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  1. I agree.. this was a very small sample size for us but it did show positive signs.. We have a hell of lot to improve on and you juts hope they keep getting better every game.. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction becasue as much as we think we turned the corner we can easily take two steps back with two bad results in June.. I’m not ready to say we are taking 2nd place yet.. I do feel like the team is closer to each other and there is a good vibe again with the players and I also think if played the right way we can create offensively and we don’t need to sit back all the time.. Fingers crossed that this is the beginning of good things to come because honestly I can’t go through missing another tournament..
  2. I think Bosnia may drop points against Finland especially without Pjanic. I can see them drawing. Realistically I don't think we will beat Italy but a draw is more realistic.
  3. Still tough to say.. I am feeling more optimistic from what I’ve seen so far but I think we will have a better idea after June’s matches..
  4. Finally a new training center being build for the NT. https://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/new-training-centre-in-the-pipeline-for-epo
  5. If you remember Kolovos had another great chance but the Bosnian keeper stuck his foot out and made a good save. I'm not saying he deserves to start but he does deserve some more looks.
  6. Greece move up two spots to 43 after the last 2 results..
  7. I agree Kolouris should get a shot especially with the numbers he's been putting up but lets not be so quick to throw Mitro out. The guy is a proven goal scorer and yes he doesn't offer anything else and needs the ball fed to him but he is still one of the guys that only needs a little room and can get a big goal for us. Now maybe he shouldn't be playing 90 minutes but id see like to see him coming off the bench or be used with a second striker to open up more room for him when needed.
  8. I doubt it if nothing has been announced yet..
  9. Good read https://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/an-ethniki-heading-in-the-right-direction
  10. Guys what’s the tie breaker rule? Is it goal differential, Head to head or away goals?
  11. I don’t think we should rock the boat with two many different call ups with the exception of the players that were injured of course.. From everything I’m reading and all the pics I see there truly seems to be like this team is building a bond together and you can thank Basinas and Gian, Ang for that.. you can even see the tweets from siovis and Manolas.. I’m really liking what Koutris brings to the team his speed and crosses are good. The minute Masouras came in to the game you can see his impact.. honestly between Samaris, Zeca’s hustle, Koutris crosses, Donis and either Mitro or Kolouris we can be a fast and creative team.. Add Manolas, and Toro for some of the game and I’m liking our team again..
  12. Look at these stats. Possession -Bos 38% - Gre 62% Shot Attempts -Bos 12 - Gre16 Shots On Goal -Bos 4 - Gre 6 Crosses - Bos 12 - Gre 20 When have we ever finished a game with these number against a good team?? Yes inunderstand they were a man down but after 25 minutes we started controlling the play and were by far the better team way before Pjanic went off. Also even tho they came out hard fast and attacked us the first goal was unlucky as Zeca cleared it right to there guy lucky bounce and the 2nd goal is something that would not happen if we had a wall it was mental block.. Kolovos goal was much more deserved and prettier then their goals..
  13. I’m hoping Bosnia drop points in finland without Pjanic... That being said you can’t count out Finland either.. Guys beside the disastrous nervous start this is the first time I seen this team with speed and create chances and are finding away to get shots on target something we never were able to do.. I think guys like Masouras, Donis Koutris and now a reborn Samaris in the mid can help us be more creative and use there speed.. Hopefully when we play Italy we don’t come out nervous and scared, yes we need to be solid defensively but we can’t be afraid to attack.. Donis is better on the wing he produces very weak headers...
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