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  1. Greece is in the third division of the 2018-2019 edition. Matches will be played between 6 September 2018 and 20 November 2018, followed by a subsequent League C playoff between group winners that will award one ticket to EURO 2020. Greece are in the second of 4 pots for the group draw that will take place on 24 January, 2018. Pot 1: Hungary, Romania, Scotland, Slovenia Pot 2: Greece, Serbia, Albania, Norway Pot 3: Montenegro, Israel, Bulgaria, Finland Pot 4: Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania
  2. We are a week away from our crucial second match with Hungary. We need all three points here after a sour loss in Budapest. Greece squad: Karnezis, Barkas, Paschalakis, Torosidis, Bakakis, Sokratis, Manolas, Tzabellas, Oikonomou, Kolovetsios, Giannoulis, Tsimikas, Zeca, Tziolis, Mantalos, Fortounis, Pelkas, Kourbelis, Bouchalakis, Bakasetas, Lazaros, Mitroglou, Karelis, Koulouris.
  3. I am very concerned as to how this team trains, because they look like it's their first time playing together. There is no chemistry or teamwork.
  4. At this point, we are hopeless. A new coach will at least bring some hope.
  5. We are gonna have the hardest group for Euro qualifying because how we will be ranked going into the group draw.
  6. It's how they lost. They can barely put two consecutive passes together and resort to those atrocious one-touches that end up with the other team taking possession 95% of the time.
  7. The worst part is that they were better than us individually and as a team, and tactically, and mentally. Skibbe is bad and many of our players are bad. This team has no idea how to play together which really exposes the players' flaws and creates more unforced errors in these last two matches than I have ever seen with any team in any league. They get beat to the ball and really have no answer to subpar opposition with players from unknown leagues.
  8. Skibbe needs to go right after this match. Time to blow this team up.
  9. Now is the time he should throw him in but now will just have another below average isolated striker
  10. Tzioli loves the back pass and Mitroglou puts zero effort, looks like he's on the training ground.
  11. Mitroglous pretty bad too. No reason why he can't add anything to our attack unless he is spoon fed the ball.
  12. The nut Skibbe is getting koulouris and Kolovetsios ready what a joke.
  13. What a shame Skibbe has taken our team to the pit of Europe. Congrats coach.
  14. LOL Tavellas in for Sokratis. Can this get any worse for us? What a nightmare.
  15. You are right about Mitroglou, man is that painful to watch. also looks like he is moving in slow motion.
  16. If there were to be changes, Bakasetas wouldn't be starting game in and game out. Skibbe thinks he's good, even though he's painful to watch out there. I see Bouchalakis on as a sub before we see someone like fetfa. Skibbe is a loser.
  17. Lazy back-passes, slow pace, unforced errors. Same narrative, different day for the ethniki. And wow how bad is Bakasetas again.