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  1. Other Greeks Abroad

    Giannis Gianniotas scored on his debut for Real Valladolid 2 minutes after coming on, shame he's not good enough for Olympiakos.
  2. To be fair to Skibbe he didn't have other options, I think Tziolis has had a good half, even Zeca has been good, Papastathopoulos has been outstanding, hope I haven't jinxed him.
  3. so Maniatis at right back and zeca at right midfield. What a pile of s%$#!
  4. Why is Mandalos a starter?? he's never had a decent game and is simply not good enough. Bakasetas Zeca Diamantakos shouldn't be there either, midfield v Belgium I would hope for Stafylidis Samaris Tachtsidis Fortounis, even then I doubt we'd have a chance.
  5. Leverkusen seem to think Retsos is good enough, 22million euros and a 5 year contract to get him, as for Zeca, horrible yesterday against Estonia and is now playing his club football in Denmark, Zeca is beyond criticism, was no better than Tziolis last night but the flak Tziolis gets on these boards...
  6. Other Greeks Abroad

    Probably deserves his own thread, Stephanos Athanasiadis signed a 2 year deal with Maccabi Haifa and will continue in Israel.
  7. Charis Mavrias - Karlsruhe SC

    Signed a one year contract with Croatian double winners HNK Rijeka. Lets hope he can pick up a trophy there.
  8. Other Greeks Abroad

    Saint Ettiene must highly rate the kid highly, they gave Atromitos 800,000 euros and they gave they player a 5 year contract.
  9. Signed a 2 year contract with Al Feiha and will play in the Saudi top division.
  10. Other Greeks Abroad

    Andreas Bouchalakis joins Vellios at Nottingham forest, signed a 3 year contract.
  11. Other Greeks Abroad

    PAOK's Stelio Kitsiou has joined Sint-Truiden on loan for the season and will continue in Belgium's top flight. Harilaos Harisis also joins on loan from PAOK for the season.
  12. Giannis Maniatis - Alanyaspor

    A thread already exists for Maniatis after his time in Belgium, good move for him to Turkey.
  13. Dimitris Diamantakos - Karlsruhe SC

    Signed a 3 year deal with VFL Bochum, stays in the German second division.
  14. It was Albanian players that attacked Mitrovic for removing the flag, it was the Albanian players who refused to play on which is what caused the game to be abandoned. The game was not abandoned because a Serbian fan ran onto the pitch. The original decision which punished both sides was the correct one, the appeal was a disgrace, punishing Serbia while rewarding Albania. Regarding the Greece Bosnia fracas the culprits were Dzeko the number 7 that sprinted and charged into Manolas and the coach that lamped Gianniotas. In fact Dzeko was making threats after the game in Athens. There's certainly not enough there to warrant any point deduction.
  15. I don't have much faith in FIFA or UEFA, when the Albanians flew a drone with a hanging flag of greater Albania hanging off it in Belgrade the Albanian players attacked Mitrovic for taking down the flag so the game could continue, the Albanian players attacked Mitrovic a scuffle took place the Albanians refused to play on were awarded the game 0-3 and Serbia were fined AND deducted 3pts on top. These clowns are more likely to deduct points from us.