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  1. When was the last time this guy played a serious match? Anyone in a mickey mouse league like the Australian or mls should be automatically ruled out. And on Cyprus no crap they are winning 3-0..they actually look like they wanna be there and are competing hard. Even the blockheads are up 2-0 at latvia..another game we would have no chance of winning right now.
  2. Im willing to accept not making qatar if it means we sort ourselves out and make a serious tilt for 2026 us/canada/mexico...short of Australia or Greece hosting that would be my next favourite world cup to attend.
  3. World cups are out of the question. Future Euros are a possibility but still hard. Van Schip really had no idea what he had walked into. As much as im not a fan the rot had set in long before his arrival. However i did say one thing about Van Schip seeing him coach in Melbourne and thats that his teams always copped goals in the last 10 minutes of games with alarming regularity...yesterday was no exception.
  4. Yeh we don’t box out it’s infuriating, we gave them so many second chance points. I can’t believe a nothing basketball country like the Czecks is advancing and we aren’t.
  5. 7 point win not enough...they hit 18 of 19 free throws and we were a pathetic 10 of 19 I think. The 2 charges called on Giannis were a disgrace but overall we didn’t deserve to advance.
  6. This team is a disgrace, basically lost it from the foul line.
  7. Based on this thread EPO should move the next home qualifier to Toronto lol.
  8. The crazy thing about all this is as scores currently stand had we beaten Finland we would have ended this matchday in 2nd position lol.
  9. Im watching the ert coverage. Theyre all saying a 12 point win is required. Who would have thought we would hold the US to 69 and still lose easily.
  10. No we aren’t eliminated, the commentators mentioned late in the game we have to win by 13 or more. USA will definately beat Brazil. I can’t see us winning let alone by that score. That was our worst shooting percentage performance since 1998! Brick after brick on so many open looks.
  11. We need to beat the Czecks by 13 or more. Absolutely no chance the way we are shooting the ball
  12. Our shooting is disgraceful, 26% seriously we won’t even be going to the Olympics at this rate. Giannis has passed so many open looks and we have missed everything.
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