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  1. I am not surprised Pavlidis scored for Greece. He is an incredible young athlete.
  2. Good, we don't need another rioting or political banner in this match.
  3. It would be a miracle if Greece somehow scores 1 goal past Italy.
  4. Ever since that "Bull***t Russian" comment to him after his defeat at the Miami Open, Medvedev owned him big time.
  5. I was gutted big time of Anastasakis not making the cut, as I have posted earlier, he had a very good season, his stability and release point has improved, but not performing well enough to qualify in a major finals in either Olympics or World Championship. The qualifying standard in those 2 competitions is brutally tough compare to the European Championship. I envision him one day to throw over 76 to 78 meters. Just look at the hammer throwers today like Kokhan, Henriksen, Cienfuegos, Halaez, and Bigot? Those guys have really gotten better.
  6. As expected, Greece finishes the Doha World Championships with 1 bronze medal. This was pretty disappointing showing for most of the Greek athletes. I think the 2021 IAAF World Championship in Eugene Oregon U.S.A. one will be an exciting one. I am planning to attend that event. It's a beautiful state.
  7. Douvalidis as expected did not reach the finals, finished 4th place at 13.54. However, Trajkovic finished 2nd place at 13.29 (SB) to qualify for the finals.
  8. Well now, Anagnostopoulou finished her qualification in Group A with a SB of 59.91, currently in 8th place for the moment. So, she needs only 4 throwers to throw over 59.91 in Group B in order to grab the 12th and final spot, which I doubt it will happen.
  9. Yea, just like Douvalidis in the hurdles, if he does not run about 13.40 or less, kiss his chance good bye. Forget Anagnostopoulou, she will not even throw 60 meters to save her own life. lol
  10. Not a good day for our hammer throwers, Frantzeskakis finished with a mark of 72.98. He has work to do in getting use to the 7.25 hammer implement. Anastasakis is what I consider him as an underperformer. I honestly felt he was going to throw better than 76 meters today like he did at the European Throwing Cup and qualify. Other than the European Championship, he chokes in World Championships and the Olympic games. 75.07 was his mark btw, and that was no excuse from an athlete who was very consistent this season with his 75 to 76 meter throws.
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