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  1. Andreas Samaris - Benfica

    phil is happy
  2. Kostas Manolas - Roma

    phil hopes he goes to england
  3. Kostas Manolas - Roma

    fat phil is sad
  4. Regardless what others do . we need to show class and restraint. If Bosnians or others come to Greek forums and are respectful ...we must show the same. Fat Phil is not happy
  5. Emir, ignore the haters . they are probably kids or immature loser....
  6. Ioannis Fetfatzidis - Al Alhi

    hes a nice midget
  7. Kostas Stafylidis - FC Augsburg

    hes my best freind
  8. Kostas Stafylidis - FC Augsburg

    hes a nice man phil saw him in london
  9. Kostas Stafylidis - FC Augsburg

  10. Fat Phil had a soda with him in Hamburg
  11. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    setiriedis ....where is he Fat Phil said he sw him play in Portugal
  12. Ioannis Fetfatzidis - Al Alhi

    He looks like Baboo from Fantasy Island
  13. U-19 NT (Neon)

    love him\
  14. U-19 NT (Neon)

    who cares if the albo scored what does that have to do with the under 19