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  1. Pfft, good luck with that one.
  2. Good to see some more posters trickling in :D
  3. Doing anything with Russia on a government or military level is never going to happen. The best we can hope for is getting some private Russian money to be invested in Greece to help with employment, or maybe some sort of increased trade. All the rest is hyperbole.
  4. Bananas

    Paok - Xanthi

    Regarding Klaus, his second half of the season has been extremely disappointing. Did his drop in form coincide with him signing his new contract ? ;) As for the article of him playing in the EPL, the reporter should at least try and make it somewhat believable! The best part about the article on sport24.gr were the user comments. Now that was entertaining.
  5. Bananas

    Paok - Xanthi

    Tzavellas has definitely dropped in level this season. He went from being borderline NT quality or at least a backup, to not even being GSL level. He should be worried about ever playing for the NT again given the drastic improvement in level and prospects of Stafylidis. Next season will be a make or break season for Tzavellas.
  6. Any chance of getting Kosmas to send out an email to all members on the gs.com register ? All member emails are there so it's technically not a hard thing to do. Or am I just being foolish ?
  7. I had the same problem. pash needs to send an email to "[email protected]". Once I did this, Lazarus got back to me in a few hours. See #69 on this thread.
  8. Nice post Athinaios. It's a reasonably realistic picture of what Greece would go through if they wanted Grexit. Still, I believe in the long run (I'm talking 2+ decades), it would be better because I think the basic structure of the Euro is fundamentally flawed. But who would sign up for that sort of pain ? I don't see it happening. That's why I keep saying a Grexit needs to be done with the consent of the EU. And this frankly, I can't ever see happening. Truly they are stuck. The best we can hope for is Varoufakis gets his way ie. loosens the conditions of the "austerity", and more importantly, can convince the EU to tie debt repayments to growth policies. Growth is what Greece needs, not austerity.
  9. By the way, loving your new avatar.
  10. Boston Thanatos, paokarag4, El Greco missing in action. Any others anyone else can think of ?
  11. I half agree with Irlandos. The banking system in Greece is barely functional. The big problem however is how private debts are dealt with. It's all well and good for the Greek government to default, but what about existing business debts. Say you owe a supplier in Germany 20,000 Euros, that could triple in the new currency. It'd be a legal mess and no one would want to have dealings with greek companies unless they paid cash up front. Regardless, I still feel it's the political cost that is the bigger danger and why ultimately if Greece wants to leave the Euro, we need to do it with Germany's "permission".
  12. So Kosmas closed the site down because of Attilio's actions ... which were what exactly ?
  13. Almand was also a quality poster.
  14. Maybe have a thread called "gs.com" or something like that, where :- 1) we can see a list of who came over and what their new user names are ? Some people have kept the same user names but other's have changed and it's hard to tell who's who. 2) another list of user names from the old site that haven't been accounted for yet. Like a lost and found. I'd prefer that to just seeing random posts in random topics like "what's happened to x" and you get a response of "I don't know" 2 pages later.
  15. I kind of agree with you Irlandos, the reason being I don't see an out from the current conditions that Greece is experiencing. So given the choice of 20+ years of this compared to going back to our own currency, I'd prefer our own currency. But to do this the greek people need to understand the full consequences of such a drastic move and I don't know if they're prepared for it. They seem to want to stay in the Euro but not have austerity. Currently, that position is illogical. The bigger problem is the political cost. The remaining EU countries will be very pissed that Greece found an "out" and will want pay-back in some form. We would have no support from them in the future with issues regarding Skopje or Turkey. The only viable option is Greece leaving the EU with the EU's "permission" but this is still a long way off. Maybe that is what Greece really wants ? It might explain why they keep dragging their feet.
  16. No idea. I can only assume they don't know about this site ? Would've been nice if Attilio had at least given people ample warning and the opportunity to migrate across. Maybe in his mind it was worth burning dozens of posters just so he could get some satisfaction. Applause all around.
  17. Tell him to hurry. I even have an avatar ready for him to use.
  18. So, does anyone have any idea what the hell happened in the last few days ? I could see Attilio was acting erratically from around the moment he started banning long time posters. I get that he may have been fed up or had his own reason for stopping the site, but why so suddenly ? It was basically a big f**k you to all the former gs community. Did he really have it in for everyone ? Did we wrong him so badly ? A simple "the site will be closing down soon so start preparing guys" would have sufficed. As for the selling of the former site, what does "serious offers only" mean ? A dollar ? A million dollars ? Is it even worth anything at all ? Maybe we'll find out one day (or not) what really happened to set him off but it sure was a stupid way to handle things.
  19. And Blackhawk, Boston Thanatos, paokarag4 and the rest of the PAOK posters.
  20. Tell the papara to get his arse here. pash Australian slang for a tongue kiss, like the English word snog.
  21. Hopefully some of the other PAOK posters come across as well. If anyone knows how to get in touch with them, please do.
  22. Yia sas paidia! It has been an interesting couple of days ...
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