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  1. So you guys that have Home2Us, how do you like their service so far? Judging by their website, Alter is not offered. Is it safe to say that Alter Globe is dead? Has anyone heard anything? Alter in Greece seems to be operating normally. They have a morning show that's filling the early slot while Aytia is on vacation. And they have a show called Summer Live while the Bla Bla people are sunbathing. Have they been bailed out of their debt?
  2. Yeah, that's what they told me back in July of 08 when they did repair work on my dish and replaced my receiver because it went bad. They said they would be upgrading everybody w/in a couple of months and those couple of months went by and nothing ever happened--until I got that letter in the mail last week. So a couple of months was actually 3 years--at least for me.
  3. Dish Network tech just left my house. Basically he took out the old dishes and installed one new dish which is able to receive both American and int'l programming (SD only). The only difference is my old dish for int'l channels faced the SE sky while this new one faces the SW sky. Receiver remained the same.
  4. I got a letter in the mail from Dish Network on Monday. Basically it states that "due to improvements in our system's technology, it may be necessary to reconfigure your dish antenna or replace some of your existing equipment". I called today and made an appointment. They're coming to my house on Saturday. From what I understood, I think they're replacing my dish. As far as equipment (i.e. receiver) they will replace it if the new dish is not compatible w/ my current receiver. Everything is being done free of charge. Finally we get something free. :) If we could only get ERT for free.
  5. If he plans to add this content but at the same time keep also the stuff that's already on there, then I myself don't have a problem w/ it. Newscasts in English would be great because for me I don't understand a lot of the things they say when it comes to economics and politics. I hated the fact that ANT1 pulled their English newscasts off the air a while back.
  6. Your 1st hunch is correct, Grk101, this is a new update to their website. It was not there before.
  7. I am curious gang3171--do you really find there are instances when TWO different Greek channels have something worth watching? I usually have trouble even finding one thing, and often wonder why I even have the ones I do. :D I can say the same thing for American channels and I have much more of them.
  8. Well screw that option! I contacted WhereverTV about having multiple receivers and they said this:You can have as many receivers hooked up to one account as you would like, however, only one receiver can be connected to one account at a time. So, if you have a receiver in your living room and one in your bedroom, you would not be able to watch your subscription on both simultaneously. You could, however, go from one room to another and watch the subscription in one room and then move to the second room and continue watching in the second room. Sincerely, Rob Johnson Customer Service Representative WhereverTV It doesn't work for me because I'm not the only one in my household. Someone in this forum had said that IPTV was the future. Not with this setup. :nono:
  9. If I had to pick between EllasTv and WhereverTV, I would pick WhereverTV. They sound much more legit and their website provides much better info. And their receiver prices are so much cheaper with 3 different models $59.99, $79.99, & $99.99. These receivers are also available for purchase at Best Buy, Wal-Mart, RadioShack, and other retailers as well as their website. Package prices are better as well as a-la-carte for any channel ($14.99). Mega, ERT, & Star are currently available with RIK and GMTV coming in August. Alter is listed as coming soon. I'm considering in getting the channels from them but I'd like to hear from other people first.
  10. This is why I'm hesitant to become a subscriber. GMG is highly suspect.
  11. Question, Grk101, if I may ask. When you get your bill in the mail or if you get an e-bill, what company does it come from? On another note, I checked out that WhereverTV website, and it states that the Greek package info will be available tomorrow.
  12. Greek Media Group updated their website. No changes really unless you want to count a change of font as a change or that they have removed the statement "Coming Soon" from the pages of Alter, Star, & GMTV. But they also don't state where these channels can be found. What a wonderful website, full of information. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. If you go to the Greek Media Group website and click on the Mega Cosmos link, Euro-World Network is no longer listed as a platform. Only RCN & Cablevision are listed. On the main home page if you notice there is a Mega Cosmos banner that reads, "Order today: 800-306-7526". All previous info that was on that banner has now been deleted. I remember that there was more info at 1 time on that banner. So anyone out there knows what this means?DKSat, any insight?
  14. If you go to the Greek Media Group website and click on the Mega Cosmos link, Euro-World Network is no longer listed as a platform. Only RCN & Cablevision are listed. On the main home page if you notice there is a Mega Cosmos banner that reads, "Order today: 800-306-7526". All previous info that was on that banner has now been deleted. I remember that there was more info at 1 time on that banner. So anyone out there knows what this means?
  15. According to the UBI website, the programming guide currently lists programs from Mega & Star for the Ellas + channel. What's the point of this channel if there are already separate Mega & Star channels? It's not like you can get Ellas + a-la-carte. It would be different if you could. It's a waste of a channel to make it look like you're getting a lot of channels for a "good" price.Here's to Ellas +. :tdown: :nono:
  16. It would be approx. $72.00-so you're right Kolossos it would be about the same price also if everything here was on 1 platform.Before December 1st 2006 everything was on Dish Network but there was no Alpha or Star over here at that time.
  17. As of today's exchange rate (Jun 10), 1 US dollar = approx. 95 Australian cents. The prices in US dollars would be the following: Complete package: $73.81 ANT1 Pacific: $31.61 MEGA Cosmos: $26.33 Those prices are pretty steep. If I lived there, complete package would be the only option to go. The prices on the a-la-carte channels are ridiculous. At least they get radio channels we don't get and they get MAD World something we were promised over 4 years ago on their website and still nothing.
  18. It's nice to get everything on 1 platform there in Australia. I wish we were so lucky here in the states.
  19. ERT finally came to their senses. Anyway one of the most exciting voting processes since I've been watching. For a while you didn't know who the winner would be but in the end it was Azerbaijan. Other "winners" tonight were Italy who returned after a 14 yr absence and captured 2nd place, Sweden who experienced technical problems during rehearsals captured 3rd, Ukraine was a surprise with 4th place (the sand artist helped) and last but not least,
  20. Just FYI, ERT did it again. :nono: They did not broadcast the 2nd semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest on ERT World. You know, they could at least make some sort of announcement but I guess that's wishful thinking on my part. Thank goodness my brother-in-law subscribes to Russian programming (he's Ukrainian) and was able to DVR the contest on Channel 1 Russia World (channel 2140 on DirecTV). There's also the option of the live stream on eurovision.tv but doesn't work well if you're not home at the time. Anyway, let's see if ERT does anything on Saturday but from the looks of it probably not. :gr:
  21. The morning and midday shows were on as scheduled (Kafes me tin Eleni, Kous Kous, etc.). Was it just the journalists on strike? Eurovision is an entertainment show.
  22. Does anyone know why ERT World preempted the broadcast of the 1st semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest yesterday? They showed nothing but documentaries during its 3pm-530pm time slot. I tried calling ERT directly several times, but of course no one picks up the telephone. I don't know why it was preempted. It was listed on the program guide. Luckily for me, my sister is married to a Ukrainian and they subscribe to Russian programming. The unfortunate part was listening to the Russian commentary. Don't know a word they said. Anyway, if anybody has any info, please post. Thanks. :)
  23. Our programming. Are you now an employee of EllasTV as well as a subscriber?
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