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  1. Bananas

    SL–R5: Olympiakos - PAOK (30-Sep-18, 20:30 EEST)

    Well said @paokarag4. It’s amazing how well behaved the players and officials are with foreign referees. Put a Greek referee in there and watch it all fall to pieces. Kind of like when you got emergency teachers in school. At least, that’s what my school was like. But I was a good boy. 😉
  2. Bananas

    SL–R5: Olympiakos - PAOK (30-Sep-18, 20:30 EEST)

    @paokarag4 agree about Vieirinha. At least in the form he’s in lately. Having said that the goal did come from his cross ha ha. One thing that was concerning was all the headers we lost at set pieces. I thought that with Matos, Varela, Crespo and Prijovic we’d be all right but apparently not. Surprising and concerning. Something we definitely have to work on.
  3. Bananas

    SL–R5: Olympiakos - PAOK (30-Sep-18, 20:30 EEST)

    Spot on. It’s funny, last season in Athens we should’ve beaten them and we lost to a whatever goal. Today the opposite happened. The good thing is even playing quite average we are still hard to beat. Having said that I don’t think this is sustainable to win the title. We need to improve.
  4. Bananas

    Former PAOK Players/Coaches

    5 thousand ?! The cyprians would’ve made a killing on gyros ha ha. Good to see crowds like that though.
  5. Bananas

    Cup–GS-R1: PAOK - Aris (26-Sep-18, 19:00 EEST)

    It’s not social media per se but rather the abundance of entertainment options. You know what there was to do at home in the 80’s ? Not much! So we went for a kick EVERY day. There were time we didn’t have a ball we’d play with a tennis ball or whatever we had. Staying home was pretty boring so we were out all the time. The arcades were MAD also by the way. Have you guys seen the academy of Benfica ? That is how you make players. If we don’t start doing the same we will fall further and further behind. The days of “finding” players doesn’t really exist anymore. The parks and streets are no longer full of kids having a kick. It is what it is and we have to adapt.
  6. Bananas

    PAOK Fans Gyradiko

    Thanks champ.
  7. Bananas

    Cup–GS-R1: PAOK - Aris (26-Sep-18, 19:00 EEST)

    Only saw highlights, but Aris looked pretty damn good. Could’ve even put us away. They had two very good chances to score again. In the context of the league being more competitive, and the general level of the GSL improving, this is a good thing. Congratulations to the Aris boys on the forum and go easy on our Yiankos. We love him.
  8. Bananas

    Cup–GS-R1: PAOK - Aris (26-Sep-18, 19:00 EEST)

    Biseswar has more football brains than nearly the whole team put together. If he was a little faster and fitter he’d be playing in stronger leagues. The guy can judge naturally and with little effort, whether to pass, hold the ball, for how long etc. If he had a motor as well he’d destroy the league. As it is, having a guy like that on the bench, can’t ask for more.
  9. Bananas

    SL–R5: Olympiakos - PAOK (30-Sep-18, 20:30 EEST)

    Good to know about the foreign referee. If Kaddouri is injured and with Warda playing games, I can see Biseswar playing on the flank. Or even if Lucescu dares, he could play Tosca LB and Vieirinha as LW. I am already over Warda and his antics. His stupid attitude means we aren’t at 100% due to his ego. If he was 20 years old I’d say cut him some slack, but he’s 25 ffs. And to think we have him and we let go of Mak and Henrique. Dibidibi dibidai dibidai dibidai indeed.
  10. Bananas

    Former PAOK Players/Coaches

    True but I can’t see him getting a gig at an A-League club even though he probably deserves it. His name is a bit too woggy if you know what I mean. His best chance would be to get a gig as an assistant and go from there. How is the Olympic Village ? Haven’t been there in ... probably 7 years now. Never liked that ground. I always preferred Olympic Park. Yep, showing my age.
  11. Bananas

    SL–R4: PAOK - AEK (23-Sep-18, 20:30 EEST)

    Warda best keep his head down. I’m still not impressed we sent Henrique on loan so that Warda had a place in the squad. He’s woefully immatureand erratic. Scored a good goal against Benfica and now he’s the man.
  12. Bananas

    Trump Is Not the Problem, the DNC is

    Good points Bashibozuk. It seems obvious, and yet many have difficulty grasping it. I wonder how many voted for Trump just because he wasn’t establishment or just because they perceived HRC as “more” establishment. Even if it was 1% (and I believe it was a little more than that) it was enough to change the outcome. I think the only solution is to remove voting rights from pleb voters. I will have to design a test to detect said plebs. Any ideas ?
  13. Bananas

    SL–R4: PAOK - AEK (23-Sep-18, 20:30 EEST)

    Stop re yiankos. I almost spat out my food when I read this! Ok, I’m taking a screen shot of this and printing it out. Must have a hard copy for evidence just in case ha ha. I’ve been unable to see games this season due to starting a new job so I have to just watch highlights and read match reports. It seems like this was a proper derby where both teams played to win and both had their chances. Good to see. It’s kind of sad that a foreign referee officiated. Unfortunately it’s the only guaranteed way to get the players to just play the game. Maybe one day ... nah who am I kidding. In closing ... PRIJOGOAL. And if I read another post where people say “I’m ok if we sell Prijovic for over 5 million”, to those people I say, just watch that 1st goal again and again. If Prijo was playing for AEX and we had Klaus, AEX win. By the way, Zambia has struck again. Been watching his vids on Youtube. Crazy kid. What a laugh.
  14. Bananas

    SL–R3: OFI - PAOK (15-Sep-18, 18:15 EEST)

    No need to sound all calm, reasonable and sensible mister pash. I prefer shrill hysteria. Speaking of which, what the f##k got into Paschalkis. Siga re therio, acting like he’s a sick c##t against OFI. Not sure whether to laugh at him or give him a backhander. Only problem is I’d need to stand on a stool to reach his head.