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  1. Right now I don’t want Kyriakos at PAOK. When you’re in the position we are in now where we need to win every game you can’t afford to risk on a player that can’t be relied on. Add to that his wages will be very high and you have all the elements for a bad outcome. Now if let’s say he’d just played a full season then that would be a different story. But he’s played in 2 games all season. So I’m going to pay a guy who’s played 2 games all season and is very injury prone close to if not the highest wages in the team ? It’s just crazy talk. The only way (and this would never happen) I’d sign Kyriakos would be on a base of say 500K and pay him significant bonuses if he plays. But even so, he’d be taking up a slot and you could never plan around him. I don’t see the sense in signing him as a luxury player. By luxury I mean it’s great when he’s match fit but I can never be sure. One other thing. It’s not the pre Savvidis days where we couldn’t afford players. Now if we want we can sign players for multiple millions, and considering that, I’m sure there are better and cheaper options out there.
  2. @DunfermlineAthleticPAOK Is this you ? 😉 https://inpaok.com/608809/irlandos-tragoudistis-me-fanela-tou-paok-pic/
  3. Dem is some good numbers. Should get close to 8 million at this rate. Who would’ve thought it.
  4. Yes much improved OFI. Good to see really, at least for the league in general. Will be interesting to see if we drop points. Too many players are out of form. Giannoulis, Misic, Swiderski and Vieirinha are playing well. The rest are all below par in one way or another. Stoch, Esiti, El Khadouri, Jaba aren’t contributing enough. What’s happening with Mauricio ? I feel like the team will “click” better if he can get back hopefully to the level he wast last season.
  5. Let's get the win and go equal top of the table. Olympiakos, or rather, Xanthi did us a favour. That's 3 years running Xanthi have taken points off Olympiakos.
  6. In honour of this derby, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vtKf-W8kHYI
  7. I didn't rate Misic last season. But to be fair he didn't get an opportunity as he was last on the list of midfielders behind Oliveira, Mauricio, Canas, Shakhov, Wernbloom. After seeing what he's capable of this season, I'd say he's a very good deal at 2.25 million. Add to that he's only 25 years old. I'd be surprised (assuming he plays at this standard) if we didn't buy him. As for the other midfielders, overall, not that impressive considering what we've payed for them. Still, it's early days and many of our signings started off slow in the past. So hopefully this is the case with Esiti and Douglas. They are of a good age so there is that.
  8. There's still plenty of games left, 36 games in the league plus cup games. Hopefully Lamprou will get his chance. Stiil, it's frustrating considering how well he did last season in Holland. All we want is to see what he can (or can't) do!
  9. Here's hoping Lyratzis can come good. Giannoulis is really coming along. Hopefully Vieirinha is back asap as he can play both flanks. What about this Rodrigo, is he all right ? Doesn't sound too good so far.
  10. Got the 3 points away against a tough opponent, but it was a flat performance. After the 2nd goal I don't think we created anything. The only positive in the second half was we didn't give away any chances in the last 20 minutes. We shut down the spaces well. Zivkovic, good, I don't see Paschalakis playing for a while. He made 2 very good saves. Matos, pretty bad, didn't really contribute anything and could've given away a needless penalty. Giannoulis, good, quite impressed with how he's coming along. Last season I thought he was just a fill in but I really think he has a role to play in this squad (sidenote: we need a Giannoulis clone on the right to put some pressure on Matos). Varela, Crespo, solid. Misic, good, lots of hustle. Douglas, so so, not bad but I feel like there's something missing from his game (to be fair he's only 22). Biseswar and El Khaddouri, maybe they were thinking of Mykonos, poor today. Limnios, good, lots of running. Swiderski, good, did his job.
  11. Hopefully we don't switch off. Keep the pressure on try for a god damn clean sheet.
  12. What about a bet on when Paschalakis plays again ?
  13. Flat first half. To their credit Asteras apply lots of pressure when we have the ball. Biseswar and El Khaddouri need to come to the ball. They aren't in the game. I can see why we're conceding goals. The opposition get to that danger zone ~10 metres from the box too easily.
  14. Don't understand why Matos does that. Why even risk it.
  15. Anyone taking bets on if we can go 10 games in a row without a clean sheet ?
  16. Well that came kind of against the run of play. Nice finish.
  17. Thanks pash. Not sure what the other stuff was. Now I just gotta get sound and start clicking 100 times to remove the stupid ads on the screen.
  18. Prijogol!! Would him back but doubt it could happen. He would have to accept less money, over less time and no way he could expect to walk into the 11. I don’t think he’d be satisfied with being used on rotation either. But yeah if he agreed to all that, hell yeah I’d like him back.
  19. 100,000 ... a man can dream! If nothing else it will be most interesting to see how it goes. It would be interesting to see if they release figures at the end of the season showing subs based on region e.g. x amount in Thessaloniki, Athens, other cities as well as countries overseas. The commercial subs will be interesting too. Initially I thought they probably won’t get many but if you factor in how say a game like PAOK vs Olympiakos how many shops in Athens would get the subscription ? There is the obvious question of how do you police it and of that I’m not sure but if it can be policed then the I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t get a few thousand commercial subs. The part I’m not sure about is the expenses and running costs to be able to guesstimate how profitable (or not) this PAOK TV experiment will be. Any ideas people ? Finally @Emperor @ukworm @Mitsos @almand don’t forget to pay for a sub for the game coming this week, ha ha.
  20. Could Misic be coming good finally ? https://inpaok.com/594974/o-kosmos-xechorizi-misits/
  21. Great win. One for the fans to savor. That 2nd goal, wow, text book counter attack. Great play.
  22. Something is wrong with them, that's for sure. It's not so much the score but the fact that they're regressing instead of improving. Normally I'd say Donis is a certainty to be fired but not sure if Alafouzos wants to pay out his contract and pay for a new manager.
  23. Well that was anticlimatic. The best I can expect now is some innuendo from pash.
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