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  1. Dean97

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I like this idea of how Skibbe job is on the line. We can now play our best players going forward. The team will be on fire as well as Skibbe now has to win at all costs. No more Tziolis and Tzavellas.
  2. Dean97

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Skibbe now has to play his best players going forward, no questions asked. It's crazy how many players he hasn't called up yet. Fetfatzidis, Siovas, Lampropoulos, Vasilakakis, Paschalakis and so on. Oikonomou to me is not better than Lampropoulos and certainly not better than Siovas. Bakasetas is not better than Fetfatzidis. Also what about Vlachodimos. I'm not sure but I don't know if Tzavellas and Tziolis will he called up again, I'm not betting against it though. EPO would want them called up because of the cash flow they receive from them. This has caused Holebas to retire and has sabotaged us like their is no tomorrow. There is no point in calling them up if your not going to play them. Look what happened against Hungary. Both goals were Tzavellas fault. It's a waste of 2 spots. But EPO won't see this because they are greedy. Also why would Koulouris be called up from the 21s? There are plenty of better players there and I would rather have Manias or Manos instead of Koulouris at the moment.
  3. Dean97

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Skibbe should be fired right now. There is no point in holding onto him in my opinion. He should have been sacked after the 2018 qualifiers. He was never the right option to begin with. He was the only option after Schuster. Schuster didn't sign because he wasn't given enough freedom. I dont want to wait until we lose for him to get sacked. I don't want to lose but it will be the only way he gets fired. Again, EPO should fire him right now.
  4. Our obvious strength is Cbs then it's Gk in my opinion. The positions we are most thin at are ST and CDM/CM. This is what we need to fix. In my opinion we don't have enough quality at CDM/CM. This is where Androutsos comes in as I hope he could be our answer in this position. I do believe we have enough wingers we are just not utilising them. CAM I feel good about I think we are set their for another 5-6 years. We have plenty of Lbs, RB is a bit of a concern. Bakakis is really our only hope for the next few years. Torosidis should be our back up for now.
  5. Dean97

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I agree 100%. We need players in their correct position also. So if we have Fetfatzidis and Lazaros for right wing and Donis and Gianniotas for left than we are looking good. Pelkas, Mantalos and Fortounis hold the CAM position. I hope Gianniotas plays well with AEK because he should be in our team. I also don't mind Torosidis being our back up to Bakakis. I still think he deserves to be on the team. He is our captain!
  6. All I know is that when we had the ball we didn't penetrate. We looked to play it safe and keep possession without playing a killer pass. Bouchalakis tried to play the 8 role but wasn't effective. I do think we have looked better with possession for quite a while. Playing Tzavellas had to do with corruption, no doubt about it. You can't drop Lykogiannis after he and the defence kept a clean sheet in the first match. We need actual wingers in my opinion. Lazaros doesn't cut it for the national team. I think he should be a back up striker for Mitroglou. We have plenty of other talented wingers such as Donis, Gianniotas, Fetfatzidis, Pelkas and Limnios (who should have been called up). I hear a lot of sites blaming Sokratis for being slow. I don't think so. Without him and Manolas we are doomed. Oikonomou is not good enough in my opinion. Mavropanos and Siovas are way better. Even Lampropoulos is better. We should play a 3-5-2. Mitroglou is too slow and needs that support of a faster striker to work with and that's Donis. Fortounis plays behind them. The wing backs should be Bakakis and Lykogiannis. Kourbelis and Zeca for the DM roles. Barkas in goals and Sokratis, Manolas and Papadopoulos in defence. With our team its like we don't want to score more than 1 goal. That's probably just luck because we had many opportunities in both games to score in big score lines.
  7. We have looked heaps better in possession over the last 2 years. Bouchalakis and Kourbelis are the reason for that. Bouchalakis didn't have a great game as even I got frustrated with him. But he and Kourbelis kept the ball well and we're the reason we kept possession well. But we need to penetrate the defence more.
  8. Fortounis was our best player. Mitroglou is Mitroglou. He is slow and doesn't get involved in games consistently. Lazaros tried but was very limited technically and that goes a long way. If your always falling down, and have a bad touch you won't get far in football. You need skill and technique as a winger. Fortounis is the one that tried as he got an assist for Manolas. Pelkas was very iffy today. I like him though and he is better than Mantalos and Bakasetas on the wing. I have to say that we do look better and our midfield looked stronger without Tziolis and Samaris. Bouchalakis didn't well but looked better than Tziolis. Tzavellas I don't think will ever play again for the national team. Barkas is a good keeper. Saved us many times. In my opinion after this game this is what should happen. - Lazaros and Torosidis need to go to the bench. - Tziolis, Tzavellas and Bakasetas need to be dropped completely. - Barkas should be given another chance. - Donis needs to start outwide. - Kourbelis and Zeca should be the starting CMs. - Galanopoulos and Tsimikas need to be in this team. Also I hope Vergos and Manos prove themselves this season as we need competition at ST.
  9. Yeah but Lazaros is fantastic. Lazaros was really useless today. No technique and 1 dimensional. Some bad touches sane goes for Torosidis. I'd rather have Donis on the wing. Donis is not useless though. The last 2 nt games he has played he hasn't delivered. But every other time he literally carried the team. In my opinion he is unlucky to have not scored yet for the nt.
  10. Lazaros had a poor match today. He is poor technically and that is the reason why he was so bad. Torosidis should of came on as a sub in the last 10 minutes. He should be a sub player and that's it. Tzavellas was at fault for both goals. Weak defender.
  11. I agree we need him in the 2nd half. Pelkas shot was saved well. Donis needs to get involved more. Maybe Laza upfront and Donis wide.
  12. Dean97

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    That's a huge blow. Now its a matter of which position would get the most out of Donis. On the wing I believe he would be more involved. We need him involved. I don't want him to get lost at striker. I would go with Koulouris upfront. We can then have Donis and Lazaros on the wings. I'm feeling as if Koulouris will score for us somehow. Id like Pelkas to also play. So if Donis goes upfront then Pelkas goes wide. Donis will be key in the next match.
  13. Interesting comments all round. When Donis is at his best he is our best attacking player. With in form Fortounis and Donis alongside we can be very dangerous. Pelkas should be in this team no doubt. I believe Pelkas could be better than Fortounis and Mantalos. That's a big statement I know. But I am seeing things in Pelkas that are vital for this team. Did anyone see in the last minute of the 1st half what he did? Estonia had a corner in our box and somehow in a blink of an eye he took the ball from the Estonian and ran the whole field like he was going to score by himself until the defender caught up with him. I like seeing things like that and I believe only he and Donis can do that unexpectedly. I like how Fortounis is playing now. Dropping in and collecting the ball. Making good passes. In that one on one he had I believe he made the safer or better option to shoot but I think he could have played that pass as he knew Pelkas was their. It would have been risky on the angle though.
  14. I feel confident for the Hungary match. If we play like we did against Estonia we should be fine. We need to add more goals though. Kourbelis looked good today. He must start from now on. With Galanopoulos next to him our midfield improves. Bouchalakis needs to do better, but I'd rather him than Tziolis. Lykogiannis I think had an off day. I'm with @Rockafeller Skank about Pelkas. Give him more opportunities and you will see the best of him. Mantalos is a smart player but he shouldn't be on the wing. Fortounis scored so he will start again. I wonder if Skibbe will play Lazaros or Donis. I like Donis more because of his pace and his willingness to take the ball all the way. We might see this against Hungary: Barkas Bakakis Manolas Sokratis Lykogiannis Kourbelis Zeca Lazaros Fortounis Pelkas Mitroglou I have a feeling Mantalos will start on the right though.