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  1. Any chance this can be resolved before the 4th of January ? Any chance I can sue Theodoridis for suing the referees ? The yanks on this site should be able to give me an answer. Don't yanks try to sue anything that moves ?
  2. He's be a good pickup for some mid level teams in the GSL. Assuming of course he was interested.
  3. Back by popular demand, well actually just @pash but I'll take what I can get, we have the mid year analysis for season 2019-2020. Note that I haven't watched many games this year instead using highlights, forums, articles to form my opinions. Team Domestically good, in Europe bad. Getting Ajax in the draw was the gods laughing at us but we played admirably. Being eliminated to Slovan Bratislava was unacceptable. Domestically, importantly, we are in the title race. The team started off unusually conceding goals game after game. It appears to be due to the loss of form of Paschalakis and Varela who are both well below their form of last year and with Zivkovic and Ingason becoming starters the defense seems to be performing at a much better level, especially in the last run of games. Of note we haven't won any derbies (all draws) and have conceded in all of them. This needs to change in the second round and obviously in the play-offs where every game will be a derby. The only game we were outplayed was against Olympiakos in Athens and even that it was in the second half. Fair enough they are a good team. All the other games were there for the taking. Manager : Abel Ferreira Overall I am happy with his performance. He seems to have the club room and that is half the battle of management. Tactically his line ups and substitutions seem sensible. It's not easy to take after someone like Lucescu had created history but overall Ferreira seems to have acclimatised well to our league. He is helping with the development of Giannoulis and Limnios who are getting lots of game time and have improved considerably this year. Other players have dropped off. Paschalakis, Varela, and less so Biseswar but how much this is due to Ferreira and how much is due to the players I don't know. I said of Lucescu after he was at PAOK for 6 months "I dare say he could be the first manager we keep for more than 12 months in the Savvidis era" and the same applies to Ferreira. It feels odd to have two competent managers in a row. Definitely a first for us PAOK fans. I don't see any reason other than him getting a big offer from another league or the team having a melt down for him being replaced. Goal Keepers Paschalakis : Disappointing. Huge drop in form. Almost each game at the beginning of the season we were expecting him to make a mistake. I love his craziness though (his reaction when he saved the penalty against CSKA Moscow is priceless). It's fair to say we all expected him to be the first team keeper this season but now it's hard to say when, or if, he'll get another opportunity. Zivkovic: Solid. Has stepped up when we needed him. He was signed to be the backup keeper and the truth is no one knows how a player will play until the time comes. Zivkovic has handled the pressure well and if his form continues, there is no reason why he won't remain the first team keeper. I think we are all right for keepers but at the same time if Zivkovic gets injured I don't feel too confident in Paschalakis stepping up. I have serious doubts as to whether he can play at the same level as last season. Maybe it was just a freak season for him. In addition, I have no idea what our third choice keeper is like. In the event of a long term injury to Zivkovic I don't know if we'd try and buy another keeper or recall Rey or Melissas. This would be a tricky scenario. Defenders Matos : Solid. I don't think he's quite at the heights of last season where he was saving us with his headers but overall he's having a good season. Giannoulis: Very good. Surprise packet #1. I expected once Vierinha recovered he would take over the LB position or we would buy another LB as I really didn't think Giannoulis was good enough to be anything other than a backup player. 5 assists so far is very good. If he maintains his form he will be our LB for the rest of the season. Varela: Disappointing. BIg drop in form from last season. I hope that watching Ingason from the bench fires him up. The fact he gets paid double what the other defenders get paid and is expected to be a leader only his loss of form even worse. Crespo: Solid. He is Mr Reliable. Seems to have stepped up a gear since partnering with Ingason. Ingason: Very good. Surprise packet #2. I suppose we all thought he would be pretty good considering how much we paid for him (our record transfer at 4 million) but I've been surprised at the ease and with which he's done so. Varela should be very worried, and motivated, by this. Also it's very good to see he has a knack for getting into good offensive positions on set pieces and has a pretty tidy total of 4 goals which is crazy when you think he hasn't played in half the games. Nothing makes me happier than getting a cheap goal off a set