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  1. You Yankees can't stand being 2nd in anything. Have to win the Gold Medal in everything. Even in the covid-19 count.
  2. Thanks Mitsos. Please stay healthy to all my Aris enemies, so we can continue with the kazoura one day.
  3. Yep the salaries are inc tax. So base salary + 45% tax. Having said that I believe the tax rules were changed recently in Greece and I recall it meant that the tax will be approximately halved. Are the salaries really that nowhere close to reality ? Maybe our budget is 10 million or 50 million ?
  4. And I'd be surprised if he did. The Wernbloom experiment was a good idea in theory. By all accounts he was a beast of a player. It just didn't work out due to the injury.
  5. First of all who is it that posted that ? Is that an official club statement ? I don't mind if the club chooses to go this route, but the fan base will need to accept that it'll be unlikely we will win the title. Possible but unlikely. When you look at the team last season, it was made up experienced players that Lucescu got the best out of. But importantly, they were well paid and we got the quality we paid for. Gone are the days of paying players 250K or 300K and expecting to win the title. All of a sudden we were paying 500K minimum and many players around 750K. A handful of players were making 1M plus. Lo and behold we won our first title in 34 years. You can't tell me budget didn't play a massive role. If we lower our budget too much we won't be challenging for the title. Then there is FFP rules. If this can't be avoided, then it is what it is. The budget will need to be lowered. As to how that's achieved time will tell. The obvious ones are Matos, Mauricio and Vieirinha all of whose contracts are expiring at the end of the season. I would like to resign Matos and Vieirinha (obviously!) but I don't know if they will want to have their salaries lowered. It's inconceivable they will find a better salary elsewhere so the club has that bargaining position on their side but never discount the power of ego. They may just get upset if they feel they are being undervalued or are unhappy with the proposed contract length. Vierinha is a special case I suppose but it's hard to justify his salary currently. Then again the role he played last season was enormous. As for Mauricio I think he will either have to accept a lower salary or leave. It's a shame because he was clearly our best midfielder (except when Oliveira was on loan) but since the injury he hasn't been the same. All three of them are not at the same level as last season. As for our budget, my rudimentary calculations place it at 25 million. This is based on figures from Football Manager. Not exact but good to get an approximation. One thing that stands out is that nearly everyone is overpaid based on their form and performance this season. To name a few, Paschalakis, Varela, Matos, Esiti, Mauricio, Wernbloom (ha ha), Biseswar, El Kaddouri, Stoch, Vieirinha, Jaba. Regardless of the reason why, they aren't playing to the level expected given their salaries. Note the figures below are inc tax. Another thing to consider is how this idea of lowering the budget can be implemented. Who will want to buy these players and will they be able to get better offers elsewhere ? I don't think so. I definitely agree we need a clean out but it needs to be measured. 1 Paschalakis 780,000 2 Zivkovic 260,000 3 Papadopoulos 10,800 4 Ingason 780,000 5 Varela 1,900,000 6 Crespo 762,000 7 Mihaj 260,000 8 Michailidis 25,100 9 Giannoulis 485,000 10 Rodrigo 520,000 11 Matos 1,000,000 12 Esiti 1,200,000 13 Mauricio 2,300,000 14 Wernbloom 2,500,000 15 Augusto 415,000 16 Tsingaras 5,800 17 Misic 722,000 18 Pelkas 884,000 19 Biseswar 1,300,000 20 El Kaddouri 1,400,000 21 Stoch 1,700,000 22 Lambrou 433,000 23 Jaba 1,000,000 24 Limnios 181,000 25 Vieirinha 2,400,000 26 Mystakidis 208,000 27 Gaitanidis 139,000 28 Swiderski 693,000 29 Akpom 1,400,000
  6. I don't pretend to understand Yankee politics but what happened in the last few weeks ? Sanders was made out to be a shoo-in and Biden wasn't even on the map. Now all of a sudden Biden is the man. What has Biden done to change things up so suddenly ? And more importantly, are either of them capable of beating Trump ? Don't call me an idiot. You guys are the ones that have him as a president. 😁
  7. Agree paokarag4. At first I couldn't stomach the idea of the play offs but I think in hindsight given how few teams are competitive and have a decent fan base and budget it's a good thing overall. As for the league this season, I find it hard to believe the play offs will be played given what's happening with covid-19. I think the title will (and should) go to Olympiakos given they were 7 points clear at the end of the standard home and away season.
