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  1. Here are the latest numbers in Texas 265,556 total cases 3,260 deaths 132,638 recovered 129,658 active cases
  2. The numbers are real in Texas and Florida. Texas now have over 10,000 patients with COVID-19
  3. According to livescore.com, PAOK got back all 7 points. Is this true?
  4. I am planning to move to either Rhode Island or Massachusetts when my auto repair shop is purchased and and telecommunication tower as well. It will take time.
  5. 10,028 cases in Texas yesterday, I wonder how many we will have today? 9,268 Texans are hospitalized with the novel coronavirus.
  6. Yes, and he is an a**hole!!! Your typical rich, right-wing Republican.
  7. Our governor finally mandate a statewide mask order since June 30. What an idiot he is since he opened the economy so fast from May 1. I will always have my mask on when I am going out for a walk regardless of the weather. Harris County (including Houston) death toll reached 400 😭
  8. Texas got the highest 1 day case total to 8,076. This is so scary. I can't imagine how Houston hospitals will handle this wildfire despite being one of the tops in the world.
  9. He is incredible, glad I got the chance to chat with him and his sister Stamatia of their achievements. Soon, I think his sister will break the Greek national record women's hammer throw. I didn't want to mention this to Stamatia so it doesn't put pressure on her.
  10. I do, it's more useful than John Hopkins.
  11. So I guess Greece stop updating recoveries. There is no way to calculate active cases from total cases and deaths if recoveries do not imply.
  12. Does anybody know the active cases in Greece right now? Thanks!
  13. I got plenty. 🙂 Montgomery County isn't that bad and the active cases are falling a bit. Something Harris County can't do. Good luck with Moderna vaccine, I heard this one is into it's 3rd phase. So is the Oxford vaccine too.
  14. Houston will become the next hot spot, mark my words. Our threat level will go to 1 (red zone) next month or two. People in Houston do not understand what social distancing means and they refuse to wear masks. If I am going to the pharmacy, grocery stores, or even shopping centers or the mall, I could just take the north trip to The Woodlands (Montgomery County) where coronavirus cases there are very little.
  15. When we defeat coronavirus, we will play this song in victory! ! !
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