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  1. The time is now to start Lambrou. Let Biseswar have a rest and come off the bench if required.
  2. Sounds like a back up in case Giannoulis is sold. Not sure if the player would be interested in coming to be 3rd choice LB. Then again maybe Ferreira doesn't like using Vieirinha as a LB. For myself, I still think Vieirinha at LB is his best position and benefits the team greatly.
  3. I still wonder if Rey would be better than what we have.
  4. Sheez I came into this thread to see the latest posts and lo and behold pash has managed to desecrate it. Not that I'm surprised. He's our special one. @PaokCT welcome. Hope you enjoy your time here. We've been living great days with our team with hopefully more to come. Now I've just gotta find my ruler ... I know I had one laying around here somewhere.
  5. More important than the 3 points, we need a derby win. If we don't win then it will just play on the team psychologically. It will be a tough game either way. As for our GK's, we've never had a class GK. I though with Paschalakis we were finally there, but alas it's not to be. You'd think with all our youth there'd be someone coming up.
  6. Maybe we can swap EK for Shakhov ?
  7. The planet will heal itself, no doubt, but in the meantime we will have exacted an enormous toll. At least people are talking about it now. There are so many angles to it, but in the end the only thing that will make it get serious attention is when it affects "us" humans directly, often and in a very serious way. Until then, the mantra of perpetual growth remains.
  8. Hopefully Mystakidis signs there and kicks ass. I always had a soft spot for him but in the last few seasons the level of players we brought to the team has been strong and he hasn't been able to stay in the first team. It is what it is.
  9. almand, the club re-signed Biseswar for 3 years and now his contract expires in June 2022. He is 31 years old so the club absolutely understands his abilities and values him. If anything, Biseswar is getting more game time under the new coach than with Lucescu. I think it will be a very long time before we get a player of similar technical ability. He really is a fantastic player. If he was a bit stronger/faster he wouldn't be playing in Greece. As for all the different analyses, I will defer to Mitsos analysis. It's pretty spot on. As for PAOK, our new coach seems to be from the Martins school of "I want to win and play beautiful at the same time" which has led us to 4 draws and 1 loss in derbies. I personally prefer the practical approach of Lucescu who still had a team that played well enough to win but at the same time you had to spit blood to score a goal against us. We will see what the rest of the season brings.
  10. You've lost weight and trimmed the beard. Looking good young man.
  11. To be fair he didn't get any opportunities at Sporting. Even with us last season Misic had virtually no opportunities. For myself, I am happy to have a "free" surprise like this. The fact that he can play as a 10 if required even if it's not his natural position is a bonus!
  12. I would believe you and I prefer it was Aris rather than a small team or especially worse a team from Athens. In the first half we were better, not by much but better. But so what ? What matters is what you do with the ball. The only thing I can say is that the strategy of your manager is a bit "all in". You can't always expect your finishing will be so good. But anyway, that's his (and your) problem so to hell with that and enjoy the victory today. As for Yiankos, he has praised your performance on our forum. It worries me though. Could it be that now Yiankos might become an Aris fan ?
  13. Agree Blackhawk but football and derbies especially are about seizing the moment. And today Aris did just that.
  14. I'm kind of glad the no loss streak is over. There was too much emphasis on it. As for the game the 2 goals off crosses were cheap and reminiscent of the goals we would concede a few years ago. Teams will be noting this and trying to exploit. It's no use having possession if when you lose the ball the opposition run over you. Abel needs to set this straight. We are even after all this time still lacking a 6 that can cut down opposition counter attacks. Worryingly Zivkovic was poor today. One at the near post and one off the cross which he should have got to. Maybe Paschalakis might get one final chance. In the long run this loss could be a good thing because it did show our weaknesses and even if Olympiakos win we are only 1 point behind them. More important will be the psychology of the team against AEK who will be smelling blood.
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