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  1. BRAVO RE MARCOS!! :nw: :nw: :nw:
  3. me and my boys want to go to this,in Greece and in Turkey!! I know the flights for the weekend are around 100 to 120 squid from the UK but i still carnt find out about the tickets for the game.i need info boys ;)
  4. Live pictures of the Manchester city V Bolton :LOL:
  5. Panathinaikos FC Are now at 17th and OLY OLY OLY is in 8th ;)
  6. Marcos does carry a lot of weight on his sholders,hes gone from a stress free game to a high pressure life style. Hes still learning to deal with this new fame wich will take time for him to get use to,it was like his last game at Wimbledon in the summer,he lost caus of nerves and not caus he was out classed. He needs a few more titles under his belt to start playing with full confidece.At least this was the start of the tennis season and a kick like this in the kolo is just wat he needs to focus on the tournaments hes got to face in the near future. ;)
  7. The Cypriot wide man is thought to have trained at Loftus Road on Monday, with his trial to conclude on Friday, when manager John Gregory will then make up his mind about whether to pursue a deal. Aloneftis currently plies his trade with Larisa and while he is under contract until June, it is thought an offer of €150,000 (
  8. Thats nine this season to quit in the newly-launched Super League..Wats going on??
  9. My boys are starting to like the bonuses they get wen they win so im going for 3-1 to the cypriot army!!! :not:
  10. Oly is 8th and my boys are at 22 :tup: :gr: How the hell did Los Angeles Galaxy get to be in 20th??? Maybe its caus the overated tweetey bird AKA Golden balls Beckham is going there :LOL:
  11. Is that on sopcast?? If it is then all i can say is " Youve brought me many happy hours of free tv :LOL: Nice 1 re ;)
  12. Cyprus will win this by at least 2-0 :tup: After they held ze germans 1-1 when germany was on a roll with wins and to beat the republic of Ireland 5 - 2 at home,they are showing a lot of the cyprus spirit ..COME ON CYPRUS :nw: :nw:
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