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  1. And they can get Rale Rasic as TD.
  2. @Blackhawk how much did (a) ERT originally offer (b) change their offer to and (c) NOVA offer ? Why are we even dealing with NOVA ? I thought we were going with ERT but I guess the election of a new prime minister made the difference. Only in Greece. I wonder how much we will lose by going it alone. Will the revenues collected cover the costs of broadcasting ?
  3. Shake their hands, pfft, what for. I'm glad our players didn't shake their hands. You can't win either way. If we take it up the a-r-s-e like we did and you don't complain, you're a pussy. If you complain, you're a sore loser. It is sufficient for me that the players showed their anger to the referee, as it was justified. The only shaking of hands that should be done is by every Ajax player, staff and fan shaking the hand of the referee. He *really* deserves it. As for the 3 penalties, you can argue on the technicalities of each of them individually, but I ask this question first, do you really believe if the opponent was Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juve or Bayern that all 3 would have been awarded ? And there is the problem with modern football. And if you believe they would've been payed, then delusion is indeed your friend.
  4. Hmm, is this complaint to UEFA real ? I hope so. Not that it'll achieve anything in this instance ... it's not about that. It's about next time around UEFA thinking ... "oh crap, those guys *really* got upset last time so maybe we should be a bit more careful with who we appoint". Softly softly as they say. Overall the team can hold their head up knowing they gave it all. That's all we ask. And what's this about a Dutch commentator ? Did his feelings get hurt ? If he was American I'd say he should go see a therapist. Maybe he can smoke some weed instead. A more fun alternative, and cheaper too. Or do what we do in Australia, go to the pub and drink till you're blind drunk and then get into a fight. Then the next day but the bloke you had a fight with a drink. That's Oz therapy for ya.
  5. I thought at the start of this season we’d need 4 wingers with Lamprou being one of them. Apparently not. Not sure what more our coaches need to see to give him a go. Still if they’d rather slot Biseswar on the flanks then we have too many. Personally I wouldn’t have bothered to sign Stoch who so far has been lack lustre.
  6. And the worst of the worst, when you have a final where both teams are from the same country. Good lord what a joke. Like I said, I hope the national associations realize what's happening and revolt. I believe UEFA have foreseen this and I'm guessing this is why they're creating Europa League 2, which I don't mind as a concept per se, but it has a "let's throw them some crumbs" feel to it. Funny thing is these "threats" by the G14 to make a break way league. I couldn't care less. But let's say they did it, how would their fans react ? Go tell Liverpool fans there will never be a merseryside derby. Sure that'll go down real well.
  7. The CL concept started off well. I never really agreed with it but I could understand the concept of having groups, seedings and the like as it meant "big" games would be played a little more often. Before when it was the European Cup it really was luck of the random draw with no seedings so in Round 1 you could have AC Milan vs Real Madrid for example. The only thing that never felt "right" was having more than one team from the same country. Sure mate, Liverpool 2 x European Champions in recent times ... but haven't won their own league. A joke really. What it is now and has been for say the last 7 or so years is just an abomination. I dislike everything about it. I don't think I've watched a full game in 5 years. Just don't find it interesting anymore. Back in the day it actually was interesting because a team from Serbia might beat a team from Spain. You really didn't know and that did actually make it interesting. I'm sure UEFA will say "but hey Bananas you're **SO WRONG**, just look at all the money made, it's proof this is the better way". And maybe it is for UEFA, and the G14 clubs, and for the masses that actually enjoy watches the CL these days, but for me, nah, not interested. 4 teams from one country and zero from others, sure mate, that's real interesting. I hope (but don't expect) that all the National Football Leagues break away from UEFA if this is the case. They should revolt, if they have half a brain, but like I say, I don't expect it.
  8. Agree with Blackhawk. I think Henrique still had something to offer. And I also agree that he was worth it just for that winning goal in the Cup! I will add his assist to Prijovic against Olympiakos was also memorable. On his day he could be very damaging to opponents. It’s a shame as he really seemed to want to play for the club, but yeah, we couldn’t just keep loaning him out each season. It was gracious of Henrique to watch the team against Ajax and then say goodbye to the players afterwards.
  9. Well said @paokarag4 I agree with everything you said. I’ve only seen the highlights but based on what little I saw we have reason to hope. I will add that football is a game of momentum. You can come up with all the tactics and instructions you want but sometimes things just “click” and when they do you gotta try and make it count. Even though Ajax are a better team we had them on the ropes for a good 35 minutes in the first half. If we can get a spell like that in Amsterdam hopefully we can be clinical in our finishing ... and then ... you never know. Either way the performance, overall, was decent and we are still in the tie. Ferreira’s reaction or rather his attempt to not lose his s**t on the second goal (Matos is king) was priceless.
  10. Mak! At his best he was tearing up the Greek league. He's versatile and can play anywhere up front. Those goals against Dortmund ... yeah man. You'd think there would be "synergies" with Stoch from their NT games. And he's at a good age (28). But at this stage I think it's just internet rumours. There isn't room in the squad right now without dropping players or selling and let's face it his loan spell he was average at best, and poor often.
  11. Rumours suggesting Real Madrid to buy Van de Beek from Ajax. Fingers crossed it's true and it happens before the first game in Toumba.
  12. Hopefully the Akpom rumour is just that. Last thing we need is lose him. I like Swiderski but I don’t see him as a like for like replacement. No gun striker equals no challenge for the title, simple as that.
  13. Good luck boys. First game in Europe for a while ... since Man City I think. Enjoy and hopefully get on the front foot with a solid win.
  14. Always look on the bright side of life. We just made so many fans (who hate us) so happy. @Dutch Eagle that’s the spirit.
  15. Krasnodar gave the PAOK team of Tudor a football lesson. It was like a training session for them ... just easy. I'm sure it would be more of a contest today. As for Berg, I'm glad he hasn't gone to another team in Greece. You were PAO all your life, leave Greece with your head held high. Can you imagine if he signed for Oly ? F--k me.
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