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  1. Worst newspaper in Melbourne for years now and noticeably worse in this internet era. Haven't read it in years. It's barely one step up from New Idea.
  2. The problem as always is in the midfield. Augusto and Esiti haven't been the players we expected given their price tags. Esiti has shown some glimmers and is more suited to this game where I wouldn't be surprised if PAO overrun us in the middle. Either way will be a tough game. Hopefully a good game and may the best team win whoever that is.
  3. Hopefully we can win and BAOG drop points against the rabbits. If the bulgarian animals, oug oug, from up north get deducted points we will be top where we belong. Russians be gone!
  4. Never really checked out sdna but I’ll give it a go. Blackhawk, if it’s as you say, then the entire situation is ridiculous and extremely volatile.
  5. Nerd alert. Batten down the hatches.
  6. I think maybe on sport24.gr can’t be sure. It’s the only site I really check out other this or inpaok. In other news, I just read the league might be suspended. And that will solve what exactly ? Either Savvidis did something illegal or he didn’t. Work it out guys.
  7. I’m just parroting what I’ve read, which is the one of the companies owned by Savvidis loaned money to a relative or whatever of his who then somehow invested in Xanthi. As to the truth of any of it, I have no idea. If there is truth to it, then Savvidis is an idiot. Why even give the powers that be any ammunition. It’s not as if they are going to be impartial. This isn’t a normal judicial process. If there isn’t any truth to it, then that changes everything. Maybe Blackhawk can enlighten us on the exact accusations and supposed evidence ?
  8. I don’t have a problem with the law being applied to PAOK. What I have a problem with is the way in Greece it’s applied haphazardly depending on who is running EPO and who is in government at the time. Either way that doesn’t take away from the fact that Savvidis played a dumb ass move with these dealings. By the same token the reaction from the government was just as stupid. All they had to do was force him to sell or give up whatever stake he had in Xanthi or threaten to take away PAOK’s license. Job done nice and easy. Instead we have a city that is a powder keg just waiting to go off. Nice work.
  9. I think the best we can hope for is a -6 points deduction. Which is the amount of “free” points from the games with Xanthi. With a win in Toumba we would be 2 points behind and then in the play offs we could possibly do something. As an aside, wtf was Savvidis thinking regarding these dealings with Xanthi ? Stupid move even if he can somehow find a way out.
  10. Agree pash. I wouldn’t expect anything from UEFA/FIFA/CAS. It kind of comes down to who has the most sway over the various teams in the league. I am not optimistic. Something closer to -10 points seems the most likely outcome. -5 points is too risky. A win in Toumba and all of a sudden we’d be only 1 point behind Olympiakos. Can you imagine ?
  11. The law is the law except it changed today lol. Punish Savvidis if he’s done something illegal. Fine/ban/jail him. But why punish the team and fans ? Did they do something illegal ?
  12. I guess I’m not responding to you. I must be talking to myself. I’ll reread your thesis sir. Apologies.
  13. You don’t believe ND have any plan here ? Have you seen the speed, force and pressure with which the law changes have been passed ? First time ever in Greece something got done so quick. As for Olympiakos, the way this is playing out is exactly what suits them. They can still pretend to be angry that relegation didn’t happen but really all they care about is winning the title and the points deduction suits them just fine. Will it be -5 or -10 points ha ha. This could have been handled in so many different and better ways but I won’t bother going into it because in Greece all fans care about is revenge and suffering. Should we punish Savvidis (assuming he is found guilty) or should we instead punish an entire team and fan base. Um, easy choice! Punish them all! Maximum suffering please.
  14. Yep, democracy in action. As for FIFA ha ha, the same organisation that voted for the Qatar World Cup, forgive me for having doubts about their impartiality. The only way PAOK is getting away with is with dirty tactics if they can find and use something. This was never about being a fair fight, justice or the good of football in Greece. That much is clear. It could have been handled very differently but hasn’t been. Kind of surprising but at the same time kind of not surprised.
  15. Do you guys seriously think ND/Olympiacos’s plan was to relegate PAOK ?
  16. Relegation or death! 😀 Not sure if -5 points will be enough for Olympiakos to win the league. 😀 Sidenote: I thought maybe Mitsotakis being from a different generation and after what Greece has been through since 2008 might do things differently. Whatever good will he had has all been flushed down the toilet. He’s crapped on half of Thessaloniki and for what ?