piece. This is probably a psychological issue born of being on the receiving end of it for so many years. Rodrigo: Can't really comment as he has had very little game time. He doesn't appear to be at the level of Matos but it's really hard to say. Maybe if he gets a run of games he will prove me wrong. I think we are all right defensively especially if Varela can get some form. At RB and LB I believe if either Matos or Giannoulis are injured Vierinha can cover those positions. Not sure if Rodrigo is a long term replacement for Matos. I am not sure if he is at the level we need. Midfielders Esiti: Disappointing. Has not turned out to be the player I expected. I pictured him as a Canas but much more physical. He has lost his place in the team and I wonder if Ferreria doesn't want him in the team. WIth Mauricio recovering from injury and the rise of Misic he is last in the pecking order, which is surprising as I pictured him partnering Mauricio this season as first choice in the midfield. Augusto : Average. Seems to play all right without being exceptional in any particular way. On the plus side he is still very young at 22. It's not like he's been terrible, but at the same time he's not taking games by the scruff of the neck the way Misic has. Mauricio : Average. Seems to be finally getting close to match fitness. He is along with Misic is our best midfielder. Hopefully he gets to the form of last season. Misic : Excellent. Surprise packet #3. MVP so far this season. From being 6th choice behind Wernbloom, Mauricio, Oliveira, Shakhov, Canas to 1st choice. I commend him. With a return of 5 goals and 6 assists that says it all. Not only that but it's the way he's done it. He often forces the game when we need a spark. I expect him to lead the midfield with hopefully a full fit Mauricio in the second half of the season. Pelkas : Average. He hasn't been poor but he hasn't improved considerably either. Maybe this is his ceiling. I'm ok with that and I'm happy to have him as a rotation player but I'm not sure if he's happy to do that. If he wants to take the number 10 position and make it his he needs to do more. I just don't think he has it in him to do it week to week. Biseswar : Average. First things first, I love this guy. His lackadaisical style, his technique, he is a pleasure to watch. I will miss him when he leaves us. But he hasn't been playing at a consistent enough level. I think rotation actually suits him and he's been getting too many starts this season. I expect and am hoping we get more from him. El Kaddouri : Average. It's funny to think that Misic is a midfielder and has 5 goals and 6 assists and El Khaddouri is an "attacking" midfielder and has 0 goals and 0 assists. As discussed in other threads he has quality but he's definitely not someone you can rely on week to week. Still, having him on the bench and on rotation is a nice option. I think we are all right for midfielders. Much of this is due to luck as no one expected the rise of Misic. We have enough quality to see us out for this season. Forwards Stoch : Very disappointing. He's had flashes of brilliance but overall he's been poor. Considering the hype it's all been for nought. It's a surprise considering how good a season he had at his previous team. Voted most likely to leave the club during the winter break. Lambrou : Very disappointing. Harsh assessment considering he's gotten no playing time. I just hope he sticks it out and bides his time until he gets his chance. I just want to see if the kid has "got it" because it seems like he has something to offer. Jaba : Disappointing. Has not played anywhere near the same level as last season. Vierinha : Average. Hasn't been at his best but that's to be expected. He's slowly getting match fitness. Still, his presence alone on the pitch works wonders. He is our talisman. Limnios : Good. Surprise packet #4. Has improved considerably over last season. He is scoring more often. It's like something has "clicked". Still has more to do and can sometimes have quiet games but overall I'm very happy with his progress. Let's not forget he's only 21. Swiderski : Very good. His job is to score goals and he's delivered. Very happy with his game overall. He has that "Prijovic" like quality of being able to score easy goals unlike say Akpom who has to work like a mad man to score. It's always good to have a striker like this in your team. Akpom : Disappointing. A harsh assessment I agree, but I really thought he'd be our main striker this season. I think Ferreria has worked out he's not a "natural" striker. He does so many other good things on and off the ball but he doesn't have the easy goal in him. Still, he has his positives and in derbies where it's going to be tough with lots of running I'd play him over Swiderski every time. I think we are all right for attackers. We have enough quality to see us out for this season. Transfers I have to agree with Ferreira. I see no reason to bring in any transfers unless a player is sold. There is no obvious position that needs to be filled and there is more than enough quality and depth to see out the season.
