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  1. rapid


    Final score: 4 - 1 :tdown: 05' [1 - 0] Custodio 35' [1 - 1] C. Marcera 38' [2 - 1] R. Douala 79' [3 - 1] Liedson 81' [4 - 1] H. Viana ------
  2. rapid

    Does anybody here know anything about
  3. 2nd qualification group: Austria Greece Scottland Slovakia It will be a mini-tournament, only the first of these groups will go to the finals. The places (grounds) are not published till now. :la:
  4. CLICK ME (uefa.com) By the way, does anybody know any players? do they play regularly in the alpha/bita katigoria? Here in Austria, the players auf the U19 National Team are mostly known very well... :rolleyes:
  5. Northern Ireland : Austria 3:3 :tdown:
  6. F**k!If Rapid Vienna had won against Sporting (which was possible with a little bit of luck), Panionios would now play in Vienna... :(
  7. rapid

    Grigoris Makos

    I have no greek TV, but i would like to know how good Grigoris Makos is. He is very young (17 years old) and has made already some games (against Udinese too). Has anybody seen him? Could anybody tell me something about him?
  8. rapid


    he is there, but only in the greek version. he has the number 24. i think, that he will be added with a photo in about a month, when the homepage will be updated for the new season.
  9. welcome altach and gratkorn! i would have bet 1000 euros, that parndorf will go to the red zac liga. they have a lot of good players and a lot of money. but gratkorn is also not so bad.
  10. 1) T-Mobile Bundesliga 2) Red Zac Erste Liga 3) Regionalliga (East, Middle, West) 4,5,6,... --> regional Leagues like "Topico" in Greece...
  11. Panagiotopoulos is also playing there. His parents are from greece, but he was born in Beglium...
  12. R. Linz Admira Wacker --> Nizza G. Korsos Sturm Graz --> Rapid Vienna M. Kiesenebner SV Pasching --> Austria Vienna M. Katzer Admira Wakcer --> Rapid Vienna Eldar Topic SV Krems --> Rapid Vienna Rene Wagner Rapid Vienna --> SV Mattersburg to be continued... :1eye:
  13. Russia willl win, the Austrian team is just unable to play soccer. Good Bye Austria... <_<
  14. There will be about 20.000 fans tomorow at the viennese derby. austria has to win, rapid can't lose anything (they have about 8 players who are unable to play). Let's see...
  15. the wrong coach and the wrong players... :D
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