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  1. 2:0 it finished. Big bravo for the second half after mediocre first one. For 60 mins I thought that we missed another magician and always questioned what if B Gama is absent and how our game would look like, but I got an answer in Nico Martinez.
  2. Standard line up but: Colazo in for absent Gama and Menendez is keeping his LWB
  3. Important game and yes, the question of character it is. Should do all to win. Otherwise, they can start to panic while difficult games are coming on
  4. REY

    Greek Cup 2018-19, Group Stage

    It's amazing that almost all (if not all) offensive paok players have values on transfermarkt.com greater than Mateo Garcia and some pretty much over him. I won't elaborate now how those values are gotten (there are several factors). In practice, the guy showed that they have no players with that wittiness and speed, thinking like him and playing ballara. Globally, they were slower than us, a gear down. Similar is with Bruno Gama, I can say, with some other specificities.
  5. REY

    Greek Cup 2018-19, Group Stage

    I watched some extended highlights and krima that we didn't take advantage of a man plus on field in last half an hour 🙂
  6. REY

    Greek Cup 2018-19, Group Stage

    I am a Francesco Totti type of man, if you know what I mean :D
  7. 2:0 Good result. Not a perfect performance, but was enough to take 3 pts. Great efficiency so far. Actually not many chances we have missed week in and week out. In last 20 years, I don't remember this efficient attack (although, yes, I know season is long) ever since maybe Charisteas season with the help of Nagoli, Kizeridis (2001-02) I guess. And also in 2003 I am sure when Demba was prolific and Aris in the first half of the season almost caught Olympiakos on top, but the second part of the season wasn't as good. After that, nahhh Koke-Javito, even Bobadilla-Koke-Castillo ...nothing special when it comes to find perfect positions to score without missing much.
  8. Menendez invisible. Gama had some mistakes. Occasionally they threatened off counters especially that Guadeloupean Nangis.
  9. I sometimes find our stopper Velez prone to errors. Hope all is good with our defense too, which is not bad TBH
  10. 2:0 Well done Thee mou And scorers were the guys that I criticized above. They got themselves more involved in the game.
  11. 0:0 HT I see only 2 liabilities in first 135 mins: 1. I still don't see some bond between Younes and other back lines (all back-front lines behind him, especially midfield) 2. Not sure what is the real role of Diguiny (some moving behind the main striker or very rarely on the wing depending on where Gama operates at that moment). Let's see
  12. I am going with a victory prediction. But this is a Greek league, won't be easy anyway. 2 outta 2 would be great.
  13. I also thought about the statement in bold. Agreed there. As I said we will only see if Younes or Diamantopoulos could show some Koke skills up front. Goals will win points and standings. Attacking midfield line above the old latino one, for sure. As you said, let us see several more matches and opponents but Lamia and even more stuffs will be clearer.
  14. I see some ball movements and automatism here in playing. Promising scenes. Biggest question marks could be our target men whoever is in (Younes or Diamantopoulos or Nazlidis when on center attack)?!