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  1. great stuff by aek bravo paidia :nw:
  2. lets hope for a big win to carry over the holidays panionios is a stubbern team no tie hope they get that w and stay in range of oly bravo to ira for putting some positive results of late we need a strong iraklis in the super league
  3. ira ira ira put a stop to those shenaniganz :D
  4. aek all the way :tup: get that solis result at home and you do great if psg think were another pao they will in for a terrible surprise there no give in this team its all heart and its was a meaningless game for pao so pari beware at OAKA WELCOME TO YELLOW HELL NO ESCAPE :nono:
  5. only thing that worries me is we start home then away we really gotta run up the score agianst les parisiens 1-0 will definetly not cut it we got to put it away in athens last time i saw up put more then i score was against real got to rspect psg ther a stumblimg giant and if were not carefull bonaventure and the rest will punish us proceed with caution got to win in oaka by atleast 2 goals maybe 3 and thats saying alot fir aek in european play :unsure:
  6. like i said bring on the best of the best we will drop the hammer no doubt taking care of business since 1924 :box: yellow freedom fighters :box:
  7. dont care who we get bring em al on we can take them a good run in the cl from the boys loos encouraging for uefa hopefully we can a healthy squad for the round of 32 no team scares me bring on the best of the best i say :box: and two thumbs way down for pao for getting powwed!!! by the slumpping paris club wow :tdown: :tdown: pao pulled of an ac milan performance not good back on topic aek TO AFENTIKO THS POLHS DIKEFALE SHOW EM HOW ITS DONE
  8. bring it on buddy narrow monded indeed kokalis saves your asses
  9. all u oly fans should thank your lucky stars u have kokalis
  10. speak up cracker jack league silence is the best way to go threw life death does not frighten me it only means dreaming in silence
  11. aek deserve bettwr then that so does the rest of the league we keep making the world soccer news for negative and disturbing behaviors bravo be proud im a hard core hooligan but i know were to draw the line
  12. two thumbs way way down for this new and improved super league the more things change the more they stay the same shame on them and our dying league who is on the respirator :tdown: kokkalis :tdown: aek will never win a title if this keep up il die an old man before they do :(
  13. BRAVO AE K U GUYS WERE TIRED AND IT SHOUILD ITS ONLY HUMAN FAIR RESULT AND for oly bravo again for your comeback? hint of sarcasm this team is touched by god or is kokalis pulling the strings aek run and skodas run they both got the point there deseved and i saw the game and im not cryin for a win got a fair result and forward we go xANTHIS HOME HAS BEEN A FORTRESS SO GOOD JOB AEK ALMOST GOT IT WITHS LYBES HEADED SHAME ON U KOKALI :nono:
  14. unbelivable oly does it again 2 down and win win it again something dosent sit right with me is this club just to good in our league or is there other factors at work aek got a fair result cuz they obviously looked tanked from there cl match and had nothing left in the i wonder if oly was in aek position and they were the wons in uefa if they would have some how found a way to bet xanthi at home hummmmmmmmmmmm??? eh kokali whay would of happend kupie kokaki would you of waived your corrupt wond and won it at the death something dosent smell right 9 titles in 10 years!!!!!!!!! real teams like aek pao paok aris dont stand a hell of achance in for a cup and title but when u see oly in europa there a laughin stock and in the league there practicly unbeATABLE DOES OUR LEAGUE TEAMS SUCK OR IS OLY THAT DAMN GOOD HUMMMMMMMMM?? I WONDER lets cut the bull there is great teams in the league someone is messing with olys games call me what ever u want i said it before investigate kokalis and lets see what would happend aek and pao are havine exceptional runs in europe they desev afighting chance for agreek league title buy with kokalis the puppet master never gonna happen it makes me sick that aek play so hard and give it all the have and get f?%k ed in our mighty super league what a joke bravo loy for anther spectacular come back cant waith till u come to our house and do the same to us kokali judasAEK THA PEI NA TRAGOUDAS STI VROHI ME TA MATIA DRAKPISMENA AEK U ARE ONE AND ONLY LOVE
  15. wtf the game is not televised by antenna or ert :angry: why the f*%k is it on alpha tv since wheh does alpha have aek games freckin bs
  16. any websites were i can download the highlites of the game????
  17. kalh epithxia sto uefa aekapa mou gamisetous olous kai sikosete to khpello :tup:
  18. corruption does lie with in the game itself weve seen it heard it an like an onion the more u peel it the smellier it gets and who knows how far down the pipe it goes and uefa only want the big name clubs on there networks and rich always win over the minnows p.s AEK IS DEFINETLY NOT A MINNOW A HOUSEHOLD NAME IN EUROPE BUT DESERVED THE UEFA SPOT GAME LADS BE PROUD DEMI U HAVE PUT A HELL OF A TEAM TOGETHER :nw:
  19. boulonge boys bring it on u wanna mess with greek hools you will regret it gate 13 gate 21 gate7 gate 4 gate 3 they fear nobody :box: :box: :angry: :nono:
  20. our cl dream is over and the topic is over lets concentrare on the second prize uefa cup run some people say uefa cup is the runner up and its like kissing your sister hey i can live with that
  21. Trifilaki is right. If we would've won ander in athens we would not be arguing. Aek beat milan home lile home and tied against the weakest team IN THE GROUP so yes we did not take care of business. I also dont want to depend on other results to get threw, i wanna earn our spot by blood sweat and tears like a real greek soldier. Aek brought there a game a little to late in the cl and lets not forget the too late goals in the paris that sunk as greek clubs need to concentrate and play 90 min plus to earn it. The only game we deserved to lose was match day one end of discusion bravo aek aekmafia21 salutes u i bleed yellow&black
  22. bottom line aek did go for it and serer whether he started lakis or not aek did a magnificent charge back and played hard if it wasent for some bad defending wed be praising them right know job well done serer has proven his tactics have worked and whos to say that if lakis was in from the begining it be 2 up for aek instead of 2 down greek clubs are not quite there for competing in the round of 16th but with aeks performance in this years competition there is clearer skies ahead and aek will lead the way in europe i am certain of that i wonder what could of been with a full strenght aquad in brussels ?????
  23. congrats to my beloved yellow&black warriors totally agree with the quote that we did not even play with at full strenght if all our players wee fit no doubt we would havve taken ander and regardless with all those injuries we came back from 2 down to tie away and colud of even won the game with some more time left and if it wasent for a fluka goal were we should have cleared the danger wed playin in 16th aek is the kind of team that represent greece proudly in europe and pao does also a good job and watch out for next year in europe if we get 1st place great determination even down 2 goals they never gave up and pushed on and got what they deserved aek you are my life you are my drug of choice fly hig dikefale zoume dto mtl na se doume mia zoh aek :nw: :nw: :nw:
  24. at least play for pride milan you sorry saps unbelivable no wins in a month so sad
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