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  1. Bananas

    Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2018

    Fair point about possibly extending Shakhov’s contract. Age is on his side and I noticed Lucescu praised him quite highly in the post match interview against Spartak. Maybe Moulin might get more game time if Canas goes. Having said that I believe Moulin is an 8 so he’s not really a like for like replacement for Canas.
  2. Bananas

    Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2018

    Moulin, who is that ? Just kidding. Yeah not sure what is going on with him. He couldn’t possibly be another Levek ? He was actually highly rated from what I remember. Regarding Charisis, I don’t see any scenario where stays with the team this season. I’m hoping he goes on loan and plays another full season (like last season) preferably outside of Greece. He’s definitely 5th choice and if you include Moulin then he’s 6th choice. What is interesting is an interview he gave recently where he said he’d made mistakes while he was in Greece. He didn’t elaborate but the implication was that he wasn’t professional and seeing how it was in Belgium opened up his eyes. Next year could be his year. I believe Canas and Shakhov contracts both expire next season (pretty sure anyway) and I don’t see us renewing either. They’ve been good players, solid enough without lighting the world on fire. Helpfully Charisis is ready at that point to take one of the spots. If he’s not ready by then, then I fear he’ll have missed his chance to play for us ever again.
  3. Bananas

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    I don’t understand this love affair with Samaris. Not trying to pick a fight, but he hasn’t been in form for over 2 years. Same goes for Mitroglou and Taxi. None of these players has played a consistent month of football in years. Samaris has been a bench warmer for 2 years. Mitroglou the same and Taxi I don’t even know. The best thing that could happen is for Skibbe to not call any of them. When queried by the media, as he would be, he should respond “when players start caring more about their form than their salary, they will be duly rewarded”. Right now, these guys don’t care because they know they’ll get selected no matter what, because apparently once upon time, they played well. I’m not saying their arseholes who take the NT for granted, I’m saying they’ve been “taught” bad ways by a manager who lacks guts and doesn’t know how to make a team given the other players at his disposal. He also appears to lack imagination.
  4. It will be interesting to see how we go against Benfica. Basel and Spartak are serious teams, but Benfica is one level above them. At least on paper anyway. No idea what their team is like currently. It's interesting to note our team when we played them in 2014, and lost handily 0-1 in Toumba and 0-3 away in Portugal. This was Huub's line for the game in Toumba. Not sure why Lucas and Stoch were on the bench. Glykos Kitsiou -- Katsouranis -- Insaurralde -- Lino Kace -- Maduro (Peponi) Ninis -- Lazar -- Oliseh Klaus Bench: Gspruning (what a mangled name), Skondras, Tzavellas, Vukic (super sub!), Lucas, Stoch, Salpingidis. This was Huub's line for the game in Portugal. Not sure why Lucas and Stoch were on the bench. Glykos Kitsiou -- Katsouranis -- Insaurralde -- Lino Kace -- Maduro (Peponi) Lucas -- Lazar -- Oliseh Klaus Bench: Gspruning, Skondras, Tzavellas, Vukic (super sub!), Georgiadis, Stoch, Ninis. I would like to think our squad is a bit better these days and this time it will be a closer contest!
  5. Ha ha ha. I watched it and it was so so good. I've watched it now a number of times. His facial expression just as he says it is gold.
  6. Bananas

    Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2018

    Yeah man! Stafylidis rotating with Vieirinha. It doesn't get better than that. If Wernbloom is even half the player I've read about, then he'll be twice as good as Canas. Putting the saga to one side, and the question of his contract length and wages, he'll be an awesome signing. Canas is great for the GSL, but once we start playing serious teams he can struggle.
  7. Ha ha, thanks for the laugh. If he was playing like he was a few years ago, entaxi, he’d be a decent backup for Prijo. At his best Klaus was decent and much better than Koulouris. But right now he’s barely B Ethniki. Can’t understand how he dropped so quickly.
  8. Awesome! Hopefully this becomes the new “normal” and maybe even crack 20K consistently in years to come. Related to this ... any news on the stadium ? Is it going ahead ? There was talk over playing at Kaftazoglio for 2 years but haven’t heard anything lately. I wonder if these sorts of membership numbers might make the club revise the capacity of the stadium they intended to build.
  9. Bananas

    Former PAOK Players/Coaches

    Agree. Although to be fair the team was all over the place mentally what with changing of managers and no stability. Not that it matters but I believe he’d be much happier in today’s setup. Because EPL clubs have so much money they’ve lost touch with reality. The transfer fees paid this summer are f###ing stupid. Just stupid. Yeah man, his quality was always obvious. At least to me anyway.
  10. Bananas

    Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2018

    I’m not sure what to make of the Wernbloom saga anymore. Based on his MO he was exactly the sort of player we need. But after everything that’s happened I can’t say if we should have him anymore. The last thing we need is a player coming into the team that the squad doesn’t want. The harmony of a squad is often overlooked and is more important than we think. I can only say that I hope Lucescu has input into the signing as I have full faith in his ability to assess these situations. The team harmony under him has been exceptional.
  11. Bananas

    2018-2019 Superleague

    Congrats man!
  12. Yeah I’ve been waiting for him to ... fail ... but I’m getting real close to thinking he could be our GK for years to come. I don’t see anything other than a serious injury (now I’ve jinxed the guy) stopping him. I suppose if he keeps this up he may even become a transfer target. Anyway, back to the loop ... 🙂
  13. Bananas

    Former PAOK Players/Coaches

    Lucas is a player I’d love to have back at the club but it ain’t never going to happen unfortunately.
  14. Bananas

    Trump Presidency

    The impression I’m getting of him (just doing a little R&D tonight) is of someone who started off sincerely pissed with things and wanting to “do something about it” but now, as you said, he’s a cog now himself. Heck, this is how he makes his bread and butter now. There’s no stopping it now ...
  15. Bananas

    Trump Presidency

    I fully get what you’re saying. The problem is, who becomes the arbiter of what can and can’t be said. And how do you enforce it. It is its own slippery slope. Say what you want, but when you raise your hand you’ve crossed a line. That’s my philosophy and it makes things a lot simpler. As for the Trumpinator and Jones and men of their ilk, what is sad is not so much that they exist and say their vlakies, but rather that so many (oh so many) fall for it. But the truth is, the sort of people that follow Trump are looking for that sort of a person to lead them. In some ways, Trump is a good thing (hear me out) because the US is so so so divided. No one (well the media really) saw it coming and I have to ask why not ? I can only assume the media live in their own bubble and don’t see the reality on the ground. Why have so many voted for Trump ? It’s an important question. Many dismiss it saying they’re just rednecks etc. but I don’t think that’s a cool response. I don’t see this situation changing anytime soon either. The establishment cries foul but they should look at themselves and how they allowed an imbecile to become the most powerful politician in the world. I remember during the GFC seeing a protester wearing a t-shirt that made me smile. He’d written on it “Dont worry, the French aristocracy didn’t see it coming either”, ha ha, it made me laugh. But hey, f##k main st, throw trillions (trillions!) at Wall St. and then wonder why the country is mangled and is run by a baboon. I don’t follow US politics closely enough to know if the establishment has woken up but if I had to guess I’d say probably not.