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  1. Teach your kids how to NOT execute penalties. I can not believe he did it this bad... again
  2. Come on paidia give it to Mateo or Matilla. They look cooler
  3. Penalty !! Now let's all pray to God
  4. Lucky us Koulouris didn't find something common with pitch and luck this early night
  5. Let's see what second half brings on. I started to worry about standings' slip and season overall if we keep producing recent tactical blunders. On that concede if you noticed and you did, 6 yellow players on Willian and Biseswaar's brother Bruno who easily transmitted the ball to Sakić to make their lead.
  6. Martinez and Diguiny being off for this one makes our already poor attacking operation the 30% poorer.
  7. Colazo simply hasn't clicked and does nothing. One of our top 2, 3 worst first halves of the season? Hell yes.
  8. Colazo - nobody actually knows his natural position nor it is easy to detect from his minutes so far. AM, CM or LM that Alex says that I also knew from the season start. Siopis - don't tell me people that you all here rate him so much to always include him in starting XI in whatever topic?? 😄 I know that we don't have surplus on that position, but guy is getting on my nerves whenever he plays. Nebegleras is a top player compared to him. I felt much more secure with Nebe playing in that generation than this strange player Siopis.
  9. BTW 2 weeks ago Herrera's L'Palmas lost to Cadiz 4:1 having more than 70% of possession. Nothing new. That is shiet but also to play like this against Panathinaikos who is less quality than us is inexplicable too. These players, and coaches even more, need to learn to take adventage of opportunities. Against top flight teams in Greece, bar Olympiakos, we had early leads and all was smooth and going to our side, but when it comes to finishing off, we make penalties, don't defend and concede 5-meter goals etc.
  10. With pusy mentality in last 15-20 mins we didn't deserve eventually. 1:1 Yes, I can chew a substitution like Diguiny out for Matilla, Mavrai in for a winger Mateo is too much. And what to tell you for Siopis' intelligence. Why Jose Mou Pantelidis !?
  11. 1:0 HT PAO players simply can't get adjusted to our pressure on their half. We are more experienced than majorly these kids + in terms of pace definitely only Olympiakos could confront us. Still, we need to keep focused and finish this up. No slowing down.
  12. Finally, Tunisian back on penalty track
  13. Penalties = psychological problem now? Yes probably, horrible taking in this one too
  14. REY

    Ofi - Aris

    This is unfukingbelievable !! Younes again Asiistent coach screaming another one, myself just after a drawing one and it happens actually Never give up
  15. REY

    Ofi - Aris

    Come on !!! Another 1