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  1. kbxk508

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    ^Dean, re: Donis I agree. Donis is indeed an astute coach, not only tactically and in his understanding of the game, players, but also in the demeanour, and psychology - possibly the best Greek football coach going round. I can see why Pao is going well. This is a real good show. Ο Ντέμης σχολιάζει με Δώνη, Κατσουράνη και Μπασινά την εικόνα της ΑΕΚ με τον Παναιτωλικό ● 25.11.18
  2. kbxk508

    Euro 2020 Qualifying

    Group J: Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland Good result! Bosnia and Herzegovina won't be easy but anything can happen in this Group. Even Italy are beatable.
  3. kbxk508

    Euro 2020 Qualifying

    We need a team from Pot A that we can cause a surprise. Switzerland, England, France, Belgium are on another level. Netherlands are coming strong and won’t want to miss Euro again. Portugal under Santos are difficult to beat. I think if the stars align, players that are injured get fit, then we can cause an upset with either Italy, Spain, Croatia, Poland. But not in our current state and inability to score. Notwithstanding the coaches decisions, In the Estonia game we were extremely unlucky. Even Hungary who ended 2nd in the Group, dropped into Pot 4.
  4. kbxk508

    Euro 2020 Qualifying

    My best Pot 1 Poland Pot 2 Czech Republic Pot 3 Israel Pot 5 Gibraltar My worst Pot 1 Any Pot 2 Germany Pot 3 Slovakia or Serbia Funniest Pot 1 Croatia Pot 2 Bosnia and Herzegovina Pot 3 Serbia Pot 5 FYROM or Kosovo
  5. kbxk508

    U-21 NT (Elpidon)

    Agonas sport, ERT3
  6. True, but team needs a lot of work. Team lacks pace in key areas. Wingbacks aren’t fast enough. We need better options. These are important positions if we are going to score goals. Not enough players in the box when we get into dangerous positions. We make bad decisions going forward. Shoot when we should pass, shoot when we should cross. Pass when we should shoot. Forwards and striker are static a lot of the time. Team lacks belief and confidence going forward. Players don’t trust each other. Remember the Pelkas non pass to an open Fortounis vs Finland. If you look at this game we could have created chances to walk the ball in. Sorry, but Bakakis is not very good at this level. Gianoulis didn’t take on one defender. Too scared to make a mistake. Tzimikas and Koutris are better but are still young. I think there are others who play in Europe that we need to look at. Greek SL is not a good standard. I think some of the guys playing in Holland, Belgium and Germany are better. We need to start looking outside SL for answers.
  7. Another disastrous loss. It’s becoming a habit. This one hurts even more. The over head shot by Karelis, the goalie stuck his hand up and the ball hit it. I’m surprised the coach didn’t get his worry beads out in the 2nd half.
  8. Some changes anticipated for the match vs Estonia http://www.sport-fm.gr/article/podosfairo/allazei-proswpa-diatirei-ti-diataksi-o-aggelos/3566967 Pashalakis Bakakis?-Lambropolos-Risvanis-Gianoulis Samaris-Bouhalakis? Bakasetas-Kareli?-Masoura Koulouri ?Or may include usual starters Torosides, Zeca and Fortounis
  9. kbxk508

    U-21 NT (Elpidon)

    Yeah, I saw the game. Νικοπολίδης played a 4 2 3 1 with Ανδρούτσο in the striker position and left on the bench more classic forwards Καμπετσής and Κωτσόπουλος. I think that decision he would regret, as Greece had most of the possession but lacked a cutting edge in front of goal. Austria started well and had better chances in first 30 mins, but Greece controlled the ball and kind of dominated the match until the last 5 mins when Austria scored. Although Greece had most of the possession (65%), Austria had more attempts on goal 13 vs 8. Greece played a lot of back passes and I got the feeling Νικοπολίδης was playing for 1-0 win. Main objective was not to concede at home, but it backfired in the end.
  10. "Δεν παίρνει Χριστοδουλόπουλο για λόγους όχι ποδοσφαιρικούς αλλά για βιολογικούς. Θέλει παίκτες φρέσκους όχι μπαγιάτικους." http://sportdog.gr/blogs/article/488494/gi-ayto-efage-ton-lazaro-koro-deyei-ton-kosmo-o-palaimaxos-mono-lathos-to-ereipio-toy-paok
  11. I have to agree with you. Though he did say that he left some players he wanted in the U21 squad. I expect to see a couple of surprises in starting line up. That match we lost 1-0 was vs Luxembourg on 13.11.2015.
  12. kbxk508

    NT Coaches

    Yes, it may be ballsy move by EPO, but honestly Jimmyp, I can see why you are a rookie. As an Australian Greek I take that as a bit offensive. Ange is no mug. He took an Australian team that qualified for a WC and got spanked 6-0 in consecutive friendlies and then had them lead 2-1 vs Holland in a world cup Group match, 6 months later. Holland were eventual runners up in the WC. Ange will go seek out and find Greek players you haven't heard of. Also, he was born in Greece, played and coached youth teams at national level, coached clubs and a NT successfully and he can at least speak the language. And of course, he played and coached SM Hellas FC. Enough said. I will say though, Paokara's analysis on p20 is a good read.
  13. kbxk508

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    Yeah, it make no sense. It is easier to qualify for Euros now compared to the Rehhagel and Santos era. All we needed to do is draw with Finns and we would be in a strong position to top Group with home games to come in Nov. Ντροπή.
  14. kbxk508

    PAO League Games 2018-2019

    With all the negativity in Greek NT what a great story this is turning into. Donis is doing a great job. I streamed the match last night and I enjoyed the way PAO play. Had 20 shots with 6 on target, 61% possession and averaging 2 goals a game. I would take the starting 11 for PAO in place of the NT all day long.
  15. kbxk508

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    For each League there will be four play-offs i.e. 16 teams. League A and B have 12 teams ea. Each group winner takes a spot in the semi finals. If the group winner is already one of twenty qualified teams rankings will be used to give the play-off spot to another team of the league e.g. 4 from League B and 8 from League C. So it will be important to try and finish as high as possible to preserve our ranking, It will be interesting to see how it works out.