  4. I get what you’re saying @paokarag4 about El Khaddouri. He has great technique and balance as well as decision making. He doesn’t sell the ball cheaply. All signs of a quality player. Still I wouldn’t be fussed if he left even if I prefer he stays. I think what kills him (and I see this with lots of players) is he can’t lock a position down. He doesn’t have the run to be a 6 or an 8 and he doesn’t quite have the dribble and cross to be a winger. He doesn’t score enough to play up front consistently. Regardless, I still think he’s a great option to have and can turn a game, I just don’t think he’s a lock for a starting position every game. I don’t think he really wants to in Greece and he seems to lose interest in playing week in week out. It’s like he’s bored with most games ... which I can understand ... and really only switches on for the bigger contests. Ideally, we find a similar quality player that is more motivated and is a bit more hungry but that’s easier said than done.
  5. It’s as you say @DunfermlineAthleticPAOK it’s another 10 rounds for teams finishing 1st to 6th with points being added on. All in all about the best way you could do play offs. They had some bizarre system a few years back which will hopefully never be repeated.
  6. How did Soares look ? He's had little game time and has always had that feeling of being a rushed transfer.
  7. Literally. Each time they come out with a press release about referees which is just about every game, it makes me smile. I will look fondly on this period of my life.
  8. Who knows if they can sue Dutch. I wonder as to their strategy ... do they know what they're doing or are they just firing pot shots out of anger. At this rate they'll be threatening to quit just like in the basketball but that's a little different as they have EuroLeague. If referees can be sued (I'm smiling while I type this) they'll be zero referees left within a year.
  9. Replay ? Really ? That would be bizarre. The only way you could have a replay is if you proved, and I mean proved, that there was corruption involved. A bad mistake from the referee is not an excuse to replay a game. If it was every second game in the world would need to be replayed. Of course, an exception could be made just for "thrylos", since they are special. I thought we were the ones with a complex, now we have company. Having said that, VAR not using a line is brain dead. Either use a line or don't use VAR to make offside decisions. If in doubt, the benefit of the doubt should go to the attacking team. Trying to work out if a player is offside by 1/16th of an inch, spare me, if he's clear offside then it's offside, otherwise, play on.
  10. Stafylidis would be a great addition to the team but there is no point bringing him if you're not going to start him over Giannoulis. Why would he be satisfied with being a rotation or backup player ? He can also play multiple positions which is always a big plus. I'm sure if Giannoulis is sold Stafylidis will be first choice but first Giannoulis would need to be sold and second Stafylidis would want to come to PAOK which I'm not sure he does. Last summer was the time for him to make the move (he was a free agent) and then he went and signed a new 4 year contract which really destroys our bargaining position.
  11. Apparently the club generated 43 million in revenue (which includes sale of players of 10 million) and expenses were 42 million and yet it says there is a loss of 5 million ? Greek reporting for you. https://inpaok.com/623577/live-i-g-s-tis-pae-paok-2/
  12. Further to that we should not be selling 1st team starters in January unless there is an obvious replacement or the offer is outrageous.
  13. Bananas

    Toumba Stadium

    Hmm some very good points there Yiankos!
  14. That would mean Vieirinha would play LB ... I can deal with that. On a serious note, I don’t see any sense in selling Giannoulis unless there is an obvious replacement. If Vieirinha was 30 I’d be fine with it but he’s getting on and we need to think long term.
