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  1. Tzigger got a ready made team, with a very good chance of winning another double. He just cant figure out how to make a very good team even better. We're not getting Galas, its taking way too long, & in Greece that spells a big NO. Tzigger needs to spend more time throwing his weight around with EPO, instead of making DVD about a porn league that the gays were running. There were plenty of years that we could of won the league, during those dark kokkalis years. Now we shall see what happens, with Tzigger lets start counting the penalties for osfp.
  2. with Tzigger here it comes, Slovenia, Slovakia,Serbia, the best player from Moldovia... all the scraps are gonna surface. The circus is coming to town :(
  3. as long as its not Tzigger. I'll take Giannakopoulos of the ones available
  4. i think we have signed plenty of Scocco's in the past. Get Govou & a killer. Keep Ninis & lets do some damage!
  5. just read that Michael Ballak is linked to PAO at 16 mil euros over 3 years, dont know how he were to come here. I would be pleasantly shocked. he would be the best player in Greece's superleague. He will be adding more miles during the world cup, it may be wise to go after him after the world cup, as he has been injury prone.
  6. NYPAO13

    Olympiakos - AEK

    totally screwed on that one, put it up for the fans to see
  7. it is a business, but this is our team. keep Ninis. Ivansich returning this summer
  8. :LOL: i think we will win :LOL:
  9. winning obviously come first above all else, but if a player is to be sold, lets not undervalue his sale.
  10. nice way to end this season :tup:
  11. we need to grow from this season, not take steps backwards on project players. Its time to make a run at the CL & keep winning championships
  12. osfp should get at least a 1 game match for whats going on there. it would be an outrage if they didnt get a match ban!
  13. i think they will both stay. Just wish they can fill the huge hole in the middle of our defence with quality.
  14. we should win this one with our youth team easily... its a toally meaningless game, but some players could be playing for their PAO life, or they could be playing for a team like PAS next year.
  15. Simao Partying with the fans
  16. CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  17. Leto shoulda put that one away
  18. I can... We were the team to beat all year!!!!!!!!
  19. 2 more saves by the Ira goalie
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