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  1. FIFA World Ranking

    Down 9 spots to 47 http://www.fifa.com/fifa-world-ranking/ranking-table/men/uefa.html We're making it hard for ourselves even if we by some chance make it to the knock out rounds. Need to get some wins in October.
  2. ^trotsk13 Good data. Greece would have 10pts and +2 goal difference but has played 7 games. It's fair to say if we don't win in Cyprus it will be improbable, else impossible to qualify even if Bosnia lose to Belgium and draw away to Estonia.
  3. Koutroumbis has been called into the squad as backup, for Retsos and K Pap who are both nursing injuries. Mitroglou will be on the bench and Diamantakos will be a starter. http://www.sport-fm.gr/article/podosfairo/ektaktws-stin-ethniki-o-koutroumpis/3455768 http://www.sport-fm.gr/article/podosfairo/oi-skepseis-tou-skimpe-gia-mitroglou/3455763
  4. Kostas Manolas - Roma

    I think Manolas and Soc at Juventus would be great. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DErFjIwXoAE2afq?format=jpg
  5. Team is coming together nicely. To get a draw in Bosnia with 4 starters out is a good result. Zecca and Donis add depth to the squad, which is important. Well done to Scibbe. Still a long way to go. Next match with Estonia is must win. I need to get this off. With all the interest in this match and importance clear from start, it was extremely disappointing there wasn't a stream into Australia. ESPN had streams of all the other matches WTF. First Greece match I wasn't able to watch live since we played Confederation Cup vs Mexico in 2005.
  6. Starting 11 will be Karnezis Toro Soc Manolas Stafylidis Tziolis Zecca Mantalos Fortounis Bakasetas Mitroglou
  7. Is this to be streamed into Australia. Usually ESPN show these matches online, but looks like they forgot this one.
  8. Nothing to fear. This isn't Germany, Brazil or Belgium. You forget what happened in our last match. We played last 30 minutes with Belgium and just conceded in the last 3 minutes. Greece usually comes to play in these situations. The reserves are decent players who have had good seasons at their clubs.
  9. Last I heard Scibbe had urgent talks with Otto and Kats. Here's the transcript ... Scibbe: First of all I would like to say thank you for your time. As you know this is an important match for Greece. I have convened this meeting to get advice from both of you esteemed gentlemen on who I should go with in the LB and midfield. Let me remind that Greece will missing Tzavellas, K Pap, Samaris and Tachtsides for this match Kats: Alexandros Tziolis, phone hangs up Scibbe: I like Stafylidis, Retsos and Lykogianis. One of them as the LB and the others in DM position, with one on left and the other on the right in a 4 2 3 1 formation. You know, I want to go with youth and energy for this match. All have done really well. Kats you still there? Hello Otto: Alexandros Tziolis, pause In the background, Otto can be heard munching on pretzels Scibbe: Otto, do you really think Tziolis can hold the line, play the link man in the middle and build attacks from the back, be well positioned in key set pieces when defending. You know, I need mobility in this position. Otto: You didn't you hear me? Alexandros Tziolis! continues to eat pretzels Scibbe: Otto, I respect what you achieved with Greece in winning Euro and all that, but did you know that Hearts lost there last 4 matches of the season. Not exactly the sort of form which gives me confidence. Otto: phone hangs up Scibbe: slight pause, then talks to self. "Well he is due for a good match. It's been nearly 3 years since he last played a good match in which Greece won. Law of averages, says he going to break that sooner or later. I have a gut feeling. Hangs up. Scibbe's phone rings Kara: Hello Mr Scibbe. Scibbe: Hi Giorgios. How are you? Kara: You know Mr Scibbe, with Tzavellas out for this match, I think you should play Maniatis in DM. He can stare down opposition, scare them. Also, knows how to win free kicks and can score goals from really long distance Scibbe: Thanks Giorgios, but did you know that Atromitos let Maniatis go after 11 matches. Kara: phone hangs up
  10. As long as no one tries to pull someone's shorts then should be ok. On a serious note, what an opportunity for Greece to make a statement in the Group. I hope we can take advantage of the fact that they are playing at home, expected to win and some pressure that comes with that.
  11. Kostas Stafylidis - FC Augsburg

    Playing today and having a great first half vs Dortmund today