfielders and wingers. Donis by far is the best option on the wing. We will need fresh players in midfield, what harm will it do if we play Siopis and Kourbelis/Zeca. Samaris has proven to unreliable in defence and provides nothing in attack. Tachtsidis doesn't run enough, although has good vision but is inconsistent. I won't even talk about the rest as we all know who they are.
  8. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    I just want to see his playing style. I hope he is not like Samaris or Tachtsidis, I hope he can be an upgrade to the national team. All I hear is good things about him. But I haven't seen him properly to understand how good he actually is. I might go and see if they have the match he played against Bilbao. Fortounis needs to be in the bundesliga or la liga, he has the talent. He also needs the competition like you said to become better. Also apparently Vellios, Gianniotas and Siopis could be In the Olympiakos squad in January. Which is good because they need to be playing regularly and most importantly prove themselves.
  9. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    Boxou do you believe that Kourbelis will leave in January? I also can't find any highlights on him on YouTube or vimeo. It would be disappointing if Fortounis went to Turkey. It would be another wasted talent. Pelkas in my opinion should go to the Portuguese league. He can learn a lot there and become a better player. Anestis and Koutris won't probably leave until the summer.
  10. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1928906467430619&id=1598480473806555 If this happens then we can start fresh. The likes of Tziolis and Tzavellas can leave with the likes of Kourbelis, Koutris, Siopis and Pelkas get more chances. Aswell as Gianniotis who has been in good form. Some u21s can have chances like Androutsos and Lamprou. Meanwhile players who are a bit older can perform like Lykogiannis. Fetfatzidis and Holebas should be in the team but we all know that won't happen with Skibbe in charge. We should call up players like Bakakis and Kivrakidis who have are in form and playing often. We can also see if they can replace Torosidis later on.
  11. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    http://m.contra.gr/Columns/to-evaggelio/o-ntonarouma-toy-peristerioy-twn-2-ek-poy-theloyn-liverpoyl-inter-amvourgo.4945528.html Apparently 16 year old goalkeeper Christos Mandas has been named the 'Greek Donnarouma' and is attracting interest from Liverpool, Inter and Hamburg scouts.
  12. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Yes we can all see the difference with Gianniotas on the wing. The way he gets past defenders with his skill and speed. Mantalos or Stafylidis can not do it like him. He is a natural winger. He does good to the team when he plays.
  13. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    The thing is we have failed to make two tournaments. Our defence has proven to be very solid. Mitroglou is in form. Our problem are our midfielders and wingers. We are not creating chances from both positions. We need change here. Tziolis, Maniatis, Tachtsidis and Samaris have proven nothing and we have not qualified for 2 tournaments. The wingers we play are either out of position or have been told to defend. Gianniotas has proven to be a difference maker in this team. Donis is the real deal. Pelkas and Lazaros are options. We can't be playing Mantalos, Zeca and Stafylidis there anymore. Them 3 need to play their natural positions.
  14. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I agree also. I just watched the replay of the 2004 euro. The thing that came to mind was that they ALL fought for each other and they were all working very hard. They were running and running, they all had a strong work ethic and very passionate. I look at players we have now, and they do not have no where near as much work ethic as they did. The only players currently who do have a strong work ethic is Zeca, Sokratis, Manolas, Kyriakos and Stafylidis. They are all defenders. We can add Kourbelis, Siopis, Galanopoulos, Gianniotas and Donis to that list. We need players that don't stop running. Tziolis, Tzavellas, Tachtsidis, Fortounis and Mitroglou are players that don't run enough. Maniatis runs but is starting to decline just like Torosidis.
  15. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I definitely think we need a shake up in the midfield. Also we need to play actual wingers. Mantalos can play behind Mitroglou/Karelis, we should definitely try Fortounis on the wing next time. Him on the right and Donis on the left.