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  1. Molon Lave

    2018-2019 Europa League

    Olympiakos will face either Burley or Istanbul Basaksehir FK after this match
  2. It's time for PAOK to make history Playing in the Champions League group stage is every PAOKtzis biggest dream. Imagine Toumba stadium would be like?
  3. Molon Lave

    European matches

    AEK advances and will play Vidi in the playoffs
  4. PAOK can beat anybody if they play good solid football. Benfica are beatable by any means.
  5. Molon Lave

    European matches

  6. lmao I knew you guys would respond like that : D Benfica has a Greek goalkeeper, I assume you guys know that
  7. AEK is winning 2-0 in OAKA over Celtic
  8. Full time 0-0 PAOK advances and will play either Benfica or Fenerbache
  9. Molon Lave

    European matches

    Goooaaalllll 2-0!
  10. Pelkas misses another opportunity, goodness!
  11. 2 good chances and still can't find the net
  12. Take advantage of the extra man PAOK. Finish them!
  13. Molon Lave

    European matches

    1-0 AEK !
  14. Thank you, I am following the match on uefa.com while at work lol