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  1. 4th was a certain....Sporting is on a different level than Olympiakos....and the other 2 at a difference universe. Getting no points however is disappointing for a Greek club. Thought Olympiakos could at least muster up 2 somehow.
  2. Toumba Stadium

    Don't be so hard on yourself pash. Remember Greece is surrounded by Animals. Just inside former Yugoslavia, Albania, Bosnian, I don't know about the new Macedonian, Turkey. Considering all that s%$#! around you....we're doing good.
  3. Toumba Stadium

    I don't think the NT team will ever consider playing there. The fans spoiled that a long time ago.
  4. Probably mistaken you for someone else in here....lots of Santos haters. Let's all chill out. It's not over yet. If we get eliminated, let's focus on the positives for once.
  5. You're 100 percent wrong. Team took steps forward....we had key players out yesterday, and the goalkeeper had a rare bad game. You guys keep blaming the coaching every year, even a SANTOS hater. THE TEAM OVERACHIED THIS CAMPAIGN.
  6. A Greek coach would be STUPID!!! We seen what a disaster that was. The team did take steps forward. From last place to a playoff spot. How's that not taking steps forward?
  7. At the end of the day, Greece is not ready for the world cup. We took steps forward, now I believe it's time to only play the new generation players....we have a good mixture of veterans and younger talent. Let's not overkill this thread by super analyzing the s%$#! out of it. There's nothing really to say more. Team took steps forward, not ready for the world cup....showed potential with the generation players. THERE'S NOTHING MORE!!!
  8. SL–R10: AEK - PAOK (05 Nov 17, 19:30 EET)

    I disagree. You'll have AEK and Olympiakos at home in the second half. And what will be a very weak PAO team when PAOK faces them in Athens. Even if PAOK loses this match, it will not be a big deal. That being said, if PAOK wins this match, AEK will be out of the equation.
  9. Are you real Bananas? Or do you only exist when I'm viewing your post? If I choose to never come on here again....how will I ever know if you're real. VERY VERY VERY confused. Lol
  10. SL–R10: AEK - PAOK (05 Nov 17, 19:30 EET)

    This will be a interesting game. If PAOK loses the match it will not spell the end of the world. If they win, that will probably mean lights out for AEK. PAOK should play this match stress free. Good things happen for clubs in this type of situation. Hopefully your coach prepares his team according to the conditions.
  11. Toumba Stadium

    I have a great idea....Name the new stadium, ALEXANDER THE GREEK!!! Would instantly turn PAOK into a winner.
  12. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    ^^They're arranging to pre sell next years tickets shortly. Starting a 25 dollars a month plan for season tickets. Second half of this season and next years....1 and a half years in advance. If they get 10k onboard total, that includes the 4500k already season ticket holders, the bank will front them the money around 5 million.
  13. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    ^^The SL, NOVA, and the creditors don't want PAO to be relegated....it's not in their interest. That being said, they have already made new deadlines, and with VLAHOS earnings plus 2 derby matches, add another 8 home sellouts we're probably looking at 3 million. NOVA will give upfront 1 million....the total should be 4 by January, PAO will not get relegated. Don't forget they will probably sell 2 more players, if everything goes as planned you might see 6 million by January.
  14. Road To Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup

    I agree with RS....we don't want to draw Italy! Denmark will be the best possible match up for us. Croatia and Switzerland are very tough. That being said, we have come a long way, and I believe in this team....WE WILL MAKE IT!
  15. Great post....When you need a win against Gibraltar to advance means one thing....A SUCCESSFUL QUALIFYING CAMPAIGN. The coaching staff and players deserve credit where it's due. That being said....finish it off boys on Tuesday. Whoever we play in the playoffs, the boys I'm sure will give it a tough fight. And I'm sure Italy and Portugal don't want to draw us....the rest of the team's in the pot, we will beat!