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  1. Daniel Armah aka the "Accra Assassin" made history today being the first candidate of the HOOPS extramural program which is run by HOOPS and RUNHOUSE in Philadelphia. This program is open to players of the team as well as athletic scholars from around Africa. We wish him well and hope to update you with videos and pictures as they come in. He will be playing in the college league after which he will become a strong competitor in the NBA league. If you think you have what it takes to be in this program, [email protected] Armah flanked by his mother and sister at the Kotoka Int'l Airport before his departure on Delta Airline February 21, 2008 Cape Coast HOOPS website
  2. Yea, it's happening out here in the gold coast. the earth shaking game. shout out to all b'ballers and fans out there. show some love by visiting Cape Coast HOOPS and holla at us. hope to hear from you. peace Cape Coast HOOPS [email protected]
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