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  1. The coach needs to go ASAP and if with a new coach the results and drama continue then time to clean house get rid of everyone and start playing younger guys.. At the end of the day I would rather lose and get embarrassed with younger guys that may have some potential then watching these guys lose every time they play.. EPO just confirmed they will play at Oaka for the entire qualifier.. wow how embarrassing we don’t even have a home field.. lol Oaka is like we are playing on the road..
  2. We might as well pick the best Greek coach available because there is no way the EPO will dish out the funds to hire a reputable foreign coach... They already said there budget is around $200,000 eu a year.
  3. Ang needs to go for more reason then the starting line up the guy is unstable.. A few examples. -Starts players in a position they are not use too. Example Siovis told the coach he’s never played that position and doesn’t feel comfortable but the coach ignored him. -Saying we lost because Armenians might be better people then the Greeks and god gave them the win. -Instead of watching video of how Armenia play he put a champions league match on. -When Socrates asked the coach how does he want them to defend set pieces the coach said “god will decide” -He almost came to blows with his goalie coach and assists during the Armenia game.. -He said he doesn’t believe in positions players can play everywhere. -he choose not bring Toro or Mitro and used an experimental line up against Italy. -He’s used 3 different goalies in his last 3 games. How can someone build chemistry with the team. -Since his been coach the team has allowed 9 goals against in his last 3 games. Which goes to show you based on the above information that his team is not prepared and the players are left to make decisions last second on the field.. I saw positive signs at the beginning when this coach first got hired but I was way off this guy is nuts and has no business coaching this team. He is a a guy that hasn’t coached a competitive game in 5 years, he has no sense of the modern football game and he leaves a lot of what happens to “god”. He needs to go ASAP. I’m not going to Bash anyone on this form like some people do for having an opinion but guys you can’t possibly think this guy deserves anymore chances..
  4. He already came out and said he wants the job and if it was offered to him he would take it.. At this point considering the EPO has no money for a reputable foreign coach I think it might come down to him and Ouzinidis.
  5. Apparently no money for a foreign coach and Ouzounidis will be the front runner. https://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/with-a-capable-manager-and-a-clear-plan-there-is-hope-part-3-of-3
  6. Bro learn how to read.... I said we are better on paper and have better players then likes of Faroe islands, Armenia, Hungary, Finland , Estonia and so on.. No where did I see we were as good as the top teams.. Yes the team is s%$#! yes the team is a disaster right now there is no denying that at all but if you think Armenia truly have better players then us you are either delusional or you have no clue about soccer. That is why I'm saying there is a huge disconnect with this team because they should be able to beat the teams I mentioned above..
  7. Say what you guys want , yes we are s%$#!, yes we are all frustrated it absolutely sucks what's is going on with the NT. There is something much deeper going on. I personally don't think we will qualify as this team hasn't should me that they deserve for me to believe they will qualify. But Where I agree @Ellada2004 there is no way in hell you guys can sit and say Finland or Armenia or the Faroe Islands are better then us because that's just not true on paper we should be better then these teams and all the teams that were in the Nations league with us.. I don't think we are a top 20 team but I don't think we are a 50th place team either and we should be able to place better then the Finland's ,Armenia's, Hungary's of the world that's why this is so frustrating right now to be a Greek NT supporter.
  8. Read both of these articles and see how dysfunctional this team is with this coach.. He has destroyed this team.. both articles explain the behind the scenes.. https://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/an-ethniki-hung-out-to-dry-part-1-of-3 https://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/shocking-details-from-ethniki-camp
  9. If the game was lost on purpose to make a point it wasn’t only the 3 players involved as only Soctrates played as Monolas and Toro didn’t play so there must have been more players involved that were actually playing...
  10. @Chris Tsamados im with you dude I think there is no way In hell we are beating Finland twice especially in Finland which we’ve never won.. How this team can give anyone optimism with the state that they are in is nuts.. we will finish just ahead of Liechtenstein.. the dressing room is a disaster the team is not a team.. even if we get a new coach there will be a transition period again so to me these euros are done for us..
  11. We have sunk so low unbelievable!!
  12. @Makynia Exactly.. I don’t think having someone from the 2004 team as a head coach will benefit us at all.. we don’t need someone that is going to try and play the way they played in 2004 the game has changed and we don’t have the personalities now that they had back then.. Today’s game is not about sitting back and absorbing all the pressure as good teams will break you down now a days. We need a new coach that is going to preach ball movement and get some speedboat into the line up. Considering the EPO’s budget is very small for a coach I see us getting another journeyman coach who’s just looking for a pay day..
  13. I disagree for me this took balls by Socrates and Monolas to finally stand up and say something, they don’t have to play for the team they could be enjoying there holidays but they choose to be with the team and if they didn’t care they would keep there mouth shut but instead the want to succeed and it truly hurts them so they take charge and walk into the EPO office and demand change for the better of the team.. Yes Maybe there should be certain things not said in public but Socrates and Monolas said “Many many players came up to them and expressed there concern” so for me I give them credit for giving a s%$#! and demanding change for the better of the team.. This team has only won 14 out of 46 games in the last 5 years since the 2014 World Cup so I’m glad Socrates and Monolas have decided to step up and say something as these number are truly disgusting...
  14. Guys I’ll be honest I don’t know much about the Australian coach what is everyone’s thoughts on this guy? I think I would rather get a foreign coach with some good pedigree but as I read the EPO doesn’t have money to spend on a top rated coach.. It seems to me like we are going to be scratching the bottom of the barrel looking for someone that will come here on the cheap..
  15. @Jimmyp a toxic environment can bring failure to the best teams. having horrible coaches and a corrupt EPO will not bring success to the NT.
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