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  1. J1078

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    The chances of that happening are slim to knon as there are a lot of teams in group B That don’t qualify for the Euros so they will be next in-line to get the spot in the nations league.. our best hope would be Finland qualify for the Euros via the euro qualifiers that way the 2nd place team which is currently Greece would take Finland’s spot in the playoffs..
  2. J1078

    NT Coaches

    For sure the team has issues and we only have a few good players but realistically we never had a “Neymar,Messi or Mbappe” and we never will and most teams won’t.. All we want from a new coach is to play our best players possible and create a system where the players look like they know what they are doing out there.. A good system with a few good players sounded by other players that fall into the coaches system and play as unit can also be successful.. PS in 2004 we never had the the players you mentioned above either.. So saying you can’t be successful unless you have one superstore is not true at all. It helps but I think we do have some talent if it’s utiluzed the right way..
  3. Something we've been saying since the beginning with this coach.. http://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/skibbe-out
  4. J1078

    NT Coaches

    I was thinking the same thing... Can anyone remember if Raneri or Makaranian (cant remember his name) Had Tziolis called up and playing?? I cant remember at all... I'm hoping a new coach will have the freedom to call up who he wants..
  5. J1078

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    Bro you are wrong... There are 2 tournaments going on simultaneously.1 the nations league cup and 2 the 4 spots for the euros. Each group gets 1 team going to the euros... For example in group C all the group winners will play in the playoffs and the winner gets a ticket to the Euros.. Same for group A, B and D... This was the big selling point about the nations league to the minnows who would never qualify from the regular Euros now 1 team gets a chance to appear in the tournament...
  6. J1078

    NT Coaches

    http://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/anastasiadis-favourite-to-replace-doomed-skibbe looks like Skibbe is on his way out.. anyone know anything about Anastasiados? Is he more likely to play a proper line up?
  7. I have to agree with a few guys on here the Euros is almost impossible for us... We can’t make it out of a Group with these 4 pathetic teams there is no way we can come in 2nd in our group who will consist of 3 much stronger teams.. Even a new coach will not turn this team around.. We are missing heart and grit and until we find a passionate player like Kara in the midfield there is no way we are advancing and turning this team around.. Skibbe made the absolute worst call up and in game subs. He also had no game plan and couldn’t asjust in game when things didn’t go well... Having Tziolis and Tzavellas playing is the most ridiculous thing he has done... Also have Bakasetas as His go to guy when Donis was injured is laughable.. Bottom line the others are absolutely right we have reached the dark ages and now with our FIFA ranking it will be impossible to be moving up the rankings as we will always face some time of world class team in our group..We were fortunate after 2004 to draw easier groups due to our position but now we are completely F..ked. I lost al hope with this team.. if Skibbe is not fired by the end of the week I will be shocked.. We need a new coach to give us some hope and hopefully have Holebas back for the Euros and finally get rid of the Tziolis and Tzavellas for good.
  8. No there are 4 spots and one from each group from A,B,C and D qualify for the Euros..
  9. How is starting Tzolis and bringing in Tzavellas acceptable?? How the hell do you not learn from your mistakes?? You had Bakasetas who is s%$#! and Pelkas on the wing at HOME against Hungary and it didn’t work so instead as of learning from your mistake you ass clown Skibbe you went with the same line up expecting to get a result?? Is this guy for real?? This is the same guy that was starting Tzavellas over Holebas what more needs to be said.. Even if a new coach comes in there is not enough time to reshape this team for the Euros in a much more difficult group.. sad to see but we are missing our 3rd straight tournament..
  10. Lets be real a new coach will not automatically mean we are back to winning and back to 10th in the world.. Not by far this team will be a work in progress but at least a new coach will but the best players that we have and give us at the very least our best chance to succeed.. As long as we stay with this coach we will never progress he is the worst of all the coaches we have had.. Lets not forget we went through 3 other coaches that couldn't fix this team..
  11. Skibbe needs to be fired tomorrow and we need to use these last to games to get familiar with a different coach.. Can you imagine how hard our Euro group will be??? we will have 3 teams better then us and 2 of the 3 maybe world class caliber.. We are so F..ked.. Can anyone really see how this team can possibly get out of the euro group.. Not a chance in hell..
  12. Don't even try to do the math its over... Finland would need to lose to Hungary and we would have to beat them by 2 or more goals ayt home.. Its DONE don't waste your time even thinking of the possibilities because their is non..