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  1. laugh it up green boy oh yes it will be ours :king:
  2. all three big clubs won let it go its only natural for the bigger clubs to get the calls go there way move on til next weeks matches aek is my life my religion
  3. i read emerson will be out of the match between ander good or bad for aek cirillo im very worried about that i hope the youngster can step up and perform i hope they get in shape by game day all of a sudden injuiries are pilling up before one of the biggest games incl in a couples of weeks i hope serrer a couple of asses up his sleeves and weaves his magic
  4. id would finally like to see aek finally break out the scoring machine out on anderlecht enough of this 1-o games they have the potencial to do it it makes me sick to my stomach to see teams like hapoelscoring 4!!!! i said 4 on psg these minnow teams from all over scoring and aek a household name in europe nickking on one goal per match come on fire it up boys :box:
  5. game will be televised by ert 21.45 pao -rapid checked on there web site i will be watching it as an aek supporteur
  6. this game is in the bag for pao comfortable win id say 2-goose egg! you guys are rolling prety nicely in the league and cup should be no problem :tup:
  7. this game is in the bag for pao comfortable win id say 2-goose egg! you guys are rolling prety nicely in the league and cup should be no problem :tup:
  8. does anybody know if the game will televised in canada?i know for sure those patates at espn will not make broadcast it as a priority game for a national audiance bastards greek haters
  9. simply answer we need to keep on winning and hope that teams and country ahead of us keep on slipping if we had to reilly on olympiacos for points we would be swimming with the lobsters go strong aekapa mou and also to pao are rivals get those points we desperately need beat rapid zhto ta ultas eagles
  10. our boys need to make the round of 6teen and get that much needed cash that comes with it and get a quality stryker up front to take the load of guys like lybe and ceasr god for bid if one of them go down with an injuiry with be in a pickle dont get me wrong i have faith in most of the lads but we know who is the heart and soul of our club go into the game with no fear like they did with those spaghetti boys play your ass off and good things will happens no body can stop the aek boilermaker were coming for you hopefully a bunch of aeksters go down to brussels and show why aek supporteurs are the 12th aek bopeis bopeis na prokpithis my optimistic score (1-0) scores who else lymbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lymbeeeeeeeeeee........... :tup: one more thing is there any srtykers that demi could eventuallyget throw the winter transfer window
  11. proceed with caution is the sentence of the day aek have to come out guns a blazing silence the anderlecht faithfull its time to show oly how to take care of business on the road moral is high and it can only get higher lets break this away road curse of a record for greek elite clubs aek gera :box:
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