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  1. I’m not a huge fan of stats as they can be misleading but if you look at Fetfa he’s back to his usual self. In a total of 20 possible games for Olympiacos he has played only 3 full games. The rest is off the bench, 10 minutes here, 5 minutes there. A total of 1 assist. Pretty appalling figures. But I’m not surprised. This has been par for the course for Fetfa. If he was such a gun he would’ve played most games for his club team. Not cameo appearances off the bench. He’ll be 28 years old next month. That is peak age. He should be setting the GSL on fire! Instead the only thing on fire is the bench he keeps warming. Other than the Arab league, he’s hardly played one solid season. Sorry but for me he’s not a proper player. Far from complete. Lacks in many parts of his game (hence why manager after manager can’t make it work with him). He’s a pea heart. His best move would’ve been to go to a smaller team so he can play every match. Maybe then he’d get match fit and more importantly mentally fit because I tell you now, mentally he’s not there. And if he’s not there at 28 years old, he’ll never be there. As always, if he starts killing it, I’ll be the first to admit it. But until then, for me, he’s a mid table GSL player. Panionios level at best, let alone NT.
  2. Bananas

    PAOK Technical Director (Mario Branco)

    No idea who this Branco is. I’m kind of surprised the hand over wasn’t done at the end of the season. What’s the rush ? I can only assume Michel wanted out now. Overall Michel has been a very good TD. There’s been some so so signings especially this summer (none have really come good yet) but there’s also been some superb signings.
  3. Bananas

    NT Coaches

    Can’t tell you for sure. It’s just a feeling. But I think they’re just going for someone new to start fresh. And honestly, I’ve *never* heard a bad word about Basinas. He’s always had that image of being a good honest guy that jut works hard. I liked the interview where Angel said he only needs one minute to sort a player out, ha ha. I hope he has the boys frothing at the mouth come game time.
  4. Also, no idea why Karelia has been selected over Lazaros. Bizarre.
  5. Why you boys have a love affair with Fetfa I will never understand. The guy is so meek and fragile. If he actually starts killing it in the GSL then fair enough, I will change my opinion, but right now I wouldn’t be selecting him either. And no, I don’t believe in giving him a chance just because he has good technique. That is not enough. Koulouris on the other hand (who has 25% the technique of Fetfa) has *earned* the right to be given a chance due to his performances so far in the GSL. And that’s the way it should be. I sincerely hope Angel goes with 3-5-2 with Koulouris and Mitro up front. Our Ethniki has been unable to score more than 1 goal a game for years now. Simply put, we need more firepower. And we need to apply more pressure on the opposition. The 3 at the back are obvious. I’d like to see Risvanis get selected and get some time off the bench. I believe he’s earned it and would make a good rotation player for the NT. In the middle I hope we only have one of Zeca or Kourbelis. You can’t have more than one hacker in the team without destroying your attacking potential. Zeca and the 3 at the back should be enough to defend with. If you’re so afraid of conceding that you need to play 2 exaria then might as well pack up your bags and don’t even bother coming to the game. I’m tired of watching this scaredy cat approach we have. As to the other two midfielders. Obviously one goes to Fortounis and the other I’d go Pelkas (for his running). Then sub whoever isn’t performing with Mantalos. GK not fussed. I’d go with Vlach but happy with any of them. They are all solid selections. Nice to have depth there. The wing backs is tricky. Not sure who is best at this stage for these positions.
  6. Bananas

    SL–R10: PAOK - Panaitolikos (11-Nov-18, 17:15 EET)

    Good to see Kitsiou play and play well. I dare say he played better than what Matos has been lately. Likewise Shakhov played half decent also. We need all players to step up when called upon if we want to win the title. All aboard ... choo choo.
  7. Bananas

    Aris - Olympiakos (November 4, 2018)

    How many games undefeated will it take before you admit PAOK has a half decent team ? We are at 10 now. If we get to 15 will that do it ? 😉
  8. Bananas

    NT Coaches

    Thanks champ. Interesting interview. Feeling positive about the two Angels.
  9. Bananas

    PAOK Fans Gyradiko

    Hell yeah man.
  10. Bananas

    EL–GS-R4: Vidi FC - PAOK (08-Nov-18, 19:55 EET)

    I'm more annoyed at the loss of coefficient points than anything else. We need (and Greece needs) every coefficient point we can get and these last 2 games have been a waste. I think that Lucescu is showing a lack of experience and nous in Europe. He's very good for the Greek League. He knows the league, its teams etc. But in Europe maybe he's not so good. Then again, we played so well in the qualifiers. Not I'm confused ha ha.
  11. Bananas

    Toumba Stadium

  12. Bananas

    EL–GS-R4: Vidi FC - PAOK (08-Nov-18, 19:55 EET)

    Just had a flash of inspiration. 3-5-2. Varela, Crespo and one of Tosca/Xatseridi at the back. Limnios and Warda as wing backs. Pelkas, Biseswar in the middle with one of Canas/Wernbloom. Akbom and Prijo up front. Yeah I know it ain’t gonna happen ha ha.
  13. Bananas

    SL–R10: PAOK - Panaitolikos (11-Nov-18, 17:15 EET)

    I’d be surprised if Lucescu messes with the Varela/Crespo pairing at CB. It’s finally working and purring like a well oiled machine. Even Yiankos has not been criticising Crespo of late and that goes to show you miracles do happen. 😅 Which leaves us with Kitsiou and Tosca. If Kitsiou doesn’t get a run this game then he’s done for. Let’s see what happens. I’m a bit annoyed with the club that they’ve left these two positions with no depth. Sure you can slot Crespo or Tosca there but they’re a band aid. They aren’t what we need. And at RB we have only Kitsiou who isn’t rated. If you don’t rate him get another player. If I was Savvidis and Lucescu told me “I don’t rate him” I’d be getting angry at Lucescu. He’s your pick papara. The only good thing is we don’t have difficult games in the GSL so the timing is all right. But it’s a concern that Lucescu keeps flogging Matos and Vieirinha. One more thing. If Lucescu really doesn’t want Kitsiou I’d be playing Limnios as RB in some of the easier GSL games. He’d be more than fine. Possibly better than Matos who is looking a bit burnt out. And bring back Giannoulis.
  14. Bananas

    NT Coaches

    Yeah man I’m harsh ha ha. But regardless, for Mitroglou doesn’t work in our NT. When your NT lacks technically, you can make up for it through work rate and organisation. In other words, run mother f##ckers. That’s what the Germans and Italians have been doing for decades. In our NT you can maybe, and I mean maybe, have one player that doesn’t run like a trelo. And that slot goes to Fortounis. Everyone else has to be fitter and harder working to overcome our technical limitations. Having said that, that’s my philosophy or take on it. To each their own. But if I was the opposition coach playing against Greece and I see a lineup with Mitroglou up front, I ain’t worried much. As to who else to put up front, right now I’d be playing Koulouris if only to piss Mitroglou off and maybe get him angry enough that he ups his game ha ha. It’s kind of sad that have so few options up front.
  15. Bananas

    2018-19 Season

    As a side note, it’s interesting what’s happening with Panathinaikos this season. If they continue with their good run, I hope this inspires other teams (I’m looking at you Aris) to have some faith in their youth and give them a go. Added bonus is you don’t have to pay big wages. But, this takes having a very good manager who is given freedom and time to build. People forget when Alex Ferguson took over Man Utd he didn’t win jack for the first few years. Another thought. PAOK has good youth these days. If I was Aris I’d be raiding the best youth of not only PAOK but all teams in Greece. I think a lot of these players could be tempted if offered first team football and a professional contract.