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  1. He's far from a being a beggar.
  2. Argy

    NT Friendly Games

    What a disaster. I guess our official team will stay with our C roster until September. Looks silly.
  3. Pretty much a done deal that he will be Arsenal`s first signing of the summer. He has earned it and I cannot wait to see it.
  4. Argy

    Ioannis Fetfatzidis ‒ Al Alhi

    Agreed. If he signs In Europe I think we will see him with the Ethniki before the next Euro.
  5. Czech second league is really low, but good on him, maybe he can make his way out to Italian Serie B or a first division somewhere else.
  6. Argy

    Giorgos Samaras ‒ Samsunspor

    To be fair, Kyrgiakos was at Liverpool until almost 31 and then played at Wolfsburg for a couple of years, but yes he did drop off prematurely. He was fantastic in England though.
  7. That would be an embarrassment for him to play in 2.Bundesliga,
  8. Some of that team was D and will never start for the NT. I mean our 9 and 10 CB, are we ever going to use these guys?
  9. No that`s too much of a sacrifice, but hate him with a passion.
  10. Why even have a friendly if we are come into it with a ''whatever happens'' attitude. Most of the players in Greece aren`t good enough anyway.
  11. What I hate about Skibbe is his apparent lack and inability to instill a winning mentality and culture in the NT. We are used to losing, and it seems as though it`s OK. Friendlies are for trying things out, yes, but we can`t get comfortable with losing like this. It`s a friendly for our opponents too, but they, more often than not, get the result in the process.
  12. What a joke how every team takes these games seriously except us. We are embarassingly low in the rankings because we keep blowing games to sides like Belarus and Saudi Arabia and we missed two tournaments in a row.
  13. He was supposed to be out for a couple of weeks, but not sure about his current status and if they find it necessary to reactivate him with a game or two left.
  14. Argy

    Tasos Donis ‒ VfB Stuttgart

    He was outstanding and the way he scored and assisted was through timing, pace and poise. I am sure he caught the eye of many.
  15. They are still going to the world cup and although their league is sub par, it still attracts some foreigners with money and they do take their sport seriously.