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  1. Germany isn't doing so well after their quick exit from the World Cup. Maybe, Greece need to face them in the playoffs.
  2. Turkey got relegated from League B which means Greece could face them next year.
  3. Greece is playing their final match at home to Estonia for an opportunity to close out the group on a positive note.
  4. Molon Lave

    U-21 NT (Elpidon)

    Greece 0-1 Austria Final
  5. Molon Lave

    U-21 NT (Elpidon)

    Greece 0-0 Austria Halftime
  6. Molon Lave

    U-21 NT (Elpidon)

    So far in the first leg, Austria appears to play better than Greece. They came so close to taking the lead after a shot hits the post.
  7. I read this article from Agona Sports, so if you believe I am wrong, blame it on those guys.
  8. I disagree, Greece have to finish 2nd in the group to advance into the UEFA EURO 2020 qualifying playoffs. This is a meaningful match.
  9. Molon Lave

    U-21 NT (Elpidon)

    Critical first match for Greece in Thessaloniki. Need a big win.
  10. He did not see a shot on goal, so he really wasn't tested much.
  11. 2-0 won't be good enough since Finland has the better goal difference