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  1. It’s clear that Anastasiadis dosent trust young wingers like Chatzigiovannis, Limnios and Lamprou. In my opinion they should be in the team. At least one of them. If he is thinking of playing a 3 man defence than it’s ok. I’m thinking that he see Kolovos as a winger when he shouldn’t be. He is a central players whether that’s CM, CAM or Striker. Chatzigiovannis has dropped off in the 2nd part of the season but his overall quality and talent is good enough for our squad with limited wingers. He can improve more though. Limnios shocked me with how bad he did against the Saudi’s in a friendly a few years ago. It looked like he couldn’t do anything. It felt like Bakasetas was playing. Maybe I had such high hopes and maybe it was just an off day but he has talent. Lamprou has probably the most potential out of all and playing in a better league in Netherlands. What’s the excuse with him? Id would’ve put Masouras in Kotsiras place just because of the speed Masouras has.
  2. There are only 2 centrebacks that are available for the Turkey match. That’s includes Kourbelis. I wonder what formation Anastasiadis will go with 3-5-2 or 4-2-3-1. He wouldn’t go with the first unless he trusts Samaris at CB.
  3. I’m not sweating it for some reason against Italy. I know they are a strong team but I feel like we can win. It won’t be easy but it’s doable. They are not like a Belgium or Germany. But I do believe we need a full squad.
  4. http://www.novasports.gr/podosfairo/europi/european-championship-qualification/article/454987/stin-ollandia-gia-na-htisei-ruthmo-i-ethniki-pics/ This article is saying that some players won’t be able to make it as their respective league finish in late May. Manolas and Sokratis won’t be able to make the camp in other words.
  5. I don’t think so. Koutris is very talented. If you see what he does in the game you can understand that he is worth more than 5mil. He has loads of speed and a great cross. A lot of his crosses haven’t been put away by the Olympiakos strikers. Maybe 1 or 2 have been but most of his deliveries haven’t been put away and there has been heaps of times where he has put it on the plate but the players haven’t scored. He could have had over 10 assists in my opinion.
  6. Masouras is talented to hold his own. Torosidis is getting too old. Bakakis is too inconsistent. We have no one else. I believe Masouras is next in line who is good enough to be given a chance.
  7. Olympiakos denied a 5 million euro offer from Genoa so they clearly value Koutris more than that. Tsimikas is not ready. It showed in the Europa League. But I do see huge potential in him. Masouras is clearly ready to shine at Olympiakos and I am eager to see him more often next season. Limnios is in the same boat as Tsimikas in my opinion. They need more experience. If Fortounis was stronger and fitter he would definitely be the best in the league.
  8. I guess so. I’d like to see Masouras of Panionios play at RB. He has potential.
  9. I’m excited to see Greece play 5 games in a span of 4 weeks. The more the national team plays the better. I just wonder what Anastasiadis is thinking in terms of his starting 11. Vlachodimos, Sokratis, Manolas and Fortounis are definite starters. Siovas and Kourbelis can’t be ignored. Also what does he do with Pelkas and Mantalos? Masouras and Kolovos had good showings and deserve to play again. They are also better outwide. When will the likes of Galanopoulos and Chatzigiovannis be called up? Will we see Tachtsidis return? Do you start Koulouris or Mitroglou? Is Stafylidis worth calling up when Lykogiannis and Koutris are in good form? What about Fetfatzidis? These are all going through my head. You can only pick 23 players. Retsos and Papadopoulos won’t be called up in my opinion.
  10. I wonder if he will be in the Greece squad in June.
  11. Fortounis is staying from what I know. Panathinaikos wants to keep Kourbelis but if the price is reasonable they will sell. Koutris has been targeted for quite some time and no one has triggered. I see Koulouris going to PAOK aswell as Lamprou. In my opinion they shouldn’t as they are not up to standard for the champions league. Koulouris should go to Ajax. I want to see him be given a full 90 for Greece to see if he is worth starting. We do have wingers I just don’t think the coach trust players like Chatzigiovannis and Lamprou yet. Masouras is good but something keeps telling he is more of 10/second striker. He is better than Mantalos or Pelkas on the wing though.
  12. Is there a way we can watch the games?
  13. How is Stafylidis better than Koutris? I personally like both but Koutris deserves to play ahead of Stafylidis. Mitroglou is off and on a lot. I’m tired of relying on him. We should look for someone who is faster and will run more. Mitroglou is good to just stand there and receive. But he isn’t always going to get the best service especially if a centre back marks him all game. That’s why a player like Donis or Durmisaj is more benefical because they are faster and play those 1 2s and get into space. Its still confusing as to why Lamprou didn’t get called up. It’s like we we concentrate more on the Greek and Cypriot leagues instead of looking at the Dutch league which is more advanced.
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