  8. 300 cases here in Australia. The numbers are increasing steadily and now the question remains are the measures taken so far going to be enough to stop the country going into lock down. The worst case scenario for the government is having the hospital system overwhelmed so they are definitely (but grudgingly) trying to make sure that doesn't happen. I guess we'll know more in the coming days and weeks. I leave you with an article that could've come from the middle ages. What can you say. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-14/church-religious-groups-say-coronavirus-cannot-infect-them/12055476
  9. In my republic, all things are possible.
  10. So what exactly is Savvidis meant to do to stop the -7 points ? Does he have to sell some of these so called shares owned by someone related to him ?
  11. Stuff relegation. Just do what Larisa did in 87 and blockade the entire f--king city.
  12. I still don't understand what this PAOK Xanthi thing is actually about. Anyway, it wouldn't be a normal season for us if we weren't deducted points. Long live POK. Assuming the points deduction sticks, does it apply to this season, next season, or every season from now until the heat death of the universe ? I would be amused to hear how they actually arrived at these numbers.
  13. Puts kettle on to boil, checks livescore.com to see the score. F--k 0-1 down already. You serious. Makes coffee. Checks score again. You gotta be kidding me. 0-2. YOU SERIOUS. Has a shower. Gets dressed. Checks score. 2-2. Good lord what is happening. Anyway, good and bad from today. The good :- - The team showed character and didn't fold. If you're gonna go down, go down f--king swinging. - Mihaj seems to have had a decent game. I see no reason why he shouldn't get more game time. - The score although not ideal at least gives us something to work with in the return leg. The bad :- - As pointed out by our Dutch correspondent our set piece defending is quite bad. Cisse could have buried us. Olympiacos didn't have to really work the ball through gaps. All they had to do was put in crosses and it was half a goal. Why we allow them to cross and overlap on the flanks with such ease I have no idea. At least make them work for their goals ffs. - Paschalakis. No idea what's happened to this guy. Right now he's no good for the team. - Biseswar. Not sure why Abel insists on playing him so often. Last season he was never a guaranteed starter. This kept him fresh. I don't know if this was deliberate by Lucescu or not but either way it's obvious Biseswar can't handle playing constantly and gives more when rotated appropriately. This guy is being wasted. - Defending on set pieces. - And finally, defending on set pieces.
  14. Told you we can't lose when you "bless" the team.
  15. Certainly! And with this result it's fair to say the title race is 95% over. Can't see how Olympiakos will drop 7 points and that's assuming we win every game which is unlikely to the extreme. To be fair the team has been fairly meh all year. Not terrible but not anywhere near like last season. The team has suffered all round this season. From GK and defense everyone is down a gear or two. The midfield even though we spent 5+ million is worse. Gimme Shakhov and Canas any day. At least they had some fight in them. Everyone was happy to see Prijovic go but we've never replaced him. No physical presence up front. For now Abel it is. Let's see what he can make of it. Even if we could off load him (extremely unlikely) who can you get now and can you be sure they'll be better. I'm not happy with Abel but I don't want anyone else. Except Lucescu of course. Why we didn't sign Lucescu for 5 years I'll never know. M-a-l-a-k-a yios tou Savvidi. What I hope to see is a general improvement in the team over the play offs and move into the pre-season on something of a high. There are still many question marks over the squad. Add to that the fact we can't spend unless we make a decent sale and things become even tougher. I hope Abel changes things up next season. I don't expect him to change too much for the remainder of this season.
  16. Now that you've said this we can't lose.
  17. Stop being reasonable. It doesn't agree with being a Greek.
  18. All our signings have been duds. Maybe a bit harsh but considering roughly 7.5 million was spent on Augusto, Esiti and Stoch you can't say they've been successful signings. I would've thought 2 out of the 3 minimum would be first team players. We need to do better with our transfers in the summer.
  19. Wernbloom ha ha. What can you say. Technically he's contracted until 2021 so not sure if he'll be leaving.
  20. Unsurprising result. Almost every player in the squad is down one or two levels from last season. I don't want to get rid of Abel because I'm not confident we'll find better but if Lucescu was to come back I'd give Abel a bunch of flowers and show him the door. He seems to lack common sense. Maybe he thinks he's playing a video game.
  21. His descent has been astonishing.
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