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  1. Bananas

    Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2018

    If Srna is for one season and 500K then that's reasonable. I'm so used to us making poor signings that I immediately jumped the gun.
  2. Bananas

    Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2018

    I’ll forgive Lucescu for not rating Biseswar at the beginning of the season. At first glance he may appear lazy. Some players are hard to judge. Remember how much crap used to be said about Campos ? But now we know the sort of player he is and what we can expect. Same goes for Biseswar. If now Lucescu still doesn’t want him then I don’t know anything about anything. Maybe I should just take up knitting instead of following football. As for Srna, is that a big joke or what ? The guy is 36. Why don’t we bring back Lino and Muslimovic while we’re at it.
  3. Bananas

    Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2018

    Not keen on Biseswar ? I call balderdash on that! If I could take any player from PAOK for free it would be out of Prijovic or Biseswar. But I’d probably go Biseswar. Players of his ilk don’t come around often. The Pelkas to Besiktas thing I’m a bit confused on. Don’t see how it would be a big deal for Pelkas. For a non Greek player sure it’s an upgrade but I don’t think Pelkas dream is to play in the Turkish league. Not saying he won’t go or isn’t interested but I don’t think he’s gagging for it either. Kyriakos we’ll see I suppose. I always thought we had 0.0000000001% chance to sign Vieirinha so I don’t know squat. The good thing if by some miracle we got him is that we pretty much have a CB and a future captain for the next 5+ years. I can’t see him leaving Greece if he comes back. Mak is a tricky one. He had a below average season. I’d still buy him for the 2 million Zenit are asking. He’s just got too much potential to smash it in the GSL. In Europe too where teams won’t just sit back we’ve seen how he can tear teams apart. Then we have Wards and Henrique. Henrique is the most inconsistent but he can also turn a game. Great and I mean great option to have on the bench. Warda had a great season also. It’s a really tough call if you can only pick 2 of the 3. I hope the Rey rumour isn’t true. From what I saw he seemed solid. Knowing our luck we’ll sell Rey and then Paschalakis will get injured or sold to Italy. If it was the PAOK of yesteryear where we didn’t really expect to go for the title I’d say sell. But if you want to go for the title you need 2 strong keepers. And we have Glykos as well so I’m actually happy with our GK’s for the first time in forever. Frankly I’d only sell if we got a really good offer. Oh, almost forgot. El Khaddouri can go. See ya bud.
  4. Bananas

    Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2018

    In other gossip Koulouris may go out on loan. Will we have any strikers next season ? It’s going to be a glorious few months for gossip.
  5. Bananas

    Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2018

    The amount is kind of meaningless. What’s important is where does the club see Paschalakis in the future. If they see him as our GK for the next 2, 3 or more seasons then the amount is pitiful considering we don’t need to sell. If the club think Rey or Glykos are just as good then it’s a good offer and you’ll probably never get a better offer. It all depends how the club values him. If they really think he’s the best of the 3 then why would you compromise your already tough CL qualifiers for the sake of what’s really small change.
  6. Bananas

    Another Mass Shooting in the US

    Sadly the only way this will *maybe* change is if there are a series of mass shootings one after the other.
  7. Bananas

    Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2018

    I would've thought Kyriakos Papadopoulos but if what he's saying is true then I'm guessing Stafylidis or Berg. As for the LB position 100% bring back Giannoulis. Leovac was average and has no heart. Leveque was comic relief. Azevedo is actually not bad but his wages are that of a top player which he is not in this team.
  8. Bananas

    PAOK in Europe 2018-2019

    Yeah man, bring on Ajax. We'll get then at the 3rd 4th 5th 6th attempt.
  9. Bananas

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    Wouldn't think so but if he has oh boy what a mess. Either his contract with Olympiacos would be void or more likely AEK would be entitled to some sort of fair compensation.
  10. Bananas

    Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2018

    Now that it appears Lazaros won’t be continuing at AEK I think the club should make a serious effort to sign him. Find out what Olympiakos is offering then offer double. Surprise Lazaros, I was just kidding. We don’t really want you back.
  11. Bananas

    Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2018

    Azevedo from what I saw he was all right. Not bad but we want great players, not just all right. In Matos and Vieirinha we have the two best full backs in Greece. I’d rather get Giannoulis from Atromito and give him game time. It’s been great to see Pelkas one of our boys become a proper first team player. Malezas I think we should renew even he doesn’t play much. Mak I hope we sign. I’m hoping he can find that form from two seasons ago when he was killing it. It will be interesting to see what happens with wingers next season with Mystakidis, Henrique, Warda still to come back. Mystakidis is going to struggle to get game time.
  12. Bananas

    Cup-Final: AEK - PAOK (12-May-18, 20:30 EEST)

    Did you end up going to the game ?
  13. Bananas

    Cup-Final: AEK - PAOK (12-May-18, 20:30 EEST)

    There’s a right way to do this and I thought they did it well. Good on them. Nothing disrespectful in what they said. I’m just so glad for the players and fans we got something from this season. We sure deserved it. Sheez we gave AEX a beating! Hopefully many more to come. As for myself I’ve been doing random fist pumps the last few days and can’t stop smiling. Might have to go see a doctor soon if this doesn’t stop.