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  1. JimAdams

    Black Lives Matter Movement

    If you don't know by now that they are referencing Trump suntan color then why bother posting at all. If you do know, stop wasting everybody's time with your hogwash posting.
  2. JimAdams

    Black Lives Matter Movement

    Black Lives Matter activists have released a 10 point plan to address abuses by US police forces. Ending "broken windows" policing, which aggressively polices minor crimes in an attempt to stop larger ones using community oversight for misconduct rather than having police decide what consequences officers face making standards for reporting police use of deadly force independently investigating and prosecuting police misconduct having the racial makeup of police departments reflect the communities they serve requiring officers to wear body cameras providing more training for police officers ending for-profit policing practices ending the police use of military equipment implementing police union contracts that hold officers accountable for misconduct Nothing all that cryptic.
  3. JimAdams

    Justin Trudeau

    "Hmmmmmm. Shake or spit?
  4. JimAdams

    Black Lives Matter Movement

    Yes, referring to people of Asian descent (Japanese) and 'nip' is derogatory and is intended to diminish the people it is directed towards. As far as I know, the Japanese still refer to their country as Nippon, as that is the name of the place in Japanese, but call themselves Nihon-jin. An intentionally dismissive truncation of a legitimate word does not make using it "OK" . With a little curiosity you can look it up on Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nip The same stands for terms used to refer to other people of different skin color or ethnic descent. Ignorance is no excuse for guilt.
  5. JimAdams

    Black Lives Matter Movement

    Is that because you don't have any accurate data? Even so with nothing to back up your racist positioning you still make a racists statement. Are we to take you on your word? Just like Trump's "believe me . my body parts are not tiny." This bullshit and misinformation has been going on since forever. “Whites could not countenance the idea of a white woman desiring sex with a Negro, thus any physical relationship between a white woman and a black man had, by definition, to be an unwanted assault,” writes historian Philip Dray, describing Wells-Barnett’s argument in his book At the Hands of Persons Unknown: The Lynching of Black America. In one instance, found Wells-Barnett, a black man in Indianola, Mississippi, was lynched for raping the local sheriff’s 7-year-old daughter. When Wells-Barnett went to investigate, however, she found something very different: Wells traveled to Indianola and met the alleged rape victim, who was no girl but a grown woman in her late teens. The “brute,” Wells learned, had worked on the sheriff’s farm for a number of years and was acquainted with every member of the family. The woman had been found in her lover’s cabin by her father, who led a lynch mob in order to save his daughter’s reputation. Make any list of anti-black terrorism in the United States, and you’ll also have a list of attacks justified by the specter of black rape. The Tulsa race riot of 1921—when white Oklahomans burned and bombed a prosperous black section of the city—began after a black teenager was accused of attacking, and perhaps raping, a white girl in an elevator. The Rosewood massacre of 1923, in Florida, was also sparked by an accusation of rape. And most famously, 14-year-old Emmett Till was murdered after allegedly making sexual advances on a local white woman. Throughout the antebellum period, whites lived in terror of a challenge to the racial order and believed that black freedom would lead to a world of “Negro domination” where they lived as slaves, or worse. Likewise, during the 1864 election, Northern Democrats attacked Abraham Lincoln as a “black Republican” who sought to debase the white race with miscegenation. Similar accusations were used during the civil rights movement, and in the North, urban whites justified residential segregation—in patterns that still exist—as necessary protection from the violent, sexually aggressive black criminal. What is it that you are afraid of?
  6. JimAdams

    Black Lives Matter Movement

    That's all you talk about. Your entire life consts of digging out articles where black (or colored, or immigrants) people inflict harm on white folks. THe reverse type of crime doesn't even cross your radar. Just stand up and say : I'm a proud racist. I'm sure a bunch of guys in here will friend you on Facebook.
  7. JimAdams

    Black Lives Matter Movement

    You're so freakin' predictable! All the stuff that you post are black on white crimes. Big deal. Black on white, white on black... These crimes happen all the time. So do brown on black, black on brown. It's a diverse society where people of a different race interacted with others. But no - For you any such crime is eviodence that the black (or brown or substitute any color that you like) race is placed on this earth to commit crimes. DELETED>.>>>> I really don't understand how these forums allow for such blatant racism in plain view. Sure I'll get another warning by the moderators who either don't know what constitutes racism or are afraid to stand up against it.
  8. JimAdams

    Black Lives Matter Movement

    The reality is that you don't talk about race and the racial divide in the US. You bash black people and immigrants all those with a different color of skin. An equal opportunity discriminator. And that's post after post, after post, after post. Anything they do or say, they are always on the wrong side of things. It's always their fault, they are the ones to blame for everything. They are the liars the `low lives` that provide support for all your arguments. If that ain't white race supremacy, then maybe Steve Bannon can tell us what it is. I think there is a single word that actually describes it... Any clues anybody? It starts with an `R` R _ _ _ _ t
  9. JimAdams

    Trump Presidency

    To those that keep missing the point. The US Constitution supports people having a choice to choose their religion or sexuality. There's nothing about how religions run their business unless they infringe upon the rights or others. Nothing about whether a person's sexuality is good or bad. It's not the USA's business what Muslims in Yemen do. They can disagree or not support their Human Rights record - according to international standards - but other than that, not their business. In the USA that I have known, people can agree or disagree with somebody else's lifestyle. But they can't violently impose their beliefs on others which is what the current government and Republic party are doing. Maybe it's time to change the party from 'The Republican Party' to 'The US Taliban Party' ? It sounds more appropriate. Ignorance is not a virtue.
  10. JimAdams

    Trump Presidency

    Your words. I guess he's your compatriot from down under, so it's cool for him to jump in I call the beast by its name: 666
  11. JimAdams

    Trump Presidency

    Really? In a forum that ''cherishes' opinions, tolerates alt-facts, I get a warning because I think that people that voted for Trump screwed up this country? You gotta be kidding me! Here we are talking about a constitutional crisis in the US of A, and I get warned because I chastise those that brought Trump into power? You skillfully brush off my question "You let the alt-right people post fake facts call us "attention whores" and "libturds"? Sorry buddy. What or who are you afraid off? Poor old me? I don't have any power. I just try to stand up to racists and bigots. It seems like you preferr to ignore them, or worst yet, cover up for them. Do you really think you are contributing to this thread by isolating me as the problem child?
  12. JimAdams

    Trump Presidency

    So I get a warning for point out alt-facts? When @gk2033 call those who complain "attention whores" that's just dandy? Somehow I sense double standards in here. Is it that the squeaking wheel gets the grease? I can squeak real good. You let the alt-right people post fake facts call us "attention whores" and "libturds"? I get a warning for saying "who the F*** is most Americans" when somebody clearly misrepresents the facts? Is the warning because I called aek66 'deplorable'? Or because I think that people with his political orientation have F***ed up the USA? You want squeaking? You'll get squeaking. Let me see that grease pouring in. I'm an easy target. Let's see what you have.
  13. JimAdams

    Trump Presidency

    Who is 'most Americans'? You and your dog? Last I checked Trump lost the popular vote, and those that voted for Trump live in the middle of nowhere. The people that you see protesting is who the US is about.