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  1. Many Greek Cypriots who have come to terms with the invasion have been selling their conquered homes on the Turkish side to Turkish Cypriots - so the property in question is 100‰ legally theirs now.
  2. Legally I don't think Meli is allowed to invest in his own club due to him controlling the managing stake OPAP and a clear conflict of interest. However, if he wanted to - I am sure there are plenty of ways to do it. He has spent only what is required and I would not doubt what he has spent has been through loans too - like with Alafouzos - so as to protect his own pot of gold. I feel he does not want to spend his own money on AEK. I believe perhaps he wants to build up the club as a product however - new stadium, good players - and sell for 100's of millions. He will definitely have to put some money into the stadium construction as Greeks are aware of his wealth and will make sure of it. He will make all of it back and more when he sells. €50 million into a stadium.. with a return of potentially €300 million when AEK is sold -s a comfortable risk for a billionaire. Savvidis has spent some cash I believe - badly.. but he has spent some euros in Salonika. I feel he would be far more heartened if more of his Russian comrades join him in Greece to blow their cash too, but they seem hesitant - despite his constant invitations to them. I don't think he will develop the Toumba. I think he is actually a PAOK supporter - hence his huge anger every time PAOK lose and his boastful and prideful statements he makes in anger (like stating he will never go back the Toumba after a recent loss). I am not sure how Savvidis has made his money - as he seems a terrible judge of character, disorganised and susceptible to creating gossipy he said/she said environments that damage the club (as most Greeks do in their personal lives!) He also has a poor footballing mind. I think that the only way he will really splash out is if say Aris get promoted and out-perform PAOK. I can imagining really splashing out to regain pride - but again, probably on garbage players. I think just one more tycoon in the mix buying a Greek a club (a genuine tycoon - not a Papathasakis..) - will encourage the others to spend more to compete. You see Savvidis, Meli and Alafouzos formed an alliance to blame any losses on the fixed league. This actually plays well with groups like Gate13 and Original 21 - but if another owner comes in and out-performs them with his team.. they will either have to say he is owned by Marinakis.. or actually start spending money - their actual money.. and not just bank loans..
  3. Again, to my knowledge you can register for 12 clubs in a season if you wish.. it makes no difference, FIFA and UEFA are only concerned about appearances for clubs. Might be worth having a look at the landmark case: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FIFA_Two If I had to put money on it, I suspect many players in Greece have made illegal appearances over the last decade across the EPO league pyramid. Like everything in Greece, in most cases it was either not picked up, no one could be bothered to pay an hourly rate for a lawyer to look into it - or simply no one could be bothered to report it. It has happened and continues to happen in leagues far better than ours. I am also fairly certain AEK, PAO and PAOK could have found instances that suited them too over the years of these illegalities pertaining to smaller teams that beat them - if they weren't so myopically focused on Olympiacos and learned to analyse the league as a whole and its mechanisms.
  4. That is my instinct. What I wanted for PAO was for them to be relegated at the end of 2012 - go bankrupt and find an owner wanting to take them over for free and build something special from scratch. This happened with AEK. They were begging Mel to take over - he would not touch them until they were free to acquire - no matter how much presidents and organised fans begged him to take over previous to that. Now AEK are very silly in this season. Stupid signings, weak management - a disaster. But financially they are strong and can build on that if one day Mel wants to loosen the ol purse strings. However PAO no longer has this option of falling to amateur league and declaring bankruptcy to my knowledge. The reason? Greece has changed the law. If you go to the amateur leagues now and declare bankruptcy - it no longer writes off your debts. So PAO should aim to stay solvent and in the top league - in Europe each year etc.. Problem I see is no sane man would take PAO off a guy like Alafouzos until Alafouzos makes clear he wants out and will not hinder any potential buyer in any way. To do this Alafouzos basically has to admit failure - and that does not seem on the cards. Incidentally and just out of general interest.. Alafouzos's dad - the source of his wealth and media/shipping empire - is a fanatical Olympiacos fan. Alafouzos himself used to attend Olympiacos events too in his younger days:
  5. My understanding is you can have a player not legally allowed to play in your team and squad. The illegality comes when playing said player - which neither UEFA or the EPO can control. For example, it was legal for Barcelona to buy Arda Turan last season during their transfer ban - they acquired him legally - although if they had played him during their 6 month transfer ban - they would have to forfeit any game he featured in. After their 6 month transfer ban ended - they played him and there was no punishment. The easiest way I can describe it is being banned from driving - you are still allowed to buy cars and sit in them. Turning on the engine and going for a spin is another matter.
  6. To my limited knowledge on the subject - Alafouzos has not used his own money, but has used a series of loans taken out/secured against his own businesses (actually his father's) to pay players. Since his own assets have been frozen by the Greek Government for tax fraud - he is unable to take out/ secure the loans as banks not longer trust that the money will be seen again - hence the cut in budget he announced last week, players not being paid for two months and money owed to Panionios and Esien among others. It is also interesting to note that Alafouzos encouraging the Syriza sports minister to cancel whole months of SL football over the years - has meant Nova Sports have not been obligated to pay the SL clubs for cancelled rounds - which ironically has further damaged Alafouzos's finances and caused a back log of delayed payments.
  7. Yes, but it could just be a fabrication by his agent to play for time. The window to my knowledge closes on the 31st.
  8. Yea.. to be honest it may be low on his list although there are sirens from Cyprus for him. This is a statement of intent for the Greek NT I feel.
  9. I agree. Cyrpus could have easily been avoided. There simply was no plan. Greece bluffed weakly and Turkey called the bluff.
  10. All these things.. Cyrpus, Constantinople, Smyrna etc are all lost causes. There will most likely be no positive outcome. The dye has been cast. It is now a game of holding on to what we have left.
  11. Tzavellas now training at Agios kosmas in full NT regalia. http://www.gazzetta.gr/article/1031221/tzavellas-syntoma-etoimos-pic
  12. Nikos Lybe met with Panionios for the signature of Massoud according to some reports. Panionios denied the reports this morning saying it was fantasy and that PAO still owe them money for Boumale!
  13. I think the invasion of Cyprus was framed wrong in the eyes of most Greeks. It was not invasion per-say, but really a battle for independence. Whenever the Ottomans felt threatened - they would send an invasion force. If you defeated that invasion force - the land was yours (like the Peloponnese, Crete etc) - however if you are defeated by that invasion force - the land will be Turkish.
  14. No no, you are talking about the infamous ''Flowers Case.'' where Adrianopoulos voted to save PAO. That happened many decades ago. What I am talking about is when Alafouzos took over PAO and created the Panathinaikos Alliance in 2012. The debts PAO had at the time should have resulted in relegation by the SL's rules (as Aris know only too well). However Alafouzos presented a plan to pay off the debts in a sustainable manner according to him. So the SL voted on whether to allow PAO to implement it and thus stay in the league - or reject it (which would lead to relegation under the rules). I think all or nearly all the SL clubs voted to allow PAO to continue - with Alafouzos' plan - including Marinakis. It wasn't a major incident, but I remember using it as an example when Gate13 were trying to explain to me that all Marinakis wants is for PAO out of the league. You were not wrong. It happened. It wasn't a big thing - and wasn't headline news - but it happened and was interesting.
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