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  1. Also, NOVA participates with 6 channels, ERT with its European content, not to mention the variety of other rights that EllasTV has established for its viewers.
  2. RIK yes, Star yes, Mega yes except satellite distribution, Alpha no. Do you really believe Alpha would have given rights to Titan?
  3. Yes, sure, if you just go on accusing everyone, you should sometimes be hitting the target. You cannot be completely useless. I'd surely like to see who ends up in jail. I have a hunch, but I will not share it here. I am only writing truths here, not hunches
  4. I don't see any replies to my questions, only more questions, no problem, I guess this means you have no answersI) I replied on another thread. No, he is actually controlling the rights, he got them, however, for the reason I mentioned II) No, I think he understood he was talking BS when he was in opposition, misled by people who made millions on the back of ERT and are now still lying, trying to convince everyone about the opposite. Well, they should know, nobody takes them seriously, evidence is against them. So, B is the correct answer, above. III) I replied several times, you are not reading clearly. NOBODY. This can be very easily verified.
  5. Not exactly. Not just a "front man", he did take the rights, he controls them.
  6. Yes, potato couch, we might be getting somewhere. (Please, help, how exactly do I multi-quote? I am copying and pasting here) You say that I confirm that DUM-DUM transferred the MEGA Rights to the Pakistani in order to transfer them to Dish in order to avoid the consequences of the DirecTV lawsuit!!! Well, not exactly, this happened in two steps. GMG transferred the rights to Titan to avoid the DirecTV lawsuit, but this has happenned quite some years ago (e.g. when MEGA was on Home2US, rights were with Titan). When the decision was taken to have MEGA back on DISH, Titan could not do it (NOT for the lawsuit, but for other reasons), so they transferred the rights to the Pakistani. About a possible Kontominas lawsuit, I have already replied that, in Greece, it is a bit difficult to sue a web site. So, this might need preparation. The law suit will be filed (if not already). There is no criminal investigation by Financial Crimes Prosecutor Grigoris Peponis regarding any of the things fimotro mentions. You say that "Allow me to point out that each executive at ERT - as it happens in every company - has certain limits to what he/she can sign, depending on the amount involved in his/her decision." Exactly. I am not a lawyer, but my point of view is that no amount was involved in Hoida's letter. This is exactly the lie. Hoida's letter (which had the internal approval of the Legal and Technical Dpts of ERT) was saying that ERT cannot guarantee any amount. ERT indemifies its contractors (obviously). ERT cannot indemnify DISH. Is this a Letter of Guarantee? And, yes, I have seen it.
  7. Oh, I forgot to comment on "one of the most well known news blogs in Greece" http://www.newsnow.gr/article/108507/giannis-papagiannispalia-tou-texni-koskino.html
  8. Replying to several of the above: 1. All said about GMG is correct, I had said the same about "Mrs. dum-dum" 2. The Pakistani knows very well where Athens is 3. When MEGA rights were transferred is irrelevant. MEGA rights were with Titan, not GMG (exactly because of the DirecTV lawsuit). The reason of the transfer was the Titan/DISH bad relationship. 4. Ah, so "the Letter of Guarantee" has now become "a letter that guarantees"? What about the $2.5M Letter of Guarantee? I guess there isn't one. What there exists is a letter stating that, in the case that any ERT rights owner (in our case PCCWG/KBI) has to indemnify any distributor (in our case DISH) following a court decision, then ERT has to indemnify the rights owner himself (as ERT guarantees that such a clause exists in its contract with the rights holder) and cannot indemnify the distributor directly. Is this strange or suspicious? I am not sure that there was no BoD decision, but I think it's not needed for such a letter. And, in any case, it was never "enacted" or used, in any way. So, just fimotro BS. 5. ERT (and the Government) CANNOT reply to anonymous posts, it's as simple as that. 6. I already commented on the delirium regarding the 70M Euros, still fimotro BS. 7. We all now who is behind fimotro and he had been fired in the past by Kontominas (probably, unfairly, but, still...) ...this is why all those posts exist. 8. It might look reasonable that KBI and Dumas have been together all along, but then why did KBI drop ERT off of Home2US? And, KBI did not get the ERT rights in 2010. KBI subleased them in late 2011, early 2012, just for the period until September 2012 (but retroactively, since 2010)
