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  1. jvc

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    We all know the Greek reporters are ducssss bags .... they report to the highest bidder. Lol
  2. jvc

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    Let's not turn this into a pissing match....we know the problems that exist, and all teams are responsible.
  3. jvc

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    Why are you so negative all the time? The guy just came in here and posted a simple reply.....I don't think he needs to read all the propaganda. COME ON MAN. It's getting very tiresome.
  4. jvc

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    Yes, PAOK should be the early favorites, Olympiakos seems to be moving at a slow pace, Meli looks content fielding a low budget team....it's working for them, so why change the system. That being said, PAOKs biggest enemy is their fans which continue to sabotage the team....if they sort that out, PAOK should finish first.
  5. jvc

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    For you?
  6. jvc

    Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2018

    I think the key here is not to lose any players, add 2 or 3 solid signings and PAOK is set....should be favorites for the championship, and hopefully make the CL. If PAOK makes the CL, they will be kings of Greek soccer for a long time. That being said, if they keep, and add to what they have, making the CL is very possible. I will be pulling for them, the CL is very important, and priority number 1.
  7. jvc

    Cup-Final: AEK - PAOK (12-May-18, 20:30 EEST)

    ^^Both his knees required surgery. 1 a couple of years ago, and the other this season....time will tell if he ever gets back to form, very difficult with 2 injured knees.
  8. jvc

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    ^^I think you should not blame AEK for not winning the championship....the few fans that keep punishing the team with their stupid behavior, should be held accountable. Also the owner must change the bad culture that exists. That being said, all the big 4 clubs have the same bad culture plaguing their teams....and from what I seen happen with violence on the streets of Athens over the weekend, plus all those animals with weapons that found their way into the stadium....the cup should have been cancelled. This behavior should not be happening in a supposedly first world nation. How will this league grow, when families can't bring their wife's and kids to the stadium? This culture they currently have only breeds more scum. To add....what about those low life scum bags with Bulgarian flags???
  9. jvc

    Cup-Final: AEK - PAOK (12-May-18, 20:30 EEST)

    ^^I think the reff did a good job, coming in as a foreigner is not always easy. If PAOK finished on their chances, the score could have easily been 3 nil....AEK was none existent.
  10. jvc

    Cup-Final: AEK - PAOK (12-May-18, 20:30 EEST)

    Well deserved!
  11. jvc

    Cup-Final: AEK - PAOK (12-May-18, 20:30 EEST)

    Very good match....up for grabs. I think I'm learning towards PAOK for the win, they look slightly better in the first half.
  12. jvc

    Cup-Final: AEK - PAOK (12-May-18, 20:30 EEST)

    I think you've discovered the PAOKs problem, preventing the club from becoming a consistent winner. It's called, SELF.....
  13. jvc

    Cup-Final: AEK - PAOK (12-May-18, 20:30 EEST)

    This will be a good match.
  14. jvc

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    http://m.contra.gr/Soccer/Hellas/Superleague/panathinaikos/h-kpmg-anelave-ton-oikonomiko-elegxo-ston-pao.5190980.html You're up to date now. As for memes, lots of cultural stuff happening these days. Too many to discuss.
  15. jvc

    Daily Team News [ 2018 ]

    They will pay tax....question is how much? And how will it be paid? Do the investigators get anything in return, land, business opportunities? That is normal business around the world....you need to get something in return. That being said, Savidis invested into PAOK to open up business opportunities in Greece....why would someone invest in a league going through a crisis? Or a country?