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    Demis has proved he is not kokalis no need to be alarmed guys
  2. Spears

    Stathis Aloneftis

    When it suits you kyproi you are greek and when ti doesnt you are not! Expletive deleted - The Moderator
  3. Spears

    Asteras acquire Ambaris

    Why which players do thye have which are solid players?
  4. Spears

    Summer News

    I think ARIS will either be awesome or useless only time will tell OLIVA will play a big role! Their recruits seem to be decent though
  5. Spears

    Summer 2007 transfer period

    if we could get FYSSAS, SHIKABALA, KMelachrinosDIS and a proper striker even OKKAS the kreas we would have an awesome squad IMO
  6. Spears

    Summer 2007 transfer period

    Bring us FYSSAS and 2 other quality signings and were set for big things
  7. Spears

    Toumba Stadium

    A new stadium is 5-10 years away! We need our own training facilties first! A WORLD CLASS ONE
  8. Spears

    Summer 2007 transfer period

    Whats his bio??
  9. Spears


    Lets hope for a big name as if it is and AEK qualify for the champions league expect big things guys! DEMIS AND FERRER have a winning mentality and its is coming throuhg day by day at AEK
  10. Spears

    Summer 2007 transfer period

    We need 2-3 solid signings and well have an awesome team! That is coz the hype ZAGO will give us during the year will help a lot! BRING US FYSSAS, KAPSIS and another and the younsgetrs will do well! Why need to sing some young talents also! What are our thoughts on ANASTASIADIS is he the next big thing or not?
  11. Spears


    -----------------------NIKOPOLIDS----------------------------------- ZEVLAKOV-------CEZAR---------BRAVO-----------TOROSIDIS---- GALETTI-----------STOLTIDIS----------DJORDEVIC---------------- --------------------------CASTILO------------------------------------- KONSTANTINOY----------KOVACEVIC-------------------------------
  12. Spears


    AEK has held of the numebr 9 so the striker is coming!
  13. Spears

    Summer Transfers 2007

    I agree with akritis! Its important to sign youth so you can grow players lkike nini and castillo! But if Kovacevic comes in, who by the way is a proven scorer and he tuks away 15 goals you cant aks for more! But olympiakso lacks in the midle of the park, imo PAO lack at the back and off the field their front line can really do damage if coached well
  14. Spears

    Summer 2007 transfer period

    Good players up for grabs: charalabidis, bovio, okkas, babaginda, vallas, aliouta, anderson, pautaso fyssas, gianakopoulos, karagounis. Would you guys want any of these players to join paok?? charisteas would be the signing of the season! Babangida would do well i think. We got no one to back up arabatzis on the rb spot what you reckon bout pautauso??