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  1. J1078

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I like your line up expect for taxi I'm over this guy.
  2. J1078

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Thanks man!
  3. J1078

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    It’s in French.. no clue what it says..
  4. J1078

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Guys I don't want to see on the team or starting for the NT. 1) Tziolis - form obvious reasons 2)Tzavellas 3)Taxi - Is s%$#! and slow as hell 4)Samaris - Only as a bench option but not a starter 5)Fortounis - Bench option not a starter anymore 6)Bakasetas - No where near good enough to play for us as we have much better options. 7)Staf - He's okay but not good enough as a starter good bench option to have I still don't know what our best midfield option is. Maybe Zeca and Kourb. I think Pelka should start over Fourtounis for now as he brings much more energy and pace. Maybe also mantalos when he returns. Donis and Laz on the wings and Mitro in the middle. I also like Bakakis. Also we looked better in the Egypt game 1 because it was Egypt and 2 because more guys played in there natural position and we had much better flow. Skibbe has the habit of asking guys to play where they are not comfortable and that even should with Retsos.. I was always a guy to say Greece can only win by playing defence and we should focus on defence first but as i see these new generation of players we need to start thinking of having a good balance of offence and defence and not be afraid to press and F*** just sitting back. God knows we need all the chances we can get to score and we aren't going to do that by just sitting back anymore..
  5. guys are we actually play that good? I’m listening to it on the radio and the announcers are talking about how good we are playing and this is a nice different look for the team. How they playing boys?
  6. Not sure what channel but I know Agona is offering it again for $8
  7. ^Exactly that’s why I’m saying I would give Pelkas a shot over him.. bottom line it hasn’t worked out for us with fortounis.. His position is so critical in setting up our attack that he just can’t cut it.. we need to look at different options... He cant drive our offence as we’ve seen... I like the guy but he’s not working out for such a big role on the NT..
  8. Fortounis does get some quality chances from time to time but honestly he looks like one of our laziest players that kind of sucks the energy out of the team.. yes he is a good player but rarely shows it for the national team.. I think Pelkas should be given more opportunities going forward. Baks should not be a starter for this team as he is just s%$#!... Samaris shows flashes but mostly disappoints and his pass selection and giveaway from time to time is mind blowing... Donis is one player that brings a lot of energy and speed and usually creates something for us... Mitro is our go to go but such a one dimensional player that cant do anything else but score from time to time... We cant score goals and we hardly get any shots on target, our offence looks horrible yet we don't give a guy a shot that scores regularly that has great ball control and some speed in Fetfa.... This is crazy... Skibbe has no system and no clue of what to do out there and what players to choose.. We seriously cant move forward with him here..... The fact that he said in his press conference he was very pleased on how we played and he felt very positive just shows me how much of a useless coach he is..
  9. Let me rephrase that.... I meant Greek players or limited talent pool.. either way Skibbe is s%$#! and we are so pathetic when we have the ball..
  10. Nothing good came out of having this friendly.. The only thing it showed was how pathetic of an attack we have where we don’t force there goalie to make 1 save and how pathetic of a coach who is absolutely clueless when coming to subs and player selections. This coach has no game plan... Man I think we should stop having friendlies as we are just going to be falling further and further down the rankings... How much more of this can we take ffs... This pathetic coach will not get us to the euros...
  11. The sad thing is the line up that we started with will be pretty much the line the Skibbe would choose in important qualifier games... I think we all need t face the fact that we just aren't a good team with an even worse coach... As much as it hurts to say i cant see things changing anytime soon..
  12. Same old story.... Get ready to fall further down the FIFA rankings... My eyes hurt watching this team..
  13. So skibbe keeps Bak and takes out Donis..... This coach is awesome... WTF
  14. Goal Swiss... don’t know how much more of this static team I can take..
  15. Completely agree.. we are wasting our time with this coach.. even tho we need to improve our rankings we need to try some young blood in certain positions.. let’s not waste our friendless for nothing... I don’t see anything changing with Skibbe behind the bench he is a stubborn guy and I really don’t think he knows the Greek talent pool at all..