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  1. Greekoz

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    Isnt pretty much every Greek in Chicago from southern Greece? Its more of a big deal in Australia because a large portion of our Greeks are from Makedonia and a lot of those gypsies from north of the border are here as well. You dont really hear much about skopiani in America. Calling them "masos" isnt just limited to you guys everyone does it here as well, was at a family friends birthday party last week and she said to me "you gotta try the macedonian pizza"...was ready to throw the box at her head lol
  2. Greekoz

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    Ged Kearney still won as her electorate has one of the highest greek populations in Melbourne. The skops thought they were gonna harm her chances of winning lol. She was forced into an apology.
  3. Greekoz

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    The one in Melbourne got less. I feel a sense in our diaspora that the belief is that we have lost the battle on this issue. So turning out to these rallies is seen as pointless compared to the ones in the early 90s. The skops in the australian and canadian diaspora are just as fanatical now as they were back then, you only need to look at the turnout in melbourne a couple weeks back and the one in toronto a few days ago. At least in Toronto they didnt burn greek flags. Considering we outnumber them heavily in both cities and yet they still get thousands more to their rallies it shows the Greek diaspora sees it as a losing battle.
  4. Greekoz

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    Goes from bad to worse, this time our lot have graffitied a skop church with " F*** Skopje" written on the front. Although it appears they may have done it themselves as the writing looks very questionable the skops are rallying in the city today and apparently they have attacked one of the few remaining Greek stores in the old Greek precinct and they have burnt Greek flags this is becoming a worldwide embarrassment from both sides. looks like they had a bigger attendance today then what we did last week.
  5. Greekoz

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    The last time i spoke to my relatives in Canada a few weeks back they said they were snowed into their homes lol. Perhaps the weather is playing a part? It might kick off there as well as the warmer weather approaches. I couldnt imagine anyone hitting the streets here if we had canadas winters lol Aside from that it's pretty much mainly Melbourne rather then Australia wide, very large skop population here, very fanatical, many of them brainwashed floriniotes.
  6. Greekoz

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    The skops have gone nuts in melbourne, burning greek flags, putting up derogatory banners like 'greeks are turks' , 'macedonia never greek' and a greek flag with a penis on it on some of our major footbridges, they graffitid the pan macedonian clubhouse, they put up posters of greek flags with the swastika on it in front of numerous Greek orthodox churches. This is all over facebook and even made one of the major newspapers here. Unfortunately we only managed to attract 5-7k to our rally last sunday which included some skops trying to provoke. Why so few people im not sure as the weather was perfect. The skops will have theirs this Sunday. Legitimate fears of violence hitting the streets of melbourne right now. I know a big rally is being planned outside the UN in New York on the 18th, its important all Greeks in the greater NY area come out in huge numbers and send a message. I dont think many if any skops at all live in New York so no need to fear anything..go out and make yourselves heard.
  7. Greekoz

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    I wouldn't settle for a geographic qualifier that includes the name Macedonia, people will still call them Macedonians, and they will continue to use that name as leverage for propaganda, I hate to say it but I think this is a battle we have lost, nobody cares about history, ultimately history is written by the winners and the Greek governments p1ss poor handling of this situation has led to the current situation, it horrifies me how many people I know who have very limited knowledge of this issue who maintain that we are bullies and being petty over a name, the skop propaganda machine have consistently used dumbed down arguments to their advantage. the battle has also been lost in the diaspora as well, walk around Melbourne and Toronto everyone calls them Macedonians, they have this underdog type status that makes people sympathise with them. Makes me sick to be honest,
  8. Greekoz

    FIFA World Ranking

    Barring a catastrophe like the last euro qualifying campaign, we should at the very least reach the playoffs as one of the best 3rd placed teams. Hopefully we don't draw 2 out and out powerhouse from the top 2 pots.
  9. As long as he continues to play 30+ epl games a season for Watford he's a definite starting 11 player for our national team, he has a big engine and can run all game, age won't slow him down as much as it does others, unfortunately as mentioned we needed him now.
  10. Gianniotas needs more game time, he was the only player not scared to actually take on the cros and surprise surprise he got through them a few times, amazing what happens when you have a go, if we want to change the culture of Greek soccer these are the type of kids we need to see coming through, fearless and willing to show a bit of flair, you see most of our other players in possession and they look terrified and can't wait to get rid of the ball, they're chickens. as for Italy, I'm not joking we could have bored eachother into a penalty shootout, they have no creativity in midfield and below average forward options, sound familiar? Like us they don't deserve to be there either.
  11. The lack of intensity and care for the game should infuriate every fan, we had corners where we somehow ended up with the ball back with the keeper, the refusal to lift the tempo at any point in the game, some free kicks we won it even looked like we were time wasting. From an attitude point of view this was worse then the 1st game. As I said during the game pretty gutless.
  12. The whole aim of the tie was to get a 0-0 or 1-1 in Croatia and then get a similar result at home, that all went out the window with no manolas in the 1st leg, a less then 100% papastathopoulos and no torosidis as he is a superstar compared to maniatis, as soon as we lost our A grade defensive line it was over for us. those guys at the back deserve so much better, we have such an incredible luxury with them and yet we can't do s%$#! because everything up the field is trash. Zeca can hold his he's down up high as can gianiottas for coming in and having the guts to take the Croatian players on now, and that needs to be the future going forward, we need kids in this team that have the guts to go out and play without fear, this robotic formula simply has to end now.
  13. Let's be honest, this has been a gutless performance, it's the intensity of a friendly.
  14. I think we can win the game but have no hope of overturning the deficit, the fact we need to go for it will mean Croatia will probably get 1 goal at least, good chance we win this 2-1 as they sit back and Try ride it out, a goal for us in the first 15 minutes may make it interesting though.