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  1. Panathinaiko Kafenio

    yep seems we have lost some green posters
  2. Xanthi-Pao 02/25/2017 19:30

    klona out for Lod? no matter what year what team we always struggle away here our best chance by Moledo in the 89th ft1-0 Xanthi 2 steps forward 1 step backwards with this team
  3. Xanthi-Pao 02/25/2017 19:30

  4. team has been playing well but tuff away match need the 3 points.
  5. APOEL in Europe 2016/2017

    Very good game by Apoel bravo tous deserve to go through.
  6. Panathinaiko Kafenio

    Cisse in Athens for his court case against Marinaki http://www.sport-fm.gr/article/podosfairo/diki-marinaki-sise-aitima-eksairesis-tis-eisaggelews-apo-sise/3335228
  7. Asteras Tripoli - PAO 18/2/17 19:30

    wow seems the boys are on a scoring frenzie keep it up!
  8. Greeksoccer.com

    The Chicago tournaments were good though
  9. PAO-Panetolikos 02/12/2017 19:30

    better showing 2nd half 3-0 bravo
  10. PAO-Panetolikos 02/12/2017 19:30

  11. Greeksoccer.com

    There was a reason why the Kafenio threads got locked. You had the hardcore fans of all teams seeing only there teams colours and nothing else. The red posters might of felt it was them against everyone else but I wont get into those details.