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  1. YEAH MAN. Lift that cup! Enjoy the crazy night @DunfermlineAthleticPAOK and @Dutch Eagle.
  2. If this "show" doesn't make Oliveira want to play for us, nothing will.
  3. Good to see the big man Prijo. He struck fear into so many hearts.
  4. You guys haven't heard. The cup is going to be presented by Marinakis and Melisannidis, with special commentary by Alefantos and Tsoukalas.
  5. This is really impressive. They've done this so well.
  6. That is brain dead. You can try the link paok777 posted on page 3 of this thread. No sound though. I've been listening to metropolis. But nova is just playing ads currently and I had to refresh the link from time to time. The usual crap with sh-tty streams. -- edit -- Apologies. Link seems to have gone dead.
  7. -1 point for each flare in the stadium. We are relegated.
  8. Ha ha, I assume so. He can't run. I think the ref might call the game early.
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