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  1. I say it straight up. I'm the guy who for years argued on the other side we were all at....gate 13 was the cause of the PAO decline, and I'm sure you remember....how many arguments did I get into on the PAO forum? They caused the captain to leave....how many points deducted because of them? How much s%$#! did they start up? Gate 13 has learned the hard way....things are starting to look good again in PAO....but the new owners will drop the team in a heart beat if gate 13 acts up. That said, I'm only pointing out...if Savidis doesn't harness gate 4....they will cost PAOK the championship again. Biggest problem PAOK has.
  2. Yes....it's a conspiracy. Lol
  3. Watch "Πανιώνιος-ΠΑΟΚ Φωτοβολίδα" on YouTube If your fans continue acting like this....PAOK will be deducted more points. Throwing flares where families are sitting with their children! Listen to the child crying in the background....this is unbelievable.
  4. jvc

    Daily Team News [ 2018 ]

    ^^No and yes....depends on how much in debt you're. In PAOs situation being 40 million in debts, Europe would not make a difference. They have a new ownership now....Alafouzo paid off 25 million of that, and the new ownership 10....so PAO going forward has no issues. They have the best young talent, look for PAO to win the championship next year. Watch "Panathinaikos vs Lamia 3-1 Highlights & Goals - Παναθηναϊκός - Λαμία 3-1 Στιγμιότυπα 01/09/2018" on YouTube https://youtu.be/HHpZoh0ARV8
  5. jvc

    Daily Team News [ 2018 ]

    ^^Very well said, Donis is doing a great job developing these youngsters. The team is extremely fast....and their fitness is at a very high level. Just like in the match against Xanthi, Lamia was totally out of gas....The new ownership was present in OAKA, and I'm sure they're very pleased with the young talent on the team. Also it was good to see the fans turn out, provided a good atmosphere. On another note, Kats the ex PAOK player is finding hard to make the team....that shows we have talent. SEND HIM BACK UP NORTH!
  6. ^^Nobody is working on other salutations....so immigration is the only known way to sustain your economy....because we all know, the more money you make, and the standards of living keep rising, births rate drop drastically. Greece will be totally bankrupt in 10 years if....they don't sustain a 3 percent economic growth rate, and fail to increase the population growth by 8 percent....those are the numbers, you can't change that, and have no way of reversing it. Greece needs 1 million immigrants by 2030.
  7. In Europe you have a problem I agree....here in Canada things look to be running smoothly. Now lets get to the issue....the issue in Europe is most countries including Greece can't sustain themselves, because the birthrate is very low. Greece in 10 years will be 35 billion dollars short on old age pensions....having 1.5 kids per family doesn't cut it. That said you're left with very few options. 1 increase the birthrate, and we both know that's not happening. 2 get rid of the old folks. 3 bring in immigrants....which one of the 3 is best option? We know the birthrate isn't raising, number 2? This is not about me supporting minorities my friend, this has to do with logic.
  8. https://www.sdna.gr/podosfairo/superleague/article/505695/i-kritiki-ton-paikton-toy-panathinaikoy-katathesi-psyxis-apo Here's a breakdown of today's performance.
  9. Ξάνθη - Παναθηναϊκός (69' Μπουζούκης) https://youtu.be/Px780J_8T74
  10. PAO totally dominated. Won 1 nil, should have easily scored 3. Team is loaded with young GREEK talent!!!
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    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

  12. What happened to the televised games?....we had them all here in Toronto....there's nothing on.
  13. These posts were split off from the topic "Trump Presidency" as unrelated to the subject. ^^What do you exactly mean? "Forcing multiplyculturalisim on me" Are you implying that it's your choice to accept someone's race, gender, religion? On your free time alone do as you please....once you enter the workplace, or a public setting, not accepting people for who they're should be kept to yourself. Basically what I'm saying is....in a work place is it right for someone to joke around with Greek, Turkish jokes? Make fun of Pakis? Queer jokes? Belittle women? Jews? Mexicans? What is it exactly that's bothering you about your freedom of speech? Please give me an example.