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  1. Bakasetas has been one of the worst players I've ever witnessed for the NT. A disgrace. I can't recall a good sequence, let alone a good game. Donis and Fetfa benched for Bakasetas. JVC that is shameful.
  2. Agreed. All this mess stemmed from injuries to Fortounis and to a lesser extent Donis. That coupled with stubborn selections and poor tactics, it all went downhill fast.
  3. It's time to stop blaming egos and painting every who plays on a big club as problematic. When a team is losing, it is natural that the more established players of better quality get frustrated with at ones unable to keep up. After a while, that frustration boils over into ego and bad vibes around the team. Our NT failed because of the lack of quality in most positions, bad tactics and player selection. The sentiment that followed was to be expected.
  4. This is consistent with our no. 1 and no. 2 in every other position being left out or injured. This is truly Greece's C-team at best. Some of the players being fielded today by Van't Ship would objectively be 5th or 6th in the depth chart in their position.
  5. He was good at Nice, had some good spurts at Stuttgart and now is at Reims. In the context of our forward situation, no one has the pace and prowess of Donis other than Fetfa on a good day, but they are different players. The fact that he plays and is developing abroad is postive. Injuries have not helped his case. You are right, however, that he hasn't necessarily earned the praise. Remember, this is all within the Greek NT context, and no present forward has really shown more promise at U23.
  6. We are arguably missing our 3 best players in Sokratis, Manolas and Fortounis. I'm unhappy with the timing of the omissions, but I like the rest of the callups and I'm excited to see the product. Will be more excited if Donis and Fetfa get the start, as they are the only difference makers on the team in my opinion.
  7. I truly hope a conversation has been had and this decision is, if not mutual, understood by all parties. Sokratis is tired, is in his thirties and has already contemplated retirement. Manolas has an ego. I am afraid we have seen the last of these two, who were, in the Greek NT context, generational players, especially considering the next competitive matches are in an entire calendar year. Sad.
  8. I don't know everything said and done behind closed, but I do not agree with this move. Despite the fact that Sokratis and Manolas were pierced for Liechtenstein goal, these results were not their fault. These are two generational players for Greece, and treating them like this is a disgrace. Yes, our recent form is also a disgrace, I will say it before anyone else responds, but bad tactics and execution, along with lack of depth and talent in key positions are the culprits here. Desperate long-balls, aimless crosses, lazy back-passes, refusal to take on players, inability to enter the opposing box, lack of finishing, etc, cannot be blamed on the centre backs. This is a bold move from the manager. I hope we don't see the last of Sokratis and Manolas, but with the next competitive games being in an entire calendar year, I am afraid we will.
  9. This is an all-too-frequent narrative in Greek football.
  10. Mallen is already being linked to major clubs. Great to see our boy up there.
  11. HIs start to the season has been shaky, but the Arsenal backline continues to be decimated with injury and David Luiz has been underwhelming as a partner. He has never had the luxury of a fully healthy backline. Emery says he is resting Sokratis tomorrow as he won't suit up for the EL match vs Frankfurt.
  12. He doesn't even have a place on the bench at Leverkusen. It will be an uphill battle for him to get fit and earn a spot after this brutal injury.
  13. Greece absolutely dominated this game despite their horrendous form. They lost due to a combination of a lack of execution, too many hopeful long-balls and back-passed (what's new?) and plain old bad luck. No reason to miss out on 3 points today though. Fetfa was a big positive and I'm happy to see him back in the fold. Should be one of the first names on the game sheet at this point.
  14. Fetfa was pulled for nothing. He had just come off one of the best plays in the game and almost scoring. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't see the field vs Italy or Bosnia. Is Vrousai the new Bakasetas?
  15. Just when you think we couldn't go any lower, today happens. This hole may take 20 years to climb out of.
  16. I am happy to see Fetfa. Like I said before, he didn't pan out like we all hoped, but he was the only player to give a new dimension to the NT. I have not seen anyone run at and challenge defenders like he did back in the day, and I am hoping to see that again vs Liechtenstein.
  17. I agree. I mean, everyone should earn their place, but Vlachodimos should have gotten this start.
  18. We will still see back passes. It isn't the quality of the opponent that forces the back pass, it's the lack of quality of the system.
  19. Our players are not able to play possession football, for not at least. Instead they have perfected the arts of back-passing, wishful long-balls and hope-for-the-best crosses in from the wings.
  20. Managers for this NT have been fielding "in form" players for the last 5 years and the results have been horrifying. I will take a bench player playing and training in France, Germany, Italy and Portugal over Bakasetas, Bouchalakis, Kourbelis, Kolovos and Pelkas any day. Donis being left out is a disgrace. He should have been starting. I have never been the biggest Mitroglou supporter, but when he's healthy, you take him and hold the card for a super sub. Fetfa on the bench and not even asked to warm up down 1-0? Manager was warming up defensive midfielders and left the only player on the bench that can ask questions of that Finnish league backline. Absurdity. The wasted sub on cramped up Torosidis could have been used for another attacking player. That was a big blow as well.
  21. Exactly, Donis and Mitroglou not even called up? Fetfa not even warmed up and considered for 10 minutes? As if we have better players in the fold. We do not.
  22. Exactly on Kolovos. He was good for 20 minutes vs Bosnia, then make him a super-sub, not a permanent fixture. He sucks unfortunately. Toro is bad and out of shape. He had cramps in both legs and we wasted an important sub on him late in the game. I hate to beat an old drum, and I get that he is not what we thought would pan out, but for god's sake, give Fetfa 10 minutes so he can run at those Finnish league defenders and maybe force a play. He was one of the only player the coach didn't even warm up. Are the forwards at our disposal that much better? What an utter failure.
  23. Another campaign failed prematurely. Losing to subpar opposition. FInland was lucky to win, but we are a dreadful team nonetheless. Sokratis will retire in 2 months and a major piece of this generation will be gone. We have no players of this calibre in the ranks. As for the game, Greece is very slow. All they are good at is passing the ball back. Their crosses and long-balls stink as always. There is no hope for this team. They coulnd't even give us meaningful games in october and november the cowards.
  24. Word is he is in the midst of a transfer to Reims in France. Not a high profile club, but upper mid-table and ambitious in Ligue 1, where Donis had success during his time with Nice. I believe this would be a clear upgrade from Stuttgart, who are higher profile, but were relegated to 2. Bundesliga. EDIT: It's official.
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