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  1. Krasnodar gave the PAOK team of Tudor a football lesson. It was like a training session for them ... just easy. I'm sure it would be more of a contest today. As for Berg, I'm glad he hasn't gone to another team in Greece. You were PAO all your life, leave Greece with your head held high. Can you imagine if he signed for Oly ? F--k me.
  2. Not sure how you found Branco rude. I found him to be simply frank and straight to the point. Some of the questions from the reporters were inane and just trying to stir trouble and he just said it how it is.
  3. @Dutch Eagle was that you with the big PAOK flag ?? 😁 Concerning the game, I've only seen the highlights, but overall we looked quite good. AZ really only had that one chance whereas we were getting into the box consistently. Were the highlights only showing us ?! Propaganda! How did the new Brazilian in the middle look ? Information man! We need information!!
  4. Just wondering if anyone knows what wages Canas and Shakhov are on at their new clubs ? I wonder if they were able to better the offers they rejected from PAOK.
  5. 2 million per year for Ferreira ? Lucescu did a number on us ha ha. With that kind of salary, I expect nothing less than the title (with no losses of course) and the Cup (preferably against AEX again). A re Lucescu, you're the winner.
  6. What about Jimenez from (formerly) AEK ? 😁
  7. Yes Beretta! And Fringer to complete the training team.
  8. Lucescu I will miss thee. Yes, he's done the dirty in terms of the timing but this is now the second time after Ivic that a manager has left when things seemed rosy. The club is at fault for not locking him down. Should have offered him a 5 year contract at 1 million a year minimum. The simplest theory that it's purely over dollars, I don't quite buy it. I suspect it's more likely that there were issues over players the club were bringing in and letting go that Lucescu didn't agree with. I wish Lubos Michel was still TD. Lucescu probably saw others calling the shots and felt undermined and thought why the heck am I fighting this when I can cash in. I've done what I had to do, sayonara. I don't think Lucescu is irreplaceable in terms of pedigree. There are many good managers out there. The question is whether they are available at this time and if they would even care to and manage in the prestigious GSL. A good manager, that unites the team and who is *loved* is something that isn't easy to find. Let's see what the club does now. It's hard for a new manager to make his mark. Many players in the squad will feel betrayed and it's this small drop in performance and passion that makes all the differences. The newspapers, oh the names that will be thrown around. What is Stanojevic up to these days, is he available ?
  9. Canas or Shakhov ? Both of them are manges. They were, along with Cimirot, the first proper midfielders we had. Canas was the first player who gave me confidence when paired with Cimirot that we could plug the holes in the middle. We forget how easily we used to concede stupid goals. Go back and watch some highlights if you will. Shakhov for a CM is quite prolific. He has the knack of timing his runs well and has a decent shot. Also overlooked is his height. Who do you mark first on set-piece ? Well, better mark that big guy called Prijovic. Oh, and there's that CB they call the beast. Oh damn, that Matos guy is very good in the air too. Oh crap, and now we have that Shakhov guy as well. It's always good to have some talls in your team. Not mandatory, but always a nice plus. Right now, if I had to pick, I'd take Shakhov as he'll deliver more in the league. For a one game final ? Probably Canas. They players I'm most unimpressed with are Misic and Wernbloom. Make or break this season as far as I'm concerned. Oliveira unfortunately looks very unlikely to happen. Even at say 8 million, given his class and age, he would've been a great signing.
  10. Maybe we should give the title to Olympiakos ? https://www.contra.gr/podosfairo/olympiakos-megalytero-antipalo-paok-eayto.7453030.html?utm_source=Sport24&utm_medium=BestofNetwork_home&utm_campaign=24MediaWidget&utm_term=Pos4 It's articles like this you wonder if the author was having a slow day or knows nothing about football. Possibly both. I saw Olympiakos kakare their pantelonia in Toumba and play like little girls. Nothing about that in the article. Or the fact that Olympiakos is a one man team. Heaven forbid if Fortounis gets injured or sold.
  11. David Beckham's love child ?
  12. Korakaki for president!
  13. His career has been on a downward spiral for a while now. Signings like these ring alarm bells for me.
  14. And the winner for signing of the year goes to ... drumroll ... Varela. Considering we all thought he was leaving, this has been the *BEST* news. Not sure about Ismael Silva. https://www.transfermarkt.com/ismael-silva/profil/spieler/253734 says he's a CM so I suppose he's a replacement for Shakhov ? Only a lot shorter. He will also take up one of the 5 non-EU slots.
  15. That's just great. I suppose Olympiacos will be happy with the play-off system. Will be curious to see what each of the clubs "officially" has to say about the play-off system. As for the Cup Groups being eliminated, I was one of the few on this forum that liked this system. It wasn't meant to benefit the big clubs. It was meant to give the small teams some extra interest and a big game where they can cash in some dollars and just have some interest.
  16. A round table perhaps, with Melissanidis, Marinakis and Alafouzos also. They can all brain storm and impress us with their ideas while we salute them from sheer admiration.
