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  1. We haven’t even tried something different for our front 4. We shouldn’t dismiss that we can’t open other defences when firstly we haven’t played to upfront and secondly we don’t play natural wingers. Donis is essential to this team even though his end product is not that good. If we can first play with natural wingers then we can put someone who has great vision like Bouzoukis for example. At least we should something else apart from having Pelkas and Mantalos on the wings. I also can believe Bakasetas is still in our plans. The media must love him.
  2. I agree. The formation is fine it’s just who you put in that formation is what counts.
  3. @J1078 i agree. Bouzoukis seems like the midfielder you were explaining. He can pass has vision and has an incredible shot. He has something special and I hope Angele is keeping an eye on him. I wasn’t too high on Mitro this game. I hate it when he doesn’t sing the anthem with the rest of the team. He looks like he doesn’t care. Even Zeca sings it. Also his performance wasn’t that great. Zeca and Kourbelis are good for shutting down opponents and running. They can’t control the midfield so that’s why i suggested that we play someone who can pass and move forward with ball effectively instead of always passing backwards. Also Pelkas and Mantalos don’t play like wingers. You could see they were trying to always move in the middle to do things. A winger is supposed to make runs down the line and take players on and whip in crosses. Instead we saw them more central than outwide where they should be. They are not natural wingers like Lazaros, Fetfatzidis, Manthatis, Lamprou, Chatzigiovanis, Limnios, Donis and Gianniotas. Even Bouzoukis can play there but I prefer him as a CM.
  4. Mantalos and Pelkas shouldn’t see game time. They should be on the bench going forward. Bakasetas should dropped out of the team completely. You said something about how our style would will never be pretty and how we will always struggle to score goals. There are two solutions to these problems in my opinion: 1. Drop Mantalos and Pelkas to the bench and play Donis and Fetfatzidis on the wings. That’s if we stay with a 4-2-3-1. 2. Play 1 of Kourbelis or Zeca in midfield and play Galanopoulos or someone more attack minded there eg. Mantalos or Pelkas. We need to stop playing players out of position and need players who are more talented to get the job done. We all know Mantalos and Pelkas play better central so why not put one of them as the 8? Why do we need to have two 6s playing behind Fortounis? Kourbelis and Zeca are not technicians and aren’t really accurate passes of the ball. That’s why we need a proper 8. This would result in more opportunities created. The finishing part of the game needs to worked by the players. It’s all about which player you put in which position and what type of player he is.
  5. Yeah but he makes mistakes at times. Koutris from what I saw hardly made any mistakes.
  6. You can’t have both Zeca and Kourbelis in the same midfield for starters. You need someone who is a bit more attacking. Mantalos would be good there.
  7. That’s what I was thinking. We need to work on our finishing and headers towards goals. It’s like we rely on just set pieces to score. It’s disgusting for a team like ours. We actually do have talented players. It’s just that we can’t finish. Mitroglou is inconsistent in this aspect aswell. Something we need to improve on fast. Also not to mention our midfield. There is no attacking mindset. Hopefully Galanopoulos plays in the future. We need something.
  8. Pelkas made a poor decisions. Mantalos no better. We are looking better with Anastasiadis though.
  9. In all honesty I hope we see a 3-5-2 because that means Bakasetas won’t start.
  10. Dean97

    NT Coaches

    Yeah Karelis and Bakasetas don’t deserve to be called up. Same could be said for Mantalos and Pelkas.