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  1. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    ^^They only have until the end of the month, to meet the UEFA commitments. If they don't pay 5 million the team will be docked 3 points, and will be relegated. Alafouzos is playing poker with PAOs future. At the end of the day, he's only personally responsible for tax debts accumulated when he was in control....and for bonds taken out. What I'm hearing is....Alafouzos is in for 10 million, but none of that will be paid for players debts, or past coaching staff. That being said, he can drag out those debts for years, without any repercussions from the government....they will negotiate with Alafouzos, we all know how the Greek system works. It's very simple, and I said this from day one....the players ether take a 50 percent hit, or lose their money....the jerk has clearly shown that he will bankrupt PAO. The government has already shown willingness to cut the debts. As for some of the players, they still believe on getting 100 percent of money owned to them....that will never happen. Take a hit, or lose your money. This is very simple business standard practice. Used by all businessmen dumping a company.
  2. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    ^^The team is sitting at 44 million debt. Take away 10 million that Nova is holding....will be completed in 2 years, that leaves 34. Alafouzos will settle with all past players and coaches by the end of March, total 29 million debts. The government and businesses PAO has debts with, have always been willing to shade off 40 percent....that will leave PAO with around 18 million in red. The biggest problem was the past players and coaches, that will soon be dealt with. The 18 million the government has already set up a loan, to be paid over 140 instalments....that is just over 1.5 million a year. After this year PAO will become more attractive for someone to step in....I believe the toughest part is over, and don't forget, for the first time in long while, we have a tone of young promising talent....PANATHINAIKOS WILL OVERCOME THIS, and will be stronger than ever!!! http://www.sdna.gr/podosfairo/superleague/article/436221/vrexei-lefta-ston-pao-poios-katharizei-tin-omada-tha
  3. Robin Lod

    Watch "AE Larissa vs Panathinaikos 0-1 All Goals&Highligts HD 19.02.2018" on YouTube Nice finish.
  4. Looking that way. I'll give you credit....you have been saying the championship is yours for 40 years, and have never given up.
  5. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    http://sportdog.gr/sports/podosfairo/article/438817/pote-skaei-h-bomba-toy-neoy-ependyth-ston-pao-poioi-toy-anoigoyn-to-dromo-oles-oi-kaytes-ekselikseis Looking positive.
  6. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    ^^Absolutely. And we have very good young talent. By the begging of next season, teams debts should be in much better shape.
  7. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    Never heard anything....what sources?
  8. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    Relegation? Not happening. As for tactics....PAO is a development team Atm... should have gone up by 2 in the first. Team is looking good. Ouzo is doing a great job.
  9. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    http://www.sdna.gr/podosfairo/superleague/article/432107/ekselikseis-ston-pao-ta-lefta-poy-mpainoyn-o-ependytis-kai-i Alafouzos has decided to put in at least 4mil to 5 by the end of February....this will insure license and the club will move on. Also the players and coaching staff were paid fully yesterday. The club is not getting relegated.
  10. Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    That's my thoughts also....what is so different from the past....I actually think there's more of officiating accountability.
  11. Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

  12. Transfer News and Rumors - Winter 2017

  13. Transfer News and Rumors - Winter 2017

    It's not the attendance in games that pay most of the bills....the t.v. revenues do the talking. I'll ask you a question. AEK was bankrupt and virtually disappeared from the league for 4 seasons. PAO has been in a crisis for 7 years....what has PAOK accomplishment? A cup. Maybe a championship in the horizon. At the end of the day, PAOK can't carry the SUPA league. It's PAOK who needs the big clubs to leverage off of. The 7 million around Athens, will not tune in to watch PAOK.
  14. Transfer News and Rumors - Winter 2017

    League can't grow with a PAO less league....you will have revenues reduced drastically. PAO doesn't need your help....you need the big 3 in Athens. Facts are, PAO and Olympiakos hold over 50 percent of the fan base, 29 and 26 percent. PAOK and AEK combined are 20 percent, AEK 12 and PAOK 8. Nova if I can remember stated....the revenues will be cut 40 percent if PAO goes under. I'll find the article and post it.
  15. Transfer News and Rumors - Winter 2017

    Nova T.V. revenue
  16. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    http://www.sdna.gr/podosfairo/superleague/article/425274/ksepoylima-synexizetai-apo-ton-dithen-apoxorisanta It looks like the fans will be mobilized, and go after Alafouzos. He had 50 over at his house last week....I wouldn't be surprised if we see thousands over there. It took them 5 years to realize that he's destroying the team. Many including myself have been saying this for at least 5 years....MIGHT BE TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE.
  17. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    Nobody is buying PAO Bananas....simply because they will be buying a 40 million dollars debt. Alafouzos has parked his shares awhile back, in a bank....you can go a pick them up for free, the catch is, you just bought yourself a 40 million dollars debt. Alafouzos is personally responsible for at least 20 of that....but if the team goes bankrupt, he will be held to 40 percent of that. There's no master plan here....you settle or lose your money for good, because we all know that Alafouzos will drag out the 40 percent for another decade. If we go back, Alafouzos has already stated he's putting in 10 million, not 25 as the basketball tycoon hoped for. He will only drop the 10, after everyone has signed and his name is clear of the books. Think about it....he holds the keys.
  18. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    The bank set up by the government. They have offered 15 million in players debts, to be paid over 10 years of instalments. The deal is on the table, so my guess is....Alafouzos is looking for the creditors to take a cut. That being said, the 15 million will need to be reduced to about 8, before anyone from PAO will agree. This is good business, something that every company going through this situation would do.
  19. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    Yes. But the creditors will lose their money. It's not a bluff. They settle or lose everything. We all know that they will bend the rules for PAO....the league can't afford it. I'm hearing, PAO can file for protection even if they get demoted....the creditors will be forced to settle. They don't need to change their name. I'm hearing 50 percent will be reduced....the players have no choice but to settle.
  20. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    What's happening is....Alafouzos is demonstrating that he's serious on allowing PAO to get demoted. Thus making it even more impossible for the creditors to collect 100 percent of money owned. The players need to realize this is business....we all would do the same. Settle for 50 percent, or you lose everything. The creditors will settle.
  21. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    Yes. We need to build from the bottom up. If they stay committed on the youth development, PAO will be back on top in 3 years.
  22. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    http://www.sdna.gr/podosfairo/superleague/article/421809/pateras-noiazomai-gia-ton-panathinaiko-alla-proexei-i-ygeia The ass who helped destroy PAO can't get involved because of health reasons.
  23. Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    How's that surprising? That's what happens when you don't get paid. Next week maybe Levadia decides not to show up....hearing half the supa league players are not paid for months. Second division you're lucky to receive something at the end of the year.
  24. Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    All good points. We just need to build the product back up. The fan base has vanished.
  25. Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    I agree, I'm not a fan also. That being said....the league is in a crisis. We can't afford to see historic clubs go bankrupt. If they played hardball and pushed teams to bankruptcy, AEK, PAO, OFI, and ARIS would be gone....can the league afford this? Who would even care to watch? Nova as an example is holding on to 10 million dollars of PAOs debt, the reason they can't afford for PAO to go bankrupt....Who's going to fill the void?