  17. Call me cynical but I think it’s all about points deductions. I also think the points to be deducted won’t be finalised until after the PAOK vs Olympiacos match. If it happens that way then you know the fix is really in.
  18. If the allegations are proven, it would be more just to force Savvidis to sell whatever shares or whatever he bought. In addition he should be banned for many years from having anything to do with football in Greece. But if you penalise the club in any way that’s just going to extend the already bad blood that exists between fans in Greece for another generation. As it is, it’s already been many years since away fans have able to go to games. Maybe we do need a Grexit.
  19. I was thinking earlier today there is no way Olympiakos can be hoping for relegation. They must realise the chances of that happening are very remote. So what is their angle ? It must be points deductions. And just now I read a new law has been passed so both teams won’t be relegated. Surprise surprise. It looks like Olympiacos’s plan to win “sta xartia” might work. We forget they are the kings of winning on paper. Truly a rezili of a club. I wonder if the Olympiacos players will laugh in the same way the AEK players laughed after the game when Savvidis stormed the field with a gun. As for Savvidis, if has done something wrong, punish him. But no, let’s punish the entire team. And then we wonder why Greece is the way it is. At the end of this drama someone will be happy. Either you guys or us. But at least someone will be happy. PAOK, bringers of joy!
  20. 10.8 million I believe was the “base” amount i.e. the amount before interest and fines for late payments. I think the total including interest and payments was around 25 million but I could be wrong. It’s the way I remember it based on newspaper articles at the time. Either way at least he paid. Better to get 40% than nothing. And really he paid what was owed without all the additional interest from the years of Batatoudis and Goumenos who ran the club like a kafeneio. Maybe he should have done like Melissanidis and paid zero ? I see just now a new law has been passed so that PAOK and Xanthi won’t be relegated. The bourdelo continues. Stay tuned.
  21. Well well well! The times they are exciting! By hook or by crook Olympiacos want this title. We called AEK AEX but we forget Olympiacos are the masters of paper victories. And they are without shame. It’s amusing reading the opinions of “impartial” fans in whose views “the Bulgarian animals” are already guilty. Collective punishment ... why the hell not. As for the matter at hand the only thing that is certain is it will clearly show if Olympiacos still has political power on its side or not. I don’t think relegation is their goal. I think their goal is points deductions and they’ll use the strategy of “if you won’t relegate them at least deduct points”. So much for the big-4 meeting to try and get the power brokers to work in a more cooperative way. That’s just been flushed down the toilet for good. You would think that if Savvidis used his private money to buy shares or whatever in other clubs that he would be required to sell such interests. Even fine him or ban him similar to what is done for company directors. I’m not sure what this has to do with PAOK FC unless of course it could be proved that games were rigged, players bribed etc. The only that is certain is that there is still a long way to go. Can’t wait for the next big-4 meeting. UEFA/FIFA ain’t seen nothing yet. As an aside it will be interesting to see how the ND government plays this. If PAOK fans feel victimised (justified or not) then they’ve essentially guaranteed they will lose seats at the next election. Does anyone here remember how Larisa fans reacted in 1988 when they were deducted points ?
  22. This is probably the first time in 2 years Panathinaikos will feel like they are a real shot at beating us and deservedly so. They have been improving week to week whereas we have been playing in 1st or 2nd gear at best. The following are all below their best compared to last season; Matos, Varela, Vieirinha, Mauricio, Biseswar, Pelkas. Akpom has not turned out to be the goal scorer we hoped he would be. Luckily we have had players surprise us like Ingason, Giannoulis, Misic and to a lesser extent Limnios and Swiderski. If we get a result it’ll be due to individual plays from one or two players as has been the pattern for much the season. I only hope more of the team can find form before the play offs. Not sure if Abel will be conservative and play 3 in the middle. Regardless my 2 for the midfield would be Esiti and Misic. I think Pelkas will be suited to this game also. I’d start Akpom up front. There will be lots of running required and lots of tackles flying. Super subs Biseswar, Lamprou and Swiderski.
  23. @Emperor you should add to your list :- 2015 Ivan Savvidis pays all debts owed by PAOK to the government totalling 10.8 million euros.
  24. I'm not worried about overvalued players. What bothers me is when players like Prijovic get sold for 10 million because that's what was in his contract. Maybe we could have got more ?
  25. Can anyone explain what the point of the big-4 mafia having a meeting in England is all about ? Maybe there is a new strip club opening up ?
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