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  1. Indeed two serious chances, as I was thrilled how poor his shots were at occasions
  2. Krima that Mancini is given so much time in the second half and Diamantopoulos is nowhere near to be given a chance
  3. And of course, bad second half. Still 0:1, 15 mins to go, but we were flirting with a concede for several times.
  4. Good first half so far. We took the lead. Good combo for Fetfa eventually to finish it off
  5. ...ikonomopoulos, katidis 😮 Dioudis here and there tries, at least he sneaks around top 5 in Greek SL, if nothing more
  6. I am eager to see how this Bagalianis will do next season and how he would develop. A lot of kids lost themselves past years from Angeloudis, Tryantafyllakos, Stavropoulos, Sounas, Bougaidis etc, even Gianniotas totally blew his career.
  7. Also this Rose is quite ordinary when playing CD, not too much better as a RB either, let alone as LB. Very good when being in form and while rest of the team was at rise. But in other occasions simply bad for this position and not so good overall. I think similar is stated by ukworm once he fell apart at his game, as we probably share the opinion about him.
  8. Delizisis just gets on my... Seriously?! Again 😞
  9. Finish it for God's sake. That was very near the goal and not that tough. He is just a horrible finisher. Krima. Skill is there but anything else is...well...
  10. Good afterwork open friendly game as expected. At least in the start.
  11. With this psychology and roster problems, this series of losses won't probably stop. Even the good image that this coach has had when it comes to playing big matches minus olympiakos will be ruined and that will be it. Outplayed in some strange way against Aek, lost at home against Paok and Aek in the league and even Olympiakos at home would potentially be a loss. So from good image and sweet season start we came to a very bad bitter ending. Karipidis, Charisteas and German lost in translation coach and our sweet little Scarlet Johansson defense look these days really amateurish, especially after we got past Atromitos in the cup when declining started. Bad after-Covid return, bad form, bad thinking. The best stuff they did are 3, 4 selfies together or at least 2 of the three (combo Kary- Chari-Hoen). Durmishaj issue I won't comment, as this goes under that 'amateurish'.
  12. Paidia, people are sleeping there, living tourist life back there.
  13. Coach should be we thank to for the season results? We should thank to Cuesta and Gama and 1 or 2 more of his shorter friends up there
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