  15. I’d be surprised if Giannoulis wanted to play in Russia. I mean it’s not a backward step but I don’t think it’s something he’s dreamt of either. I suppose an outrageous Prijovic like salary could tempt him but I don’t see that happening. If anything he’d use that to negotiate a better wage. To his credit he’s surprised us all. I think everyone thought he was just there to cover for Vieirinha’s injury and in the summer we would either sign Staf or another “better” LB. I don’t think anyone thought he’d be the first choice LB this season. He’s made the position his and really that’s what you want from your younger squad members, If it were up to me I’d extend his contract which expires in 2022 to 2024 and get rid of that daft buy out clause. Same goes for Limnios.
  16. Both Stoch and Lambrou have been major disappointments. I expected the two would be rotating for the LW position this season. Would like to know if it’s just a case of other players are more in form or whether Ferreira just doesn’t want them at all. Summer transfer window approaches so that might shed some light.
  17. Bananas

    Toumba Stadium

    What’s the big fuss about a new stadium anyway ? I mean sure it would be nice but will it really make a difference other than prestige ? Will it generate more revenue ? For a club like Arsenal for example it made sense. They went from a stadium of 40,000 to 60,000 but they can fill those seats and tickets etc. are much higher in England. In Greece not so easy. I like everyone would like to see it but I’m not fussed about it and if it means less investment in the squad it can definitely wait.
  18. Agree with your 4-5-1 @Yiankos especially considering we're playing away. The only thing I would do different is play Biseswar on the left at the start of the game and sub in Vieirinha in the second half. The start of the game is when the tackles will be flying thick and fast and I just wouldn't risk Vieirinha just yet. There's still plenty of season to go and it's not worth the risk I say. Also agree with @Blackhawk concerning starting Akpom. This is the sort of game where he can excel.
  19. A tad early pash. I'll wait till Xmas and create a new thread.
  20. Surprising indeed, but I'll take it.
  21. I think you guys are being a bit harsh. The NT is looking like it's totally reborn. Bye bye Mykonos FC, hello effort, desire, spirit. The boys are playing with enthusiasm and really that's all we ask for. Nobody expects this NT to take on the big teams. Just play to your capabilities. It'd be interesting to see this NT take on Mykonos FC. I think they'd give Mykonos a good old fashioned beat down. They're not at the level to take on big teams and I don't see that they will be. But they should be at the level to beat lower teams comfortably, and that's what they've delivered so far. As to what their ceiling is, it's a little hard to say , time will tell. Either way, it's refreshing to see players that are really giving it their all and are selected on form and what they can give to the team rather than on which jersey they where for their club. Because really, anyone can select a team based on that. That's easy. Selecting players that will commit to the team, play as instructed, and be harmonious in the dressing room is a lot harder.
  22. If Olympiacos can sell players like Samaris and Retsos for 10 and 20 million, then we’d be silly to settle for 5 for Giannoulis and Limnios. Giannoulis has been a surprise, more, a revelation. When we got him last season as backup for Vierinha I think we all expected he’d be replaced before too long. Now, he’s locked the position down and to my surprise I’m comfortable with him being LB. But more important, he’s improving. What’s his ceiling ? If we were in say Holland or some other footballing country where players are produced like a production line then I wouldn’t be fussed with selling him but I ask how easy would it be to replace Giannoulis. You sell him for say 5, spend 2 or 3 on a replacement and by the time you factor in wages you’ve broken even. Big deal. Let’s keep him or sell for something outrageous. Something Olympiacos to their credit excel at. And as for us agreeing to these buyout clauses, it’s brain dead. Similar applies to Limnion who has been surprising so far this season. I pictured him as backup to Jaba and it’s the other way around.
  23. Nice line up Blackhawk ... except there are only 9 outfield players. 😙
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