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  1. That one hurt to watch... but thanks for the footage anyways. Hopefully one of these years we'll have better results, and get further in the the UEFA CUP, or Champions League. PAOK forever!
  2. Bravo re PAOKara, we started the New Year with a great win! Happy New year to all! :D
  3. That's a bummer, it looks like we're in a slump. I see a pattern here developing. A new coach takes over, initially starts well, and then the team starts tanking it, and the coach gets fired. More of the same, but at least now we have hope for new ownership.
  4. Can't say I'm surprised, more of the same ole, same ole, at PAOK. Hopefully one of these decades PAOK will stabilize as a team and an organization.
  5. Thanks for the video footage DrGonzo, I appreciate it! Nice goals, hopefully a sign of other great things to come.
  6. Anyone have video footage of the goals? I'd love to see them. GO PAOK!
  7. Bravo PAOK, a great start to the season! I have a question, wasn't Mieciel supposedly traded early in the off season? What happenend there? Nevertheless, I'm glad we still have him!
  8. Welcome to the forums Paoktsis, it's always great to see new PAOK fans in here!
  9. Xronia polla Chris, may you have many more! PAOK forever, and thank you for all the detailed news and analysis you provide for us in the PAOK forums. Niko
  10. As usual, another class act by Salpi. Very kind of him to help out the employees of PAOK who haven't been paid in ages. How great it would be if only we had a few more like him in upper management of PAOK who actually gave a sh*t about PAOK and the organization.
  11. One disaster after the other for PAOK. I'm glad I bought myself an official jersey last year, while they still exist...
  12. Finally some good news for PAOK....
  13. Very cool. Bravo PAOK women! I didn't know they even had a women's Greek league. How long has it been around? Has anyone seen any games?
  14. F*cking nightmare for PAOK. Now let's see what happens with Savidis....
  15. More insanity when it comes to PAOK... the next few days should be interesting.
  16. Happy Birthday PAOK!! Na zises polla ala xronia!!
  17. This situation sucks! What a disaster...
  18. 3-1 PAOK final. Bravo pedia! :tup: I didn't hear or see the game, any comments about our play?
  19. Here's my view on the controversial points in the game: -Hard to tell if AEK's goal at the 23' was offside. It was a really close call, but advantage goes to PAOK because at the time of the pass the last PAOK player on defence stopped going forward, as the AEK player continued forward. -It was a definite penaltly that AEK did not get at the 36', AEK was robbed on that non-call. -The penalty call at the 91' was total bullshit. Lymbe dove and got the Oscar on that one.
  20. Bravo PAOK! Nice to see 15,000 at Toumba too, with no fan trouble. :tup:
  21. 3-0 final! Bravo PAOK! We're seeing a little bit of light in a tough season...
  22. Wow a win for PAOK. It sure has been a while. Bravo re pedia.
  23. PAOK and Greek soccer have reached a new low. This is so dissapointing, unacceptable, and pathetic. Something needs to be done now. You are totally right crazy, it won't be long before we have dead people at our games... I really hope it doesn't come to that, but it will if we don't correct this behavior as soon as possible. PAOK, Greece, and Greek soccer need to take this very seriously, and take drastic measures to get rid of the cancerous hooligan filth that is destroying every team, and greek soccer as a whole. This is not a PAOK problem, this a Greek problem that needs to be addressed head on, by all of us, immediately. Fan bans do not work, they never have. We need to arrest these bastards, throw them in jail, and ban them (from attending soccer games) for life. We also need to spend the money and have really tight security at every stadium. Search everyone for weapons, or anything they might use to throw onto the field. Stadiums need to be on high security until peace is restored. If anybody gets out of hand, kick them out, and arrest them immediately. This is the only real solution, and the only thing that will correct this criminal behavior.
  24. Nikolaos

    I totally agree with you byzantinos.
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