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  1. Lots of reports that a Donis transfer is imminent. Looks like a Russian club is willing to pay him a hefty salary to move there. Other clubs allegedly interested are Borussia Monchengladbach, Hoffenheim and Bayer Leverkusen.
  2. Right 1-1. Gekas and Toni the scorers. Can't believe it has been almost 11 years.
  3. I think we all circled this date on the calendar when the fixtures were announced. Key for Greece: come to play from the start. All too often they shell up in the beginning trying to make it a defensive match, and only start playing when they are down 1 or 2 goals. We were fortunate to come back vs Bosnia. Italy will not be as forgiving. Should be a dandy.
  4. Empoli made Nikolaou's move permanent.
  5. Stuttgart lost to Union Berlin today in the promotion playoff second leg and were relegated to 2.Bundesliga. Hope Donis gets out of there and to a top tier club.
  6. He's done this enough times that hopefully he's gotten the attention of some even bigger clubs.
  7. Thought I would give Lambrou a mention. Backup goalie for Ajax, on the bench for their magical Champions League run and just won the Eredivisie. Greece have some good depth in the GK position, but how many would actually make and dress for this Ajax golden generation team? Credit to him.
  8. Stafylidis signed a contract with 1899 Hoffenheim until 2024 that will go into effect on July 1. Pretty good move going to an ambitious club who are still battling for a spot in the Europa League next season. For EL qualification, Hoffenheim hope that Frankfurt lose to Bayern Munich and Augsburg, who Stafylidis still plays for, beat Wolfsburg over the weekend. So some added motivation for Kostas if he wants European football next season.
  9. Would have been a great move, but to where? Newcastle where he was rumoured? Sure, decent club, but it would be a big gamble for player pushing 30 that has already fallen out of favour several times in Portugal.
  10. Because I think our B/C team will lose.
  11. This game will be played with Greece's B/C side. Makes little sense from this angle.
  12. Out of all teams to have a friendly with our B team we choose rival Turkey? How will that be good for the team moral going into the match vs Italy?
  13. A pleasant turn of events from a player that was holding onto his career in top flight football by a thread. Out of favour at Benfica and from the NT, it now looks like he may be playing a significant role for both in the next couple of years.
  14. So we don't have any pure wingers to feed Mitroglou, but this is the perfect system for him? This is my whole point, we do not have the creativity and distribution to complement a poacher. I don't think he should be starting anymore. I prefer a mobile, hard-working, elusive striker that will demand and fight for possession.
  15. I am a little baffled why Durmisaj opted to play for Greece. He was born in Albania, played for Albania U21 and has enough skills and a better chance to make their squad.
  16. Mitroglou shouldn't be our go to guy anymore. He is a player than can score in a certain system. Not in ours. He cannot move.
  17. We have a number of talented Greeks doing well in the Dutch league, but for some reason they all get ignored by the National Team, who prefer players from the Greek and Cypriot leagues. Baffling when you think of it, especially seeing the level of the skill in the Erevidisie, the competitiveness of the league, the world class development programs, deep-rooted football culture, and Ajax's current CL success.
  18. Arsenal held a clean sheet. He was fine. A bit nervous, but that's normal being a 21 year old with only 1 premier league game under his belt and having not played in almost an entire calendar year. He did not make any costly mistakes. Koscielny, who was injured for a few months and has hundreds of top tier caps under his belt, was very rusty in his first 3-4 games coming back from injury this season. Our kid is more than alright.
  19. I think you make some good points. Definitely wouldn't consider Mitroglou one of our best players anymore; at least in his current form. Greece has more depth and overall positional quality. Difference is the following: Their top-end talent is more spread out in the lineup. They have an elite striker and most importantly an world class midfielder, who applies pressure and dictates the flow of the game a easier more than a CB can. Greece is bottom-heavy with Sokratis, Manolas, and other players who contribute to the depth of the backline. What Pjanic offers is not only skill, but also instills confidence in his teammates and coach to play a more attacking brand of football. A player like that in the heart of the formation makes everyone around them an inch taller, so to speak. When a team attacks; when they go at opponents, they tend to demolish weaker sides, racking up goals and stats are inflated. If anything, Greece's talented defence makes it even more attractive for a coach to play to his strengths and field a more defensive lineup. Hopefully, the last two matches were enough to instil some belief in the players and staff that Greece can be successful with an attack-oriented scheme.
  20. We beat Finland last time out and we clearly were the superior side. As long as players remember and believe that, we should take care of business.
  21. Although we are plagued with injuries, primarily at the back, I would say that we fielded our strongest lineup in the second half, barring Manolas, who is still ahead of Siovas, despite the latter's strong play, and maybe Toro or Retso over Bakakis. Bakaseta shouldn't even be on the team, Mantalo is a sub at best, KPap, Staf and Tsimikas are backups, Mitroglou is irrelevant, nothing more than a super-sub going forward.
  22. He's always had the skill. Just training with the class of Benfica should be good enough technically to earn you starting role. It was upstairs that was plaguing him. Hopefully he has matured into the player that we all anticipated.
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