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  1. PAS Lamia 1964 2017-18 Season in SL

    Lamia have done well against both Olympiakos and AEK. Made them both sweat. Can hold their head up high and if they keep this up will have no problem staying in the top division.
  2. Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    CL money is part of the problem. The part I think is more detrimental is how teams in the EU can have as many players as they want that are EU nationals. I'd prefer if there was a limit like they do in Turkey. But that would never happen. The big boys would squeal.
  3. Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    I would've preferred we had Henrique. Maybe he could've scored on the weekend against Apollon Smyrnis. Lord knows we needed some firepower and someone that could take players on, one vs one. That is one thing Henrique is good at.
  4. Yiankos, any team with a weakness is exposed, and rightfully so. In our case our midfield is poor. The defense also but right now the midfield is the bigger problem. The quality is there on paper, but on paper only. Canas, Cimirot, Shakhov, El Khaddouri, Mauricio, Biseswar all not performing to their full ability. Whether it's poor form, poor fitness, whatever, doesn't matter. The fact is there is no midfield at the moment and until these players are fit and in form, we will continue to struggle. Nevertheless, I think we all still expect a win in Toumba. After all, in Toumba we are lions. In Athens, we are kittens.
  5. One thing that is indefensible is so many players in the squad that appear to not be fit.
  6. Too hard to judge Lucescu just yet. Remember, Ivic started off slow as well. The two away games so far in the GSL are par for the course. The players need to do their job also and put the ball in the net. It's not like we didn't have the run of the play and didn't have enough opportunities to score. Sure we could be playing better but there's enough quality/chances there to finish off games. The HUGE fail was definitely EL but again, how much was Lucescu's fault and how much was the players and the administration ? I am not sold on Lucescu but it's too hard to judge him just yet. If people think any manager can come in and just turn this team around (remember how poor we were in the play-offs), they are dreaming. Let's see what the next month or two brings ... if he lasts the long ha ha.
  7. We qualify for EL most years and still we get results like this EVERY year. It has nothing to do with EL. It has to do with DRIVE and WILL to win. The only thing these players are good for is saying "I've come to PAOK to win the title" when they first sign, and they are also very good at saying "sorry" when they get a bad result. You do get results like this from time to time, you can't always win. But with PAOK it's not sometimes, it's often.
  8. I'd have been surprised if we did win. We have never done well away from home. Just lack that killer instinct. Don't really know if he's any good or not. He might be a great manager but he's only been in the role for a month or so and didn't have a proper pre season which didn't help. His substitutions do seem a bit off but we don't know what's happening at the training and if he's doing this to try and get players some match fitness. Or he may be terrible, who the hell knows at this stage. What I do know is that this squad could have any manager, really, and should be winning these sorts of games 3-0.
  9. Important game to win. Olympiacos dropped a lot of points last season. I don't think they'll be so generous this year. If we want to challenge we need to start winning in Athens.
  10. PAS Lamia 1964 2017-18 Season in SL

    Congratulations! May you have lots of victories (except against PAOK).
  11. PAE PAOK General News & Discussion

    Interesting article in so far as it shows how much wages we are paying. http://www.sport24.gr/football/omades/Paok/pio-pshlos-pio-wrimos-pio-akrivos.4838917.html 15 million in wages. Add the 40% tax and it's 21 million.
  12. Ha ha ha. Yes it is unusual ... but I like it. Their form has been poor so far this season. It's like you said there are 8 players fighting for 3 positions. Still you'd think they would at least have made the bench.
  13. Former PAOK Players/Coaches

    Sfaliares from those big mits of his, ha ha.
  14. Stay safe Yiankos. You can't let anything happen to you before we win a title.
  15. Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    There is. They didn't win. Hence you look for any and every decision that didn't go your way. Mind you PAOK, AEK and PAO are the same. Big bunch of cry babies all of them. Do you see that in other countries ? I see BIG mistakes ALL THE TIME in other countries. But they get over it and move on. In Greece, it has to be a conspiracy. M-A-L-A-K-I-E-S.