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  1. Genome

    Veria - AEK

    0-2 so far in the 55th minute. The 0-1 by KATIDIS ! ! ! The 0-2 by FOUNTAS ! ! ! Two very nice goals from Katidis and Fountas! :tup:
  2. Genome

    AEK - Olympiakos

    If we could somehow walk away with one point from this game I would consider that as HUGE!
  3. Genome

    PAO - AEK

    End of the game, 1-0.
  4. Genome

    AEK - Platanias

    Finally, and now two very difficult games!
  5. Genome

    PAOK - AEK 1-0

    Ewald Lienen's first game. I like how he made the team play in a fashion more adapted to its players' skills and experience. I think this is a turning point, although we have some tough games ahead (Platanias to a lesser extent, PAO, Olympiakos)
  6. Through the eye of the needle !!!! Slovakia 0-1 Greece, full time!
  7. Spyropoulos with a chance for the second goal. Salpingidis can't put the cross away.
  8. 1-0 by SALPINGIDIS ! ! ! Assist from Katsouranis. Mitroglou brings much needed energy on the pitch.
  9. I agree except for Salpi, better take Gekas off.
  10. End of the first half, 0-0.
  11. And again our Mickey Mouse defense evades the 1-0 ...
  12. Bad defending from us, and a shot from the Slovaks that goes out, but not by much.
  13. Constant backpassing isn't helping either ... Can't believe they let a national team play on such a pitch...
  14. Shaky first fifteen minutes, bad pitch too...
  15. We are playing 4-3-3. Σλοβακία (Στάνισλαβ Γκρίγκα/Μίχαλ Χιπ): Κούτσιακ- Ζαμπάβνικ, Σκρτελ, Σάλατα, Μπρέζνανικ, Πετσόβσκι, Κούκα, Σάπαρα, Χάμσικ, Στοχ, Ντούρις Ελλάδα (Φερνάντο Σάντος): Καρνέζης-
  16. Genome

    AEK - Aris

    Great, pics and/or movies I'll put online in the next couple of days!
  17. 0-0, full time. Some good chances, but the ball wouldn't go in. Next game in four days, against and in Slovakia!
  18. What a change Gekas missed in the first minute ... open goal.
  19. Let's go ! ! ! :gr: :gr: :gr:
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