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  1. J1078

    NT Friendly Games

    Nah man i disagree if we are starting Taxi and Tziolis we are toast.. Not sure why Skibbe didn't experiment with new players at Mid during the friendlies... What was he looking to get out of th Taxi Tziolis combo??? Taxi has two left feet and is slow, from time to time he can look okay at Olympiacos because he has much better players sourounding him. We need to find two guys that can move with speed and also take control of the game badly.
  2. J1078

    NT Friendly Games

    If we don't win our Nations league group then we need to fire Skibbe before the euro qualifiers in the spring.
  3. J1078

    NT Friendly Games

    Greece right now need all the help they can get so if the nations league gives us another shot I'm all for it, chances are we will be the 3rd best team in our group for the euro qualifiers so we need this nations league plus it makes the games more meaningful then friendlies...
  4. J1078

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Skibbe will definatley put Fortounis ahead of Pelkas and Mantalos ahead of Laz..
  5. J1078

    NT Friendly Games

    If the Iranians are to offended to play in Athens because of our billboards that show alcohol and anything else that might offend their idiotic believes then i say F..k them go arrange a match with another Muslim country... The Epo is absoloutley sleeping when it comes to scheduling matches.. We desperately need more practise time to figure some s%$#! out. We should have had a couple more friendlies this month as our last two were wasted by the German bench boss.
  6. J1078

    NT Friendly Games

    We completely wasted our friendlies something only Skibbe is capable of.. He has no clue what he's going to do and he's going to keep making decisions on the fly.. Tziolis, Taxi, and company will be ready to go and play some big minutes for us... Instead of using this opportunity just to tinker with a few posisitons the idiot coach had a complete overhaul in our last game but yet somehow didn't find the need to change Tziolis... This coach is clueless and I'm not seeing anything good coming out of the nations league.. He now has no choice but to play the same line ups as he did last World Cup campaign because he hasn't made any changes...
  7. J1078

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    http://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/fetfatzidis-looking-for-next-career-stop looks like Fetfa is done is Saudi Arabia and Aek and Oly are interested in him.. Maybe if this does happen Skibbe might give this guy a chance..
  8. We have been asking for friendlies for two reasons... 1) to move up the FIFA rankings in order to start get more favourable draws, but with this loss we know will drop further. 2)To try out a few players who we think can make a difference and upgrade our position especially in Midfeild and maybe a few wingers not an overhaul of guys that wont see the team. Having this friendlie did us more harm than good as we know chances are most of these guys wont play for our team and seeing Tziolis and Taxi at Midfield which is our weakest postion did exactly what for us?? The mid position we needed to experiment with the most Skibbe stuck with Tziolis. Also our team can't score goals but yet we have a guy in Fetfa that is scoring regularly but he doesn't even get a sniff in a game like this?? i guess we can afford to turn down guys that score since our team can score at will.. SMH
  9. Im done trying to figure the madness behind this coach.. Ive been very critical of Skibbe and i can honestly say we have no chance of doing anything good while he is coaching us... Has this fool not seen enough of Tziolis and Taxi??? We know Fortounis hasn't looked good so you tinker there with Pelkas and maybe someone else, we know you can tinker a bit with our wingers, we know Laz,Donis Mitro are going to be regular starters so why NOT make moves in the positions that we need the most help?? Instead you start Bakasetas,Tziolis,taxi...WTF are you thinking? Would this not have been a great opportunity to start Fetfa? Ive lost complete hope. I now wish we didn't make it to the playoffs with Croatia so this guys ass would be gone.. We got absoloutley nothing out of this match except for a drop in the rankings and losing to another s%$#! team..
  10. skibbe goes from one extreme to the next... he is an absolute clown and is clueless.. instead of keeping the core players that we know are going to start and just tinker with a few players he goes to the complete extreme and puts a line up like this together.. We know who our back end is and we know who our strikers are.. our weakest position in mid he plays taxi and Tziolis with a bunch of guys that are not going to make this team anyway so what is his thinking?? We are now going to drop even further down the rankings... I think the best think that can happen is we don’t make the Euros and get this clown fired..
  11. Socrates and Manolas are the only thing that gives this team any hope, Without those two this team is absoloutley garbage..
  12. Very weird line up... I don't know what Skibbe plans to gain from this match other than another lose and drop in the standings. I really don't understand his choices at all.. If we are going play and look like this I'd rather not have any friendlies ffs..
  13. No surprise that we are losing.. I think Skibbe has no clue what he wants our line up to look like in September.. I think more important is winning these games to move up the FIFA rankings but obviously Skibbe doesn't see it that way..
  14. J1078

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I like your line up expect for taxi I'm over this guy.
  15. J1078

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Thanks man!