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  1. Eurobasket 2017

    If you don't make your free throws, you cannot win! If you continue to shoot 3s and keep missing them down the stretch when your only behind by 2, you cannot win! Greece basically threw this game away! They did this 2 years ago vs. Spain, and now this! Greece blew a couple of double digit leads (13 and 11), that is not how you play basketball!!!
  2. I told you guys, our group is the hardest one of all. Sporting Club De Portugal is no pushover.
  3. Eurobasket 2017

    Russia's head coach made a comment that is purely arrogant. He said ahead of the Greece - Russia game that we are not CSKA and that they don't have Spanoulis. OK, he didn''t mention Giannis on the team either? I hope Greece smash Russia real good.
  4. Eurobasket 2017

    Russia beat Croatia 101-78 I am thinking that Russia will come into the quarterfinals thinking to themselves that they can beat Greece easily after they poured 100+ points. Sure, we remember when Greece did that against USA and in the finals, Spain shut them down to 47 points. I am going to believe that Greece will pull off another surprising upset.
  5. Karnezis Torosidis Manolas Papastathopoulos Stafyilidis Fourtounis Zeca Tachtsidis Donis Mitroglou Karelis
  6. Eurobasket 2017

    Greece defeat Lithuania 77-64!!!!! On to the quarterfinals!!! Next they face either Croatia or Russia.
  7. Eurobasket 2017

    Greece 37 Lithuania 30 halftime
  8. 2017-2018 UEFA Champions League

    lol I don't bet on sports Look, this is a very difficult group and we wished we could have gotten an easier one.
  9. 2017-2018 UEFA Champions League

    Olympiakos will not survive this group of death.
  10. Eurobasket 2017

    Greece beat Poland 95-77 and will head to the round of 16.
  11. I think the odds of Greece going to the playoffs is very slim, even if they beat Cyprus and Bosnia held to Belgium.
  12. Serbia is winning in Ireland 1-0, so there is some good news.
  13. Eurobasket 2017

    Even if Greece are to beat Poland, they will likely face Lithuania. :o