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  1. Greece is playing their final match at home to Estonia for an opportunity to close out the group on a positive note.
  2. Molon Lave

    U-21 NT (Elpidon)

    Greece 0-1 Austria Final
  3. Molon Lave

    U-21 NT (Elpidon)

    Greece 0-0 Austria Halftime
  4. Molon Lave

    U-21 NT (Elpidon)

    So far in the first leg, Austria appears to play better than Greece. They came so close to taking the lead after a shot hits the post.
  5. I read this article from Agona Sports, so if you believe I am wrong, blame it on those guys.
  6. I disagree, Greece have to finish 2nd in the group to advance into the UEFA EURO 2020 qualifying playoffs. This is a meaningful match.
  7. Molon Lave

    U-21 NT (Elpidon)

    Critical first match for Greece in Thessaloniki. Need a big win.
  8. He did not see a shot on goal, so he really wasn't tested much.
  9. 2-0 won't be good enough since Finland has the better goal difference
  10. Greece does not deserve to be promoted to League B with this type of football they are playing. They are better off staying where they are.
  11. Greece should have been up 2-0 if not 3-0 already, they should be dominating this match with ease. Not trying to sound cocky here.
  12. Just like the first meeting, Finland is starting to play better
  13. First time Finland concedes a goal in the UEFA Nations League 🙂
  14. Greece will top the group and promote to League B, but it's very unlikely that will happen.