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  1. 0:1 it finished. Overall good display. Good debut for our coach. Someone also asked me in other topic whether I know this coach. I remember when I followed Bundesliga more frequently, he started his main coach career at Nurnberg or Wolfsburg after assisting in his job actually firstly and he was bright after given chances as team played some OK-ish football from beauty of the game's perspective, but also displayed some tactical maturity as German coaches used to show especially back then. Good football it was overall. We saw some of the bright points at Xanthi. Let us see home matches where I am sure we will be more attacking to draw even more objective conclusion. Players felt more relaxed, more confident, more tactical today...everything ! We should be a bit patient too, giving him to finish this season. I am sure he is better than our two previous (Greek) coaches. Any thinking of another change first time he doesn't get more than 1 point in 2 games for example, would be harsh and suicide. Now, let's stabilize the game, the standings, the confidence.
  2. One quarter behind in the second half, one left, and we did nothing as yet
  3. I really think that it is time for a coach change after this one. Top moment to turn around the situation after the national teams' break.
  4. Please, Velez and Rose stoppers again at the same time?! I find it very strange that in several month time all stoppers: Rose, Velez, Deli and Souza deteriorated for this or that reason (injuries, exposition and our attacking style bla bla). Very sad when you see that 4, come on 4, stoppers haven't been producing for months and still no one to replace and make us better back there?!
  5. Horrible defending, bad coaching... Come on, why stopping playing after 1:0?
  6. 1:1 I don't feel much confidence ever since Cuesta is off.
  7. Some motivated faces in our team tonight...but we need to be patient and not receiving cards
  8. I might not be that active any more, but still more less watching all matches. Krima that the team lost "defence-midfield-attack" balance. Time to recover in this one. Etsiiii re moonia ! Nicola Nicola Nicolaaaaaaaa Diguiny !
  9. http://sportlemo.net/soccer/aris-thessaloniki-olympiakos-piraeus-ss17d58h
  10. We are non existent lately...flirting with a concede... come on !
  11. Amazing...not a second yellow for sure...HOW??
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