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  1. He was late to the team meeting.. I like the fact that this coach will punish guys and make them countable...
  2. I’m not sure if that’s the only thing required, I think Hungary Finland and either Serbia or Romania have to get in as well.. something like that as it needs to be a combination of things in order to get us in..
  3. @Ellada2004 is talking about how a hockey First Nation like Finland fills the stadium during soccer and a soccer crazed country like Greece doesn’t fill the stadium when the NT plays.. His point is when Finland were playing bad soccer they would still fill the stadium as most countries do, as the NT should always get support.. I’m from toronto and the leafs have been s%$#! for years before they started improving yet the stadium was always filled to the tits.. I do think the Greek mentally is if the team is s%$#! don’t support and will only start to come when there is a winning product on the field which is not right... playing in this god awful stadium is doing more bad then god and the NT need to get there own stadium and a smaller stadium where the fans can make it a hostile environment for opposing teams.. Hopefully Crete is ready for our next campaign and can attract more fans..
  4. So after all this there is still a slim chance we can get into the playoffs for the Nations League. Sport24 breaks down our slim chances. https://www.sport24.gr/football/ellada/ethniki_elladas/ethnikh-elladas-kai-omws-den-exei-akoma-apokleistei.5619135.html
  5. We might not agree with JVS playing certain players but let’s be honest he has them playing a good fast paced system with lots of pressure.. The Italy game even though we lost gave us some optimism and we were unlucky but today’s game against Bosnia was the best all around performance in the last 4 years hands down.. With out getting to far ahead of ourselves this coach looks like he knows what he’s doing.. We dominated the Bosnians IMO.. Hope we keep building on this.. Finally a good feeling after a game for once!!
  6. Wow how we only have 1 goal this game is nuts.. we should have had at least a couple.. stupid to take out our best player Pavlidis for Koulouris
  7. Lets not forget when we have Fortounis back and we add pavlidis, Liminos, Donis Fetfa and Masouras we might be a pretty decent squad up front..
  8. Great passing just lacking in the finish.. looking really good and creating lots of space..
  9. if bakasetas starts as reported it is truly a damn shame and it makes me question the mindset behind what JVS is doing. Not starting donis who has speed and skill is pretty ridiculous as well.
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