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  1. SL–R11: PAOK - Atromitos (20 Nov 17, 19:30 EET)

    If Biseswar goes you know the club has truly lost the plot.
  2. Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    So I watched an interview with Ouzounidis in which he flat out said they have to sell at least one player this summer. The players he mentioned were Hult, Kourbelis and Moledo. He also mentioned that the players are not paid for October and if there is no sale soon then certain players will have the right to file for "prosfigi". He is also not paid himself. Just wondering what people's thoughts on Kourbelis are ? Do you think he would be a good player for us ?
  3. SL–R10: AEK - PAOK (05 Nov 17, 19:30 EET)

    Yianko, this talk of smashing asses is getting me excited.
  4. Every single one of the players you mention with the exception of Donis can't be relied upon. They are all hit and miss. The probability that they are all "hit" at the same time is ... I can't remember how to do probability ... been a while. Too many passengers in the NT is and has been a big part of the problem.
  5. I get what you're saying but man oh man whenever this guy is on the pitch it's like he's just snorted some cocaine! Maybe he's not suited to playing 90 minutes. Maybe you can get the best out of him as a substitute which seems to be his forte.
  6. I find it inexplicable that Giannotas doesn't play more for the NT. At least the guy can attack and get into dangerous positions.
  7. Don't get me wrong. I love Torosidis. He always gives everything for the NT. But his time is up. In today's game we should have gone with 3 at the back Socrates, Manolas, Retsos. Young Retsos is much better than Paps. I used to watch Paps when he was playing for Schalke as a DM 4 or 5 years ago and I though here we go, we've got a DM who can dominate the middle and bash the opposition into submission. But the injuries have killed him and I don't think he'll ever be the same player. In the RB position I would've played Kitsiou (remember him?) because although overall he's not as complete as Torosidis (and may very well never be) he's actually very good as an attacking RB. Where he lacks is in the defensive part of his game but if you're playing with 3 at the back and Zeca with Koutroubis that's enough cover to give him licence to attack. On the LB position it's hard to say who to play. Staff is the logical choice if you're going to give your full backs license to attack (as you should if you're trying to overturn 3 goals). Maybe Lykogiannis ? Or what about Giannoulis (from Atromitos). They are in 1st position on the ladder. Is he not good enough because he doesn't wear an Olympiakos, AEK, Panathinaikos or PAOK jersey ? Has Skibbe even heard of him ? In the middle I wouldn't have bothered with Fortounis. If you don't have a number 10 then don't just slot someone in there for the sake of it. Either Androutos or even Charisis can play box to box. And up front play two. Obviously Mitroglou and for the second slot take your pick of Pelkas, Lazaros whoever. I'd go with Lazaros since he can really pressure a defence if he's given confidence. A line up like the above would've been unpredicted by the Croatians and could've really put them off their game. If a goal goes in then its game on all of a sudden. I can't understand why Skibbe was so conservative. Roll the dice my man, you had absolutely nothing to lose. If you're down 4-1 at half time in a game for promotion don't you roll the dice and go all out attack ? But no not Skibbe.
  8. Karnezis and Torosidis will be too old by the next tournament in 2020. A lot of other players in this list are not deserving enough to be starters. Paps has become sloppy. Samaris bad. Taxi as usual all promise no delivery. Bakasetas not sure why he's in the squad. Fortounis you can't rely on him. Time for bit of a clean out, but I can't see Skibbe doing this. Hopefully we get a new manager with more imagination who doesn't just select players based on what jersey they wear.
  9. Nationalism in Greece

    Interesting idea. It could even be commercialized as a pay per view event. I bet the ratings would be through the roof.
  10. PAE PAOK General News & Discussion

    Moledo is better than any CB we have. Realistically Malezas is going to retire at the end of this season so you'd be rotating him with Crespo and Varela. Solid player all round. Cimirot is a funny player. I really think he's suited to a system where a team plays 3 in the middle. He's not quite a number 6 and he's not quite a number 8. He's kind of been getting pegged into a role that he can't quite do. If you play him as the 6 he's fine against weak opposition but against strong teams he can't do it. As an 8 you expect half a dozen assists and goals but he can't do that either. And yet, we can all see how much work he does on the pitch. Stats don't always tell the full story.
  11. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Massively. But if you keep getting selected maybe you think everything is all right.
  12. I think he's the real deal and can definitely get a lot more out of the squad. I'd actually like to see his squad selections because I'm sure half of them would be gone. He ain't the sort of guy to take s%$#! either. Our current crop of players fall into one of two camps. One bunch get selected no matter what and the other bunch will never get selected. How on earth is that a way to run a team ? Tziolis the Untouchable ... indeed. That goes fro Samaris too. Go play like that in front of Ouzounidis if they dare.
  13. You know what. I agree. This bunch of players did over achieve when you consider the fact half of the players in the starting 11 of most games should not even be starting or in the NT at all. Time for a clean out. A lot of players need to GTFO.
  14. I'd take Ouzounidis as NT coach a MILLION times over Skibbe. At least he can set up a team on the pitch. Ouzounidis should be our next NT coach. Time to start a petition.
  15. Skibbe is incompetent and worse than that inflexible (or possibly lazy). Tziolis in the middle of the park ? Are you serious ?!?! Against a Croatia who you know will force you to run all day. Tziolis who can't run or tackle is meant to do what exactly ? And we have Basaketas, who is the rotation/backup for Lazaros at AEK, but here at the Ethniki it's the other way around ?!?! Has Skibbe even watched any AEK games this year ?