  9. Well, Goebels had a different way of thinking. Sometimes there is no truth in lies/rumors. Now, about ms. "dum-dum", well it's true she had been engaged in a lawsuit back in the days of mega moving from dish to directv. But, what is not mentioned is that accusations were proven false (better said, they were not proven true, which is something fimotro fails to mention). it is expected that she would be having some kind of relationship with all greek channels (except Ant1, who follow their own path since forever), after all she was an employee of the company which was handling all (except Ant1, again, of course) greek tv rights for the US and Canada, so she just created a company to do the job herself. These relationships have been going through ups and downs depending on successes, failures, lawsuits etc... But they do not formulate any kind of strange interconnections or transactions. See an example (and I am going to fiercely use company names, here, and follow fimotro reasoning). 1. GMG has MEGA rights in 2006 (so GMG is obviously paying money under the table to mega, reasonable, eh?) 2. GMG moves mega out of dish to directv, so now GMG is also paying black money to directv, reasonable, too 3. GMG temporary gets ERT rights in 2010 (so GMG is obviously paying ert people, too, correct?) 4. Rights are transferred to KBI in 2012 (so GMG is obviously connected to Contominas, correct?, although we dont expect that they are paying him under the table :cw: ) 5. KBI belongs to the same group as Alpha, so GMG is now obviously illegally related to mega, ert, alpha 6. ert world drops out of home2us, which is a GMG venture (and, temporarily out of ellastv-who are strongly related to GMG, correct?) when KBI gets the rights and is now only offered on Dish together with Alpha. Oops. This is now contradicting with statements 4 and 5 above, so, let's skip it 7. KBI is the only bidder for ERT rights in 2011 and the tender is cancelled although GMG is related to KBI and paying ert people under the table. This is contradicting with all our reasoning, so let's skip it, too I can also write funny stories about "Pan-Pan, the convict" and who was handling the ranch back then
  10. GMG/Titan had to transfer rights to someone else so that a deal with DISH could be reached. This is because DISH can't have an agreement wit GMG/Titan due to past issues. Home2US collapsed, because their Greek and their Croatian business collapsed, so they could not pay SES for the bandwidth. This business is very risky. One (Home2US, e.g.) has to lease satellite bandwidth with a closed contract by a satellite owner (e.g. SES) and then try to find the business to fill it up and pay the bill. Wekk, in reality, you don't buy unless you have some customers already, but you need to buy more than what you need at a specific time or else you cannot add any channels. If you buy on demand then a. you might not find any b. you have to ask your viewers to change their STB settings every now and then. So, you buy based on what you think demand would be. And, what happens if you lose the customers you initially thought would be the base of your business? You get a lawsuit.
  11. What questions do the stories answer? At least, for which questions do you need the stories to find an answer? Why has there always to be some scandal or black money? I am not saying there isn't, but unless some part of the simple story doesn't match, you don't have to complicate it
  12. It's easy to match the names, are you missing anyone from the list? Now, the funny Santa Friday stories do not add much to the "serious" saga Insider started in fimotro. It's the same allegations, yet humorous. And they are full of lies. Read carefully. Nothing is documented. The documents presented say nothing. And when the posts say something, then there are no documents. Where is the so called guaranty? Where are the checks? Where is the "Sheriff" investigation? Don't you think fimotro would have presented them, if they existed? Suing a blog is not the easiest thing in the world (well, not in Greece), you have to match them with a person. You can't sue a web site (not in Greece). I am sure that some private entity or a person will eventually sue them. And I am not telling you to not hold your breath. Now, the public sector (ERT, Government) don't really give a damn. If they were to sue everyone posting true or false scandal reveals, they wouldn't be doing anything else. (Not that they have much to do, anyway, in my opinion)
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