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  1. Yeap, the same guy who got sent off in Belgrade and Olympiakos end up losing that match.
  2. Vassiliki puts it at best, Olympiakos plays sloppy, mistake prone football. They blow leads more than any other clubs in Europe.
  3. I made a bet with a PAOKtzis If PAOK wins, I buy a pack of bougates for his family (plus I have to put a PAOK avatar for 2 weeks) If Olympiakos wins, he will buy me a gyro If tied, we will eat out at a Greek restaurant together.
  4. There is still a chance Olympiakos can qualify for the knockout round, they need two wins and two losses from Tottenham and they are in. : D
  5. Manolas maybe a world class defender, but at times he can cost you games with some bone headed plays. Sokratis is finished, slow as hell and does not position with strikers well.
  6. This is a surprise. Very rarely does Greece defeat Germany in football at any level.
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