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  1. Can't wait to see if Ian Daly No.2 is able to actually score...
  2. They are kicking us and punching dangerously, this Vranješ and other of their villagers. Come on, strike back harder. And ref will not help us either with constant protecting AEK's way
  3. The match finished easily in our favor. And that was why I don't rate nor like Pantelidis and that is why I said these 2 men can't be in the same sentence.. That is unacceptable performance at home after you had 0:0 away. Yes, I don't like Hoenning's away matches, but heyyy in home matches to look like that if Pantelidis were my team's coach is simply out of reason. At least, under Hoenning I know that they will try to pass, flick, cross, shoot if possible and they will not concede over 1 stupid goal per 2 matches, for example.
  4. First quarter good, then the blunders in the second to end up the first half as 1:1 If we keep playing like this we will probably witness a destiny of Panetolikos match'es second half where they beat us with energy. Fetfatzidis good this time with "decisioning", Diguiny out of form, and together with Larsson obviously not following Fetfa's movements when he has gotten rid of several players on several occasions. Please, make some substitutions earlier this time.
  5. They still can't be in the same sentence. Pantelidis is worse, of course. Agreed on late substitutions. You can't be sometimes too stubborn!
  6. When already Ideye got injured and when they don't believe in Durmishaj, why not acquiring a striket for God's sake. Away from homw, this with Larsson simply doesn't work. The guy sometimes looks uninterested and blowing some solid situations.
  7. Very lively start of the match, first quarter I mean.
  8. Starting from the last season, I am usually unsure whenever Gama strikes from the white spot.
  9. Well, still no many chances bar one Atromitos' line clearence. Good stuff about Hoenning is that he doesn't rotate much lately. These people at front gel solidly late weeks. Hmmm Velez yellowed. Smart one. Was tough there
  10. It' great to see Savvas Pantelidis...but OFF our bench. I hope Hoenning's team can handle his team though, 'cause I don't want to feel any sore blow afterwards from this ordinary man at best.
  11. Serious quality of football and passing for Greek standards this has been today
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