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  1. I can't remember that tournament, I think it was so traumatic my brain erased it from my memory.
  2. Ah right, thats the other tournament we balleds up.
  3. So what does coming third get you? I thought it was nothing but the commentator in England's game against Kosovo was saying Kosovo still have a chance to make the playoffs (they're currently third and have no way of getting second).
  4. Cyprus showing us how to do it, they've had 17 shots on target and are up 2 nil against San Marino. San Marino have had 0 shots.
  5. Your kidding yourself if you think we're capable of beating Finland twice! Agona Sport have given me free credit to watch the Finland game in September, which is the only reason I'm going to watch. I imagine its going to be at least a 2-0 loss.
  6. If he has to be dragged out propped up by a zimmer frame, I don't care! What better than a nearly dead man resurrecting us!
  7. Sorry for the double post but this article sums things up nicely. http://www.ekathimerini.com/241499/article/ekathimerini/sports/greece-humiliated-at-the-hands-of-armenia
  8. Reading between the lines. There's obviously been a falling out between the coach, Torosidis and more than likely Manolas too, which why he was inexplicably dropped.
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