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  1. Full of excuses! You sir drag Greece down to the lowest level on any international competition. Greece should be playing in League D with such BS performance. Greek fans deserve better! At least in Greece our track and field athletes brought us more joy than this hot garbage!
  2. As I watched the two goals we copped, defensive lapses was the cause. Mainly from Tzavellas.
  3. Molon Lave

    NFL Season 2018-19

    My Houston Texans are back in business at 3-3, also Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans are also 3-3. They division will go down the wire. Still, I have concerns for my football team. Our coach still sucks at play calling.
  4. Really? So Greece would have been in EURO 2020 already had they won this group?
  5. OK guys, so Greece will not promote to League B in the UEFA Nations League. What's next? Do they still go to the European Qualifying and have a shot at the final 24 spots for EURO 2020? I am still new to this thing.
  6. It's time for Skibbe to pack his bags and leave Greece for good. He will never led this NT to a major tournament, let alone win this new tournament.
  7. This will be Finland's 4th straight clean sheet in the UEFA Nations League.
  8. Both goals by Finland were by poor defense from our players
  9. Koulouris missed the target! No such luck today!