  17. I'm actually ok with signing Malezas again for one more season. Locker room cohesion is such a big factor in creating a winning mentality. Henrique I'm ok with. I think he provides ... enough. Regarding all the rest of our players whose contracts are expiring (Canas, Shakhov) it all comes down to what the club wants to achieve. If they want a team that can go into the CL and not be bashed around, we need 3 to 4 "Oliveira" quality signings. If instead the club wants a team that can win the title, the squad we have is mostly sufficient to do that, more or less. I'm sure if we can sign these "Oliveira" quality signings at a reasonable cost, we will. But as always, attracting players to Greece is not easy.
  18. I'm spewing about Stafylidis. He would've been the perfect signing. Given some tweets from Savvidis Jr. earlier in the season, I felt like this was a formality. I always felt we had no chance in previous seasons because we were never even close in the running to win the title, and CL football was never going to happen. But given the season we've had, and the fact he had hardly played this season, I really thought we were going to sign him. Adding another Greek to the squad and a PAOK boy made it all the more agreeable. Oh well, it is what it is. Maybe we just sign another Brazilian.
  19. I "feel" like AEK has every right to find out why the referees were switched. If there was a valid reason, fair enough, and if not, then it's fair to criticize the referees. But this also begs the question, does the referees owe AEK an explanation ? It could be the case for all we know, that the referees are allowed to do this, without having to provide an explanation! I think it's fair to say that if Greek referees were involved it would definitely have a bad smell to it, and we would all be thinking of conspiracies. But seeing as high calibre foreign referees are involved, I'm inclined to think there isn't anything nefarious going on. Still, I am curious and would like to know what happened. Let's see what comes to light. As for AEK insisting on the game being replayed, I say bring it on. Because I'm quite confident we would beat them. If they think they feel embarrassed now having lost 3 in a row, imagine the shame at having lost 4! PAOK fans would be singing of this for decades. Oh the songs that would be made. And if it so happened that AEK did win, well, it would just go down as 'χάρτινο 2.0'. They could add it to their pile of χαρτιά. They could add another 'X' to their name, and they could be known as 'ΑΕΧΧ'. As for asking for a replay, I say whoever is advising Melissanidis should be fired. Because either way they lose. If the game isn't replayed, they look like sore losers. If the game is replayed and they lose ... oh lord ... I don't even want to think about it. And if the game is replayed and they win it'll be labeled as 'χάρτινο 2.0'. Seriously, did they not spend 2 minutes thinking about this ? Apparently not.
  20. A big part of the problem with Brexit, or rather the referendum, was it was in no way clear on what the consequences would be of leaving the EU. And a big part of the problem with defining that, was, it hadn't been defined! They are still trying to negotiate! The entire process has been a farce. The key issue was immigration (read cheap labor competing for jobs). Even if this can be proven to be a falsehood (and I've never checked in detail) this was the key thing that turned most voters to vote pro-Brexit. It's easy to preach about equality, inclusiveness, humanity and be an idealist. Fine, open your borders, today, right now, and let 2 billion Chinese, Mexicans and Indians in. Watch them take your jobs. If not yours, those of many around you. Not so appealing now ? People will vote to protect "their way of life" and "getting rid of foreigners" is an easy play. I was not surprised by the result. I didn't think it'd get over the line, but at the same time I wasn't surprised. What Britain should have done is used the referendum to broker some sort of a deal to limit immigration. There was no need to leave the EU. Now that it's done, Britain doesn't know which way to turn to broker a satisfactory deal. Either way, they're going to get screwed in the short term as the EU will actively try and make life difficult. In the long run, I guess we'll see if it was a good decision or not. Until the details are worked out, it's almost impossible to know.
  21. Sad to see Klaus falling to this level. I was really hoping he would kill it at Giannina.
  22. Great win. Great day. Great year. One for the history books. Lucescu surprised everyone with the midfield selection of Canas and Shakhov. The depth on our bench says something about how strong this squad is.
  23. Hell yeah Dutch Eagle!
  24. Shakhov is on around 600K. If the club has plans to sign someone better, then we should let him go. If we would only replace him with someone of similar quality, I don't see the sense in letting him go. Same goes for Canas. Naturally, this all depends on if the player(s) want to stay and if wages can be paid that satisfy both parties. It could be Shakhov wants more game time, which can't be promised. He has proven himself more than capable and I would be loathe to let him go. Charisis, Kace are not good enough for this PAOK team anymore. Lubos changed the quality and calibre of player brought into the squad. To be fair maybe he's become a better player for playing in Belgium. We will see at pre-season but I would be very surprised if he makes the cut. As for Moulin, I've never seen him play. Why did we even sign him ? He wasn't even a free transfer and we paid over a million for him. Anyway, according to a reporter, we're signing 8 players shortly. Go to 1 hour, 42 minutes in the video. This "reporter" must have good sources.
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