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  1. For all our possession (62%) we only really looked dangerous at set pieces and when we caught Hungary on the break, which was rare considering how they were content to hardly venture forward. When we have to try and build up an attack we struggle, we don't really have any one who can take on defenders for instance like Samaras in his prime. Mitroglou for me again was a disappointment and so was Fortunis and I thought he'd kill it this game. Pelkas I thought did well and for all the abuse Lazaros is getting on here, at least he gave it his all to try and win the game.
  2. Yeah unfortunately Skibbe can't make us have the one thing we're lacking a player who can put our many chances away. Plus I didn't see too much back passing today, nothing like we had under Santos.
  3. Does anyone know who it was who fell over when the ball was crossed to him and he had an open goal? That summed up the game for me.
  4. 2-1 FT. Hungary secured those points and 2 goals with the minimum of attacking exertion. In contrast we toiled in attack for 95% of the game and only managed one goal from a defender and I think a set piece.
  5. Who the hell was that on our team that just fell over when he had an open goal?
  6. I could just hear chanting from the crowd. Yet this is meant to be a closed doors game. UEFA ban them and give us the game!
  7. Nooo Mitro shot saved. That's probably going to be his sole contribution too!
  8. Hungary do have everyone back, which isn't helping things but still...
  9. Was just about to post that Mitro has gone AWOL. Are game is as flat as the atmosphere.
  10. This ref is crap. The Hungary number 9 did 3 fouls in a minute or so and he didn't book him!
  11. Lol he didn't even wait 10 minutes. Fair play.
  12. I'd give it 10 minutes and if no change throw on Mitro for Donis or Lazaros.