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  1. Tasos Donis - OGC Nice ◄ Juventus

    We gotta update the title of this thread to say VfB Stuttgart.
  2. On August 30th 2017, Retsos (19) was sold to Bayer Leverkusen from Olympiacos for €22 million, the most expensive fee ever paid for a Greek footballer.
  3. Ellada your assessment is logical, but football sometimes isn't. This is also what I believe, crossing my fingers until then.
  4. A healthy Mitroglou will be key for us. He gives us an irreplaceable presence up front which we lacked thoroughly vs Estonia and Belgium. He is aiming for an October return, but let's hope it's before the 7th and he gets a game with Marseille under his belt.
  5. They won't. They have such a deep roster that there are bench players more than deserving of getting playing time and management is well-aware of that. Their subs are almost as good as the starters, but I think we will see a mix of players on October 7.
  6. FIFA World Ranking

    What an embarrassent. FIFA rankings are garbage. We don't reserve that ranking by any extent. Look at so some teams above us, it's really hard to swallow, like Congo DR, Bolivia, Scotland, Tunisia. The 3 countries directly below us are Haiti, Burkina Faso, Australia...Great company. At this point, there is zero chance we are a seeded team even if we do manage to somehow make the playoffs. We will face the likes of Italy, Portugal or Sweden.
  7. The Federation should be punished for the actions of fans/staff/players not because it is directly to blame, but it is a matter of being a deterrent for future incidences. It is different getting reprimanded personally and it is different being responsible for the stadium bans or point diductions. The latter holding more weight for most. it may be due to precedence and there is no conspiracy against Greece but the punishment from the actions of the Bosnian fans and their coach should have been more severe.
  8. What a joke this is. Their coach straight up punched a 5'6, 160 lbs player in the face.
  9. I think the most that can happen is that if the game is tied late they might not go 100% on a ball or two. Maybe.
  10. Sounds like Greece whenever they play a lesser opponent.
  11. I agree with you Rockafeller, an open Cyprus vying for the will get beaten. Greece is superior on every square of the pitch so if they try to fight fire with fire I don't see how this game will even be close.
  12. We never thrash teams anyway and 2-0 would be a godsend, a very good score even for our goal diff. I don't think Cyprus will give this match to us but they are more than beatable regardless. In a post-match interview Hazard said he hopes that Greece qualify and they will be playing for the win in Bosnia. I believe Belgium will take points out of this match. It's up to us to get the job done.
  13. Road To Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup

    No manager will go beg a player to come back after they unceremoniously quit the team. Holebas is already 33 years old, although it would have been nice to have him for this campaign, it's too late to initiate any sort of contact now. He played in his tournaments, got exposure that certainly helped him sign for bigger clubs and make more money, and then with the first bump in the road, he said farewell. I think he relieved without his NT duties; not to say he didn't care, but I don't believe he felt as tied to the crest and to his teammates either.
  14. Road To Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Really our only reasonable avenue is through the Group D teams. Assuming Bosnia drop a point and we beat Cyprus 1-0 followed by Gibraltar. Greece will finish second with 19 pts and at 13 pts +4 in the playoff group. On Oct 6, safe to assume Ireland will beat Moldova by whatever and lets assume Wales beat Georgia 2-0. Wales will stay second with 17 pts, ireland 3rd with 16. In the playoff group, Wales will be at 11 pts + 3, Ireland 10 pts +1. On the last matchday, Wales are at home to Rep of Ireland. If Wales wins they will finish 2nd in group D and with 14 pts leapfrog Greece in the playoff group. If they draw, Wales will finish 2nd in the group and have 12 pts in the playoff group (below 13 pt Greece). If Ireland wins, they will finish 2nd and have 13 pts in the playoff group, tied with Greece, but will have to beat Wales by 3 or 4 goals if they want to overtake (minimum)+4 Greece in GD. So assuming we get the job done, Wales just cannot beat Rep of Ireland. This will go down to the final seconds of the final matchday for us.
  15. Road To Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Things are looking pretty bleak no matter what we do the rest of the way. Turkey's win today puts us in a bad spot. Wales will have to draw or lose to ireland in last match day. Too much needs to happen. How did we ever get ourselves in this position...
  16. Yes that has been spoken about tirelessly in the other thread. We gotta just concentrate on beating Cyprus, hopefully by 2 or 3 goals and then everything with play itself out with regard to the other groups.
  17. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Who else loved that Skibbe named Sokrati captain despite Tzioli starting? It was the right thing to do giving the armband to the real leader of this team on and off the pitch who is also our most regarded, respected, talented player. Important psychologically for the players and a big statement.
  18. I find this UEFA qualification format ridiculous. The way it should be: 1st place= automatic ticket best 2nd place= automatic ticket 8 remaining runners up= playoffs Europe is so deep and talented that runners up should not be punished, but rather rewarded. Utter bullshit the way it is.
  19. I think Skibbe is doing a great job in transitioning this team into the next generation. Our young talent keeps getting opportunities and experience. This will not only help us on the pitch now, but avoid a collapse that we faced after WC14.
  20. I was not in favour of a foreigner playing for our NT and I still hope we stray from that in the future, but this kid learned the language, has heart and bleeds for this team on the pitch. Great goal yesterday.
  21. Greece's head-to-head vs Bosnia in the playoff group is irrelevant as only one will make it. Bosnia max out points they lock 2nd place. The comparison I am making is in the event that Bosnia does not max out and Greece takes second. Greece will end up with 13 considering they beat cyprus and their goal differential will only improve from their current +3. There is still lots to consider seeing that the playoff group can and will likely completely change even after today's fixtures. There are so many teams battling for a playoff spot in almost every group and a number of 3rd and 4th place teams have a more favourable remaining schedule than the teams currently in 2nd, including Greece (Cyprus, Gibraltar) compared to Bosnia (Belgium, Estonia). Things will become clearer after today's games.
  22. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I love the 3-5-2; I think it plays to our strengths, but I would still have KPap there instead of Retsos.
  23. Greece now have 10 points in a playoff table while Bosnia has 8 (Bosnia is there because they played Gibraltar twice and have more points in group H). We have to beat Cyprus to have a chance so we will end up with 13 points in playoff group should we finish 2nd. Don't forget, not only are points vs last place teams disregarded, but also goals. As we stand, if Greece was in 2nd spot, they would have a +3 differential, same as Sweden and Ukraine, and better than Italy, Eire and Bosnia and Montenegro (all at +2). Also, Montenegro (odd man out in playoff group) or Denmark (tied with Montenegro but 3rd in group E) both played last place Kazakhstan and are equal on point. Both have Romania to play, but Denmark has the edge as Montenegro still have Poland coming up. As they stand in the second table, they are +2 and +3 respectively. Greece have to get the job done in Cyprus, hopefully by 2 or 3 goals. If that happens and they dispose of Gibraltar like they should, I don't see them having any trouble with goal diff in the playoff group standings at the end of the day.
  24. Bosnia is playing an empty stadium vs Belgium thanks to their coach punching Gianniotas.
  25. I don't know if this was mentioned but even if we got the draw, we would still be 3rd and need to win out as Bosnia would likely still have the tie-break advantage.