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  1. aek will bring in the points plus the trophy baby signed sealed ans delivered ultras eagles fly high
  2. aris takes this one koke 1-0 got to support the other yellow&blacks :whistle:
  3. lack luster affair beetwen both clubs bottom line pao got the job done watch he first half did not bother watching the second kinda guessed would finsh 0s good to give some youngsters some game time to the next round aek is my life
  4. aek had a chance to pick up gekas and past huge mistake his proven his worth in germania bravo gekas keep it up
  6. :evil: :evil: :evil: BEWARE THE PIRATE OF DREAMS :evil: :evil: :evil: YELLOW ARMY NATION
  7. BEWARE OF THE PIRATE OF DREAMS :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  8. very funny comment aekmafia21 keep up the good work kokalis out!!! hools till death aek vendeance :box:
  9. elladara will cruise to a 2-0 sweet sweet victory and the king of the mountain tops of the group can you dig it i can :tup: LONG LIVE GREECE :tup: its gonna be an electrik nite in athens cant wait too see what kind of an atmosphere in the stands hooliganz foreverrrrrrrrrrrr! A.E.K THE QUEEN OF EUROPA :nw:
  10. pao better bag this game and get those much needed points we desperately need
  11. like i said re!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1-0 boy zhto h aek :nw:
  12. definetly the management &youth its a combination of both loosing to xaidari was the best thing that could of happend to aek they have been on a run since that unmentinable game its a team effort and finally a coach that the players are buying in too his system they look like the most inform team in the league right know steady as she goes will see what there made of against ander with there banged up rooster i hope they prove me wrong and bring the bacon home its time too see other scores then the usual suspects
  13. panionios wil nick this one at the end 1-O go panthers :blink:
  14. kokkalis will be watching the final from his big comfy kanape while the yellow&black lift the trophy over there heads ..................pause sinister laugh. :tup:
  15. how much times have we seen teams like oly aek pao have leads in european games against quality opponents and loose the match in the last 10 minutes too manny times for its a lack of focus and sometimes they lack that cutting edge infront of the oignon bag and put the ball away they lack the ice water in there vains my point is they can compete its not always pretty and gracefull but they can get the jpb done (aek the one and only)
  16. relax u make it seem like the greek leaugue is a freaking farm club you talk like these other clubs are bionic men its purely about skill heart dedication the love of the game and the fight and blood sweat and tears to play for the honor of that patch on your chest 10 12 years beyond bogus dont get me wrong we need alot of work before we can compete with the likes of barca chelsea no one can convince me that the israli russian ukrainian league are better then us the no fear mentality lacks when going on away games the talent is there its got to be its man against man not man against machine call me crazy
  17. ert.gr click on television then click thursday on the schedule it clearly says uefa cup match.........ect.........
  18. we still have a long way to go before any tals of einai dhko mas if we hit round of 16 and knockout who ever we play then il beleive to the busines in hand first we take care of ander this game really frightens me we got alot of guys banged up my heart rate will be going up for this game i hope gods of aek will be smilling upon us it be a breath of fresh air too see a greek club progress in the cl godness how long has it been il be lighting a candle and prayin in front of my flags i did it against the milan game and it was a great and kissing my numeruos crosses on my neck
  19. i as ael faithfull support all greek clubs in europe its only natural your playing for your club pride but most importantly your country we wanna reach the sky and get higher but when it comes to the league you are my mortal enemy that what a true fan is i bleed yellow and black but i have an opened mind for europe :gr:
  20. thats why are league is not respected by the rest of the footballing world alot of work must be done to clean it up get kokalis exiled :D then we can play some real ball yes
  21. aek european champions has such a nice ring too it dont u think it just rolls of your tongue to the road of glory we go byzantine empire we trust :tup:
  22. forgive me a guy can dream cant i be nice to see them there ti na sou pou peistevo mono yia ta kala tis omada mou :P
  23. were gonna steam roll over anybody that gets in our way to the road to the final aek eisai h kapdia mou kai xthpas LONG LIVE THE YELLOW EMPIRE
  24. a great addition to our trophy case dont you agree haaaa haaaaaaaaa haaaaa!!!!!!! :D
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