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  1. Has the new coach not had a press conference? They play in less then a month are they not going to introduce the coach and hear what the guy has to say about his plan with the team??
  2. Going back to Santos' plan. https://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/new-ethniki-outlook-to-be-shaped-by-santos-vision
  3. https://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/agona-profile-vant-schip-aiming-to-prove-the-doubters-wrong
  4. Is the press conference today?
  5. There is not just one problem with this team, There are several issues so just changing coaches will not fix our problem, it starts from the top down with the Epo who need to care more and put someone in charge that is not corrupt and that truly cares about the NT and has a plan to develop younger players. Then of course there is picking the right coach that understands the personalities of this team and has a good football mind and chooses the right players to fit with in a good football system that can make the team successful. The players I find have been getting a free pass, Their mindset and attitude and care factor has gone to s%$#!, They don’t play as a team and they don’t seem to give the efforts they give for there club teams. We need guys to obviously play there natural position plus we need to add guys with speed on the wings. We also need to find a mid fielding duo that can be consistent and control the game as this is a huge problem for us.. I don’t expect this new coach to come in and wave his magic wand and all off a sudden the team is going to start winning and playing good football, these Euros are done we need to start focusing on rebuilding the NT and stop with these bandaid solutions of just changing coaches and think this will fix the NT as there are deeper problems..
  6. At the end of the day I'm not a fan of the hire but who know maybe the guy will surprise us at the very least lets judge him after we see what he does with the NT.
  7. He won’t last and we will be going through this entire process of finding a new coach all over again. Does the EPO not realize it’s costing them more money to have to pay out contracts of coaches they fired rather then spending more for a top rated coach that will cost more initially but less in the long run..
  8. There are reports now the Fyssas is going to take over as the technical director of the NT and he will be the one to pick the new coach for the NT. The EPO is waiting for a response which should come with in the next few days. Apparently he met with Santos when he was in Greece and discussed going back to the plan that Santos had built for this team.. So many different reports coming out who knows what to believe..
  9. Let me make it clear I love offensive attacking football but in order to get the NT back to respectability we need to find a coach that can play to our strengths which is our defence, someone who can bring us back to a strong defensive team because ever since the last tournament we made, our goals against has been absolutely disgusting as we have become one of the easiest teams to score against. We need someone who can focus on defence and fast passing and someone that is going to play the best players in there respective positions. This revolving door of coaches will keep happening until we find a coach that understands our limits and uses our strengths to start getting results again. Raneri came in and tried to change the entire way this team played that made them successful and ever since then we have been sinking. Obviously the retiring of our veterans contributed to our freefall as well. The EPO needs to do there F....ing homework on this next hire..
  10. They have also interviewed Thomas Doll apparently its between him Van Schip and one other guy whos name hasn't been mentioned..
  11. I don’t know to much about this guy..
  12. Reports are saying the EPO is close to signing John Van't Schip as the new coach of NT.
  13. This guy was not the right fit at all but who ever they bring in I personally think this team is so broken and just not good enough to make the euros... The EPO doesn't care about the NT and it almost seems like its a burden for them and they don't really want to focus on them so they are just going through the motions.. Either our players aren't good enough or just don't care enough but its become even more clear as this is now the 3rd tournament in a row we are going to miss. The way the EPO runs the NT I have no hope for even the next waive of players that will eventually start to come up..
  14. It's official Angelo is Fired! https://www.sport24.gr/football/ellada/ethniki_elladas/telos-o-aggelos-anastasiadhs-apo-thn-ethnikh-omada.5560019.html
  15. After the loss to Armenia our chances of qualifying became very slim anyways and now with Fortounis out that pretty much just completely ends any slim chance we might have had.. Another missed Tournament for the Ethniki... The sad reality is it’s over after 4 games and this team can’t even keep it competitive until the end of this tournament.. another dreadful showing...
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