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  1. And first part of summer preparations officially started 2 or 3 days ago. Good luck
  2. I think Nazlidis also done deal. Nothing from Cerro and as Alex wrote we really turned our attention to close a Matilla deal
  3. Nicolas Diguiny, a Frenchman signed for a club (almost a done deal). An (ex) Atromitos' player, right wing. Very good pick-up for Platellas. Definitely Super league material as he proved it. Platellas signed for OFI I think.
  4. BTW Platellas to go. Will not be staying...
  5. The positive stuff is Barcelona B has been relegated to the 3rd division and big majority of players don't want to play in 3rd tier. Still I am anxious about this policy. We might be chewing a big bite, but let's see what happens
  6. Also rumors about Xaris Mavrias could be true who I guess terminated his collaboration with Croat blub NK Rijeka
  7. Hi to everyone in yellow and black. What's been happening past few days: - Paco Herrera officially came to Thessaloniki to take over his job if my eyes saw some pictures reasonably. - There were some stuffs to overcome in negotiations with Hugo Sousa's agent. Eventually all came well and Hugo Sousa is staying, which is great. - Our management are targeting several players from Barca B and also one guy from Zaragoza. There were some gossips that we also try to dig deep through Boca juniors and potentially get some Argi/es. - Nazlidis in the transfer list
  8. REY

    Aris Roster

    This will be an interesting topic now after the season 17-18 ended. Majority will be history I guess regarding this new Latino/Spanish or whatever policy.
  9. Good luck. Hmmm same policy again that we had after 2006 until we skrewed up. We need to be cautious and we are richer now by one more bad experience not long time ago, and should be smarter now. Good strategy for shorter or mid term. In long terms Greeks are capable of ruining it especially if you don't invest.
  10. Big BRAVO and thank you. Eisai Theos 🙂
  11. REY

    2017-18 Season

    Aris won the last match (0:1) with Lottas' penalty. Good game off the bench by little technician.
  12. REY

    2017-18 Season

    Aris vs. Panserraikos 2:0 (Pasas, Pavlidis). Good luck to Neto. Good crowd today
  13. REY

    2017-18 Season

    Aris -Panserraikos 0:0 HT . Bad Aris , better Pansa but a little bit of complacency took place. PS. I was quite busy due to work recents weeks, but watched all games that were on pitch bar those that we took on table (of course Veria and Acharnaikos). Some good phases and inspiring football and some bad ones too. But reasonable this, as we have been promoted for 2, 3 weeks or even longer now. Congradulations !
  14. REY

    2017-18 Season

    Another one 0:2 (y